EvoDerma Lumi Hair Removal Review

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Here’s introducing the EvoDerma LUMI Hair Removal, a light-based hair removal system that you can use in the comfort of your own home to give you professional results.


EvoDerma Lumi Hair Removal
LUMI combines the most up-to-date Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to effectively remove all your unwanted body hair to reveal smooth and soft looking skin. The Intense Pulsed Light technology flashes the root of your hair to continuously and permanently prevent its growth.

LUMI is very simple and easy to use. It is gentle and smooth on the skin. This amazing device is designed for both men and women to remove unwanted body hair safely and effectively. LUMI is your answer to a long term solution to unwanted hair. It is the fastest hair removal solution and works effectively on coarse and thin hair. It is designed to work gently and softly on your skin to leave it looking glowing and radiant. You can use LUMI on your legs, hands, arms, underarms, and other parts of your body.

Unlike other home use hair removal devices that are slow paced LUMI works at a 30% faster treatment time.

EvoDerma Lumi Hair Removal Specifications:
Dimensions: 18cmx16cmx9.5cm (7inx6.5inx4in)
Dimensions of Package Size: 26cmx26cmx15cm (10.3inx10.3inx5.9in)
Speed: 1 Pulse every 2.5 seconds
Lamp Life: 2000 flashes
Technology: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
Max Energy Level: Max 6J/cm2
Light Wavelength: 460 – 1200nm
Charging Time: Continuous operation
Electrical Requirements: 100-240VAC, 3A

Operation and Safety: Skin Tone Sensor ensures that LUMI will only work on suitable skin. Power level limiter for new Disposable Lamp Cartridges prevents starting treatment at the highest level.

Order your LUMI today and feel the difference!



What do I get?
You can now order the EvoDerma Lumi Hair Removal System for $689.00. It is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty. This package includes:

  • EvoDerma LUMI device
  • Luxury box set
  • Pre-installed disposable lamp cartridge
  • LUMINANTE Ultra Soothing Aftercare Lotion
  • IPL Protective Eyewear
  • User Manual
  • AC cords

All this for $689.00. Official website www.EvoDerma.com



EvoDerma Lumi Hair Removal Video


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