DepiTime Hair Removal REVIEW

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What is DepiTime Hair Removal?

It is a professional handy hair removal treatment designed to use at home. It is easy to apply and pain-free too. DepiTime Hair Removal claims to make your hair follicle thinner with each use thereby reducing hair re growth. If you are done with the inconvenience and high cost of expensive, time consuming, and often painful professional treatments then DepiTime is here to your rescue as it lets you achieve professional, salon-like hair removal results – in the comfort of your own home!


DepiTime Hair Removal Technology

With the advanced technology it has a lasting effect as it uses thermal transference to carbonize hair and helps pull out the hair from its follicle and achieve permanent hair removal as it inhibits the growth at the root it results in slow re growth. It uses 5.5W super power and has a great effect however it’s noiseless but effective. It is designed with an LCD screen that will display the working condition and will also remind you to change the batteries when required and is easily rechargeable.

DepiTime Hair Removal is Easy to Use

Now you can put an end to all that pulling, tearing or scraping as Depi Time hair removal is very easy to use as it glides smoothly and gently on your skin and removes the hair painlessly. All you need to do here is press the power switch until the screen is on then move it vertically on the skin back and forth repeatedly and then you can use the cleaning pad to clean the fallen hair from your skin. It can be used on any part of your body either narrow or concave parts like your armpits as it has no dead angles and comes with two blades. It simple design is user friendly with its green and red signal lights it will let you know when you’re using it correctly.


DepiTime Design

It has an exquisite and fashionable design that can easily fit into your hand bag. Along with the power button it also has a temperature level button that will indicate the level required for different kind of hair be it thick, normal or thin hair. Its LCD display is reminder for battery replacement. The heated line blade is the important part of DepiTime as this carbonizes your hair through thermal transmission and helps you achieve permanent hair removal. It also has a rolling pulley that makes hair removal much faster as it moves back and forth. The Compact design of DepiTime is easy to carry and can be used anywhere – at home, at the office or on the road!

DepiTime Solution to Your Entire Hair Problem

DepiTime works on all hair and skin colors; and every type of hair – coarse or fine, light or dark. You can use DepiTime on your legs, arms, lips, armpit and more over if you always wanted that bikini line waxed and was hesitant to go to a professional then with DepiTime you can get that taken care of as well. It can be useful for men too as it can be used to remove chest hair, back hair and beard.


DepiTime Hair Removal is Safe to Use

DepiTime is a doctor approved and recommended device that is based on years of research and development. It is designed to remain 0.1 cm above the hair root in order to avoid any skin injury. The rest of the hair can be softened and removed with special cleaning pad. While using DepiTime you may feel a little heat because of the thermal blade that is carbonizing the hair but it is completely safe to use. It promises to give you bright and smooth skin without any negative effect.

Blade Designed For Your Demand

DepiTime comes with two sized blades where you can use the small blade can be used for short hair and for the narrow and concave part of your body and the bigger blade can be used for the longer hair and on larger areas. The heat treatment with DepiTime extends to the roots of your hair that will decrease the ratio of keratin in your hair which in turn slow down the hair re growth. Repeated use of DepiTime will shrivel the hair follicles and reduce perspiration. With DepiTime now you can get rid of all razor blades and tweezers and get that smooth skin without any side effects like cuts or irritation to your skin or hair follicles that was otherwise possible only in expensive salons or with painful and expensive treatments.

Depitime Reviews

Customers have mixed ratings for this hair removal product. That is because some were under the impression that this was an epilator of some kind. And a device which removes your hair from the roots and never grow back.

But it is just a electric shaver which removes hair in a painless manner. It’s easy to use hair remover which is good for face and works well on the fine hairs. While some experienced that the hair grow back faster and thicker while for some the hair did not grow back thicker. It worked well, was gentle on skin with no redness and irritation. Many were of the opinion that it is useless and just a type of razor packed in a cute design. Also the battery does not long last. The buyers were disappointed as the product does not work as advertised.

