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What is EpiTouch?

It is a precision epilator that removes hair gently and keeps your skin free of unwanted hair for weeks.

The best ever epilator in every term

The manufacturers of EpiTouch present it as the perfect epilator that successfully meets all requirements a woman wants her epilator to have. It claims that it satisfies the customer on every count including performance, safety and the cost factor and ensures there’s no disappointment of any kind when used.

Precision and perfection guaranteed

Being a precision epilator, EpiTouch is designed to remove hair from even the trickiest areas including from around lips, on the chin, cheeks and eyebrows. One needs to be very careful while touching these places with an epilator but the makers of EpiTouch assure you that nothing will go wrong with it on account of its advanced design and features.


Get rid of skin irritation, plucking and waxing that pain

Most of us understandably cringe at the thought of plucking and waxing as they cause enormous pain, distress and even allergies to some people. But with EpiTouch in your hands, all you have to do to get rid of unwanted hair is run it over your skin. It guarantees to remove hair without any discomfort of plucking or waxing and also prevent any kind of skin irritation.

Painless, non-messy and quick too

EpiTouch removes hair not only virtually painlessly but also without creating any mess. EpiTouch does not require you to apply the smelly depilatory creams that most other devices demand. You simply need to glide it over your skin and in an instant all the unwanted hair supposedly come off.


Effective on all types of hair

EpiTouch assures you that it is suitable for all types of hair no matter whether it’s short, long, thick or thin. It supposedly works even on rough hair as well as gentle, fine hair for sensitive parts like the bikini area.

Results better than shaving or trimming

If you want your skin to be free of unwanted hair for a much longer duration easily and painlessly, EpiTouch seems to be the ideal choice as it claims to avert hair growth for a far longer time than shaving or trimming can.


What do I get ?

  • You will receive the EpiTouch for just $10 + $11.98 P&H.
  • You’ll also receive the Quick-Dry Hair Wrap
  • Official Website : buyepitouch.com

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