Curvex Razor

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What is Curvex Razor

A blade razor for women and men both, and which is curved to give maximum comfort and control while shaving to reduce nicks, cuts and scratches to bare minimum. It can be used anywhere on the body comfortably.

Blade razors for him and her

Curvex Razor declares that it can give shapely shave to men and women alike with great comfort and least of nicks, cuts and scratches. The greatest problem anyone faces while getting rid of body hair by using a razor is cuts. Not only does it make shaving painful but the results are not always great. But Curvex Razor claims to be better than regular razors on both these accounts, and give you silky smooth and hairless body within minutes and without any efforts.


Special curved design, ergonomic grip and lubricating strip

According to the makers of Curvex Razor, what allegedly makes the razor better than traditional razors is that it has curved blades that contour according to the curves of your body parts so that it glides along naturally to get rid of the body hair easily. This helps in removing hair across the whole width of the blade. What’s more, Curvex Razor also maintains that it has a soft ergonomic grip that gives you ease of holding and using the razor. It also promises to have a self lubricating strip that ensures even distribution of the pressure so that you shave effortlessly and safely. Curvex Razor claims to be available in cool colors like orange and purple.


Anyone can use it on any body part

With these special features Curvex Razor guarantees to make it useful to men as well as women and can be safely used anywhere on the body. Whether you want to get rid of hair on your legs, arms, underarms, ankles, etc. or if guys want to shave their facial and neck hair, they can easily use this blade razor. Curvex Razor states that you need to use it like any regular razor but the results will be nothing like ordinary razors. It asserts to be great for men and women of all ages and can also prevent razor burns and ingrown hair, two problems that are definitely caused by traditional razors.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive the Curvex razor kit that includes a Curvex handle, 3 Curvex blades and wall mount for $10.00 plus $5.95 P&H.
  • Official website:
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