Whereas there were section of customers who found exactly what they were looking for in the product. It was reviewed by a customer stating it is handy and does a very good job of removing hair. The product is very comfortable to hold and maneuver. The device is good for a quick touch-up, but it doesn’t always do the job trimming small hairs.

Depitime Questions/Answers

Q: Is this good for armpit hair removal and can use while on the shower?
A: Yes, you can use it in any part of your body, very safe and comfortable. This razzor is waterproof, no issues when using on the shower.

Q: Is this item use battery or usb charging cable?
A: It is battery operated.

Q: Does it remove the roots so the hair doesn’t grow back fast?
A: No, it’s a shaver.

Q: Is this an epilator?
A: No, it is just a small razor for fine hair. It doesn’t pull hair out at the root.

Q: How old is the minimum age to use it?
A: It is for adult as suggested on manual 18 and above.

Q: Do you have to push on it hard against the skin for it to work properly?
A: No. You do have to keep it flat against your skin, but you don’t have to push it hard.

    What do I get ?

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12 thoughts on “DepiTime Hair Removal REVIEW

  1. is a very good website. I found a coupon code Depitime50off but I am not sure how to use it. I emailed them and they help me to solve the problem very soon. Finally, I purchased it with $135. Now, I have received the item and tried it. It works very well. I will let you know the result some weeks later.

  2. I ordered the depitime hair removal. Their service are very good. They shipped my item immediately after processing my order,the shipping time only takes 4 days. I have received it yesterday and try it. The machine works very well. It only takes me $135 because the coupon code. It is a nice shopping experience.

  3. I love my depitime handy hair removal. It really only takes me $135 because I used the coupon code DEPITIME50OFF. I have used it 5 weeks now, my hair really become thinner and thinner. I think I will say bye-bye to my leg hair sometimes later. lol I am so happy.

  4. Oh, I love my depitime handy hair removal. It really works very well. I ordered it three weeks ago and used 2 weeks from now on. It makes my skin more smooth. lol I think some weeks later I will seen my hair will become thinner and thinner. Love it and I bought it on with the coupon code depitime90off

  5. I love depitime handy hair removal. I purchase it on with the coupon code depitime90off. So it only takes $140, it is so amazing. It is a revolutionary alternative that helps you get rid of those unnecessary body hair at the ease of your home and without any complicated procedures. You can be sure to get the results like the Laser and IPL treatments but without any colossal bills to pay.No shaving, No waxing,NO PAIN!!

  6. Again I’m here, after 4 weeks, I could see my lip hair is thinner. I bought the hair removal mainly for my lip hair. I use it everyday but later I will use for 2-3 times each week then. And I believe it will remove the hair permanently. It’s painless when using it, actually, like what it said. Hope this help you. Their direct link is

  7. I bought one depitime hair removal from this site, finally had the chance to try it last night and it works very well and I am extremely pleased. I will keep updates by new trying.

    You know, it is always a gamble when you order something from the internet since you don’t know with whom you are going to be dealing with and fortunately for me, I had the chance to fall on this site

    They were true to their words and gave me very good service and I will definitely recommend this site to you all. They also have other beauty products such as clip in hair extensions, and hair curl tools. All kinds of Hair removals are expensive but if you buy it from now, you can save 20% money, as I see their activity all beauty products 20%OFF are ongoing!

  8. Depitime Heated Line Removal is produced by nanoTime, a famous Japanese brand. Use the advanced technology “International painless heated line”, the heated line (the blade) carbonizes hair trough heat transmission and promote hair dropping from follicle completely, finally to remove the hair forever. The result is greatly smart and permanent, after using a period of time, it can help improve hair follicle becoming thinner and hair become sparser. Its effect is obviously better than any other products, which is an absolutely preferred and ideal product for customers. Use coupon code SAVE$18 to get Depitime Handy Hair Removal only $162 on

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