Derma-Seta Review

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Nobody likes to talk about hair removal. There is nothing like Derma-Seta out there. Every other process has a nasty side effect. If you’re waxing, it’s painful; you’re ripping hair out. If you’re shaving, you can get nicks and cuts, and not only that, it grows back thicker and stronger. How about hair removal creams? They smell bad. Things that smell bad cannot be good for your skin.


How does Derma-Seta work?
You need never talk about hair removal again. What you can talk about is how beautiful and radiant your skin is. Introducing Derma-Seta, the amazing beauty breakthrough that gives you radiant, silky skin. It’s a professional mini spa with a range of incredible attachments.

First, Derma-Seta is the world’s most remarkable hair remover. Just turn it on, glide along, and the hair is gone. The secret is the derma crystal pad that rotates up to 550 times a minute. The ultra fine crystals stimulate the hair follicle to open while painlessly buffing away hair for maximum results. At the same time, it exfoliates dry, flaky skin for a healthier rejuvenated look and feel.

Simply attach the body buffer pad and add your favorite lotion for beautifully polished skin all over. Plus, there are even more amazing accessories to pamper every part of your body from head to toe. With Derma-Seta, you have everything you need for radiant, glowing, sexy skin.

Why spend a fortune at the spa? With Derma-Seta, you can have all the benefits of spa treatments at a fraction of the cost of one single visit.

Never shave or wax again and have radiant, glowing, healthy skin. Finally, there is a fast, easy, and painless way to pamper your skin. Use it anywhere, even while watching TV. It’s perfect to take with you while you go to work for touchups or when you are on the go. It is great for everyone.

Derma Seta Review

Derma Seta Ultimate Body Treatment System is a product that proves to be the perfect all-in-one solution to every skin type from hair removal, to cellulite and exfoliation. The idea is, that this battery powered unit (that can also be plugged into the wall) rotates in a clockwise motion and depending on the attachment that you use it will make your skin lovely, vibrant, and hair- free.

The Derma Seta is professional handheld mini spa that helps to remove hair and exfoliates your skin. The Derma Seta not only makes a great painless alternative to waxing or laser hair removal treatments, but it is also an amazing and time saving option to having to shave your legs, arms and even unwanted facial hair.

The Derma Seta comes with 9 accessories to give you the full spa experience which includes, a hair removal pad, foot smoother, pumice stone, body buffer, facial and bikini hair removal, deep cleanser brush and massage modules.

Shaving your legs becomes more of a chore and takes a ton of time to finish. You also usually end up missing small patches which can be extremely embarrassing, not to mention you have to start over again with shaving creams, razors, washing, etc… What’s even worse is that many of us end up with bumps, nicks and cuts which not only sting but can bleed and make our legs and skin look like a mess. Since the Derma Seta painless hair removal system does not use sharp and dangerous razors, you can consider cuts and scrapes from shaving a thing of the past!

We all could use extra time to spend with our families or even just on ourselves; so why not let Derma Seta saves you that extra time so you can enjoy your life and not spend it stuck in a bathroom shaving.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
DermaSeta Kit includes the following attachments.

  • Derma Crystal Hair Removal
  • Pumice Stone
  • Foot Smoother
  • Body Buffer
  • Facial and Bikini line Hair Remover
  • All this for just 2 payments of $59.90 + $12.96



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Derma-Seta Video


11 thoughts on “Derma-Seta Review

  1. Kindly let us know about bad affect or side affect. I mean is this device injurious for skin or any other type of risk involve in usage please satisfy us so that we may make decision to buy in quantity this devise.


  2. I had my doubts about this product right from the word go. TV infomercials were going on and on about Derma-Seta and what a path breaking product it is. I was thinking why would a manufacturer need to hard sell his or her product so much if it’s good quality and lives up to all its claims? Then I came to realize that it’s not where the manufacturer had stopped. There was more to come when I began looking for product reviews about Derma-Seta. They clearly were planted there by the manufacturer so that users like me could be fooled. It was extremely annoying to think that they would get away with this strategy trying to make a fool out of users like me. No, I wasn’t going to let them get better of me like that and since I have found you site I now know better.

    • And it would be great if more and more people realize that this is just a con. In fact search engines should be doing something about it too. But as of now they cannot differentiate between fake and genuine, which is where the problem lies. And it’s being exploited by these manufacturers to the fullest. They pay hefty fees to affiliate marketers to make sure these sites are up and running. And they don’t mind doing that because they have stunning content about their products out there and they can mislead users into buying it.

  3. Waste of money!!! I bought the Derma Seta directly from thane, as seen on TV. They charged me $59.90, because I had to get 2 of them. Would not sell 1. Basic unit, no charger.

    I bought the case for it which on their website is $4.99, but I was charged $9.98 for 1 case. They charged me 12% tax & my tax is 7.75%. Shipping charges of $25.96!! Cost me $104.23 for 2 basic units of which one of them quit working the 2nd time I used it. Through Amazon, thane sells the deluxe unit(w/ charger) for $19.99, $5.99-shipping.or $24.99 w/ 100 pk refill pads, $5.99 shipping. On eBay it is $29.95, w/charger, 50 or 100 pk refill pads, no sales tax, $15.85-shipping.

    I got so ripped off by this company!! Not to mention that the unit is weak, even with brand new batteries (6), it doesn’t remove hair, not even peach fuzz facial hair. The body buffer sponge disintegrated after the first use, macro & micro massage modules are nothing anyone wants to have any part of their body massaged with. They are hard plastic & does not feel good! The foot smoother kind of worked. However after using it one time, its effect was gone due to it smoothed out. All it is, is coarser nail file rounded to fit the attachment piece. Don’t be fooled by their Derma crystal BS. The facial hair removers are smoother nail file material. Like the # 1 side of a 4 sided nail buffer. (I worked for a nail file manufacturer so I know what I’m saying is true!) If you want to buy Derma Seta, get it for $19.00 @ Amazon!

    I wish I knew 8 months ago about eBay, Amazon, etc.(I had never been to any of those sites ever) because for $19.99, a better unit than the 2 I got, extra pads and $5.99 shipping, I’d be OK with this stupid Derma Seta that thane ripped me off for over $100.00!!

  4. Is Derma-Seta painless?

    Do you get beautifully polished skin all over?

    Is it easy to use?

    Can you use it anywhere, even while watching TV?

    Do you only need to turn it on and glide along to remove hair?

    Do you need to shave or wax after using Derma-Seta?

    • It’s not painful. You get dry, flaky skin after using it, and yes you will need to shave after using it, if you want to get rid of the hair. Can use it anywhere, even watching TV, but you’ll have to turn the volume blaring so you can hear it over the roar of the Derma-Seta.

      Don’t waste your money. Check your 99 cent store as I’ll bet they sell something like it for a buck! Really.

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