Epilady Epilaser Review

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What is the Epilady Epilaser?

The Epilady Epilaser is an easy to use, home-based laser hair removal device that is the first of its kind. Patented, and equipped with infrared monochromatic laser technology, the Epilaser is the only cosmetic laser on the market developed specifically for use on facial hair.

How does the Epilady Epilaser work?

The Epilady Epilaser is a first of its kind piece of equipment that now allows women to remove facial hair through laser treatment at the convenience of their home and by themselves, not to mention at a much lesser price. The Epilady Epilaser claims to be incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is connect the Epilady Epilaser to your PC with the USB that come along with it and use the laser’s built-in magnifying camera to find and treat each hair individually, allowing for the precision of electrolysis without the added pain.No more lengthy appointments with doctors burning a hole in your pocket. The Epilaser allows you to get rid of any unwanted facial hair with much ease and at your convenience and comfort of your home. Sounds like a dream come true? With no reviews yet, the Epilaser almost does sound like a dream and not reality because of its tall claims.

Epilaser’s four lasers converge on the hair follicle itself, penetrating it, thereby, stunting any potential hair regrowth. Epilaser does not use heating elements or flashing lights to deliver small amounts of energy to the follicles – it hits the follicle directly with up to 20 times the energy of similarly priced IPL devices. The Epilaser claims to be a trustworthy piece of equipment. It claims that it can stunt any potential hair growth thereby avoiding any need for expensive and inconvenient spa appointments.The Epilaser is effective on ALL hair colors, excluding white/gray, and is suitable for skin that is Level 3 and below on the Fitzpatrick Classification Scale. Small, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to fit a woman’s hand, the Epilaser is simple and comfortable to use. The Epilaser can prove to be a true friend to women across the world that are constantly battling the problem of facial hair. Threading, waxing, bleaching, and the most expensive of them all – scheduled laser treatment appointments that cost a bomb. With its ease of use and simple and ergonomical design, the Epilaser is bound to make some news with women all over. The Epilaser also claims to have many safety features that prevent device from sending a beam unless the device is properly positioned against the skin. It also has a built in child proof lock to prevent any mishaps with children. Those of you keen on trying it out, go ahead and place an order for your very own Epilaser. Once you’ve tried it, please post your comments for the rest of us to judge how accurate the claims of Epilaser are.

What do I get?

You get Epilady Epilaser for $579.00.Official website epiladyusa.com

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