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What is Wrap Snap N Go

It claims to be a revolutionary way to curl hair without damaging them. This comfortable curler adds curls and volume right from the root for a fuller looking hair. Wrap Snap N Go guarantees to provide curls that start from the root and offer volume to the hair.


Wrap Snap N Go CLAIMS

Curls made easy – Wrap Snap N Go declares that it doesn’t require heat to curl which makes it safe and damage-free solution. In fact it asserts to be completely safe for use and takes hardly any time to use. Such farfetched claims made by Wrap Snap N Go will be only proved once users review it.

Style your hair comfortably – Wrap Snap N Go promises to work on all types of hair – thick, thin, long and even short. Its interlocking mechanism ensures that the hair gets curled right from the root. The interlocking on Wrap Snap N Go can be allegedly changed to get wavy or tight curls to suit the occasion. Also, Wrap Snap N Go assures that it will equally work on both damp and dry hair. At this point of time there are no Wrap Snap N Go reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Multiple advantages – Wrap Snap N Go states to have a comfortable design that can be even worn to sleep or wear it during the daytime for a fun evening. Wrap Snap N Go also maintains to be machine washable for easy maintenance. This lightweight, portable curler does sound impressive; Wrap Snap N Go reviews will soon reveal the truth.

Wrap Snap and Go Review

Karen Warren, a Wrap Snap and Go reviewer asserts that it is very tiny and will work only for Shirley Temple curls.

Another Wrap Snap and Go customer Edna George says in her review that these worked great initially but after 3-4 uses the wires started warping and poking out. According to her Wrap Snap and Go review, its build quality is cheap although the idea is good.

One other Wrap Snap and Go user Alison Soto found them foul smelling and felt that they were used. She had to throw it away since they didn’t perform well too.

One customer named Katherine Patrick states in her review that Wrap Snap and Go is great only for achieving old lady perm look. In her Wrap Snap and Go review she says that even though she tried using it in different ways, the result was same and she ended up having bad hair days.

Another user named Vanessa Horton complains in her review that Wrap Snap and Go has square cushions insides and ends up giving the hair square shaped curls. She has her doubts about its effectiveness but warns in her Wrap Snap and Go review that it should not be used by people with thin hair.

Isabel Reyes, a Wrap Snap and Go customer, writes in her review that it doesn’t work at all. Plus it is shorter for longer hair as there is no room to wind them up completely. Additionally, she says in her Wrap Snap and Go review that it made her hair frizzy and unmanageable.

Iris Burke asserts in her Wrap Snap and Go review that it is soft to sleep but not tough enough to make curls. The curls come out messed up after using it. As per her review, she noticed very tight curls instead of sleek ones. Also Wrap Snap and Go isn’t made using good material and the stitches on cover start to come off easily.

Another customer Lindsay Dennis says in her Wrap Snap and Go review that it gave her poodle like afro instead of the promised soft curls. Her Wrap Snap and Go review further states that she tried using it in different ways but had no success. She suggests people with thicker hair to try it for better results.

A Wrap Snap and Go user Marlene Chambers complains that it ruined her looks. Her shoulder length hair didn’t get curled the way she expected. Her Wrap Snap and Go review adds that the curls came out strange and made her look like a clown.

Laverne Taylor calls Wrap Snap and Go useless outright in her review. Her review also mentions that Wrap Snap and Go doesn’t work on fine long hair making it a wasted investment.

Wrap Snap N Go Questions and Answers

Q. Wrap Snap N Go says that they can be worn to bed. Do they require any special care or cover while sleeping?
A. It is recommended to cover the head with a silk bonnet while wearing it to bed.

Q. Does Wrap Snap N Go get tangled in long hair?
A. They are very small in size and will not work for people with very long hair.

Q. Can Wrap Snap N Go help get wavy curls?
A. Yes, it can. Follow the instructions and ensure that the wire running through the middle is bent to meet each other while the foam part is winds the hair. The amount of bend and tightness of the wire will offer wavy curls right from the roots.

Q. Can Wrap Snap N Go be used on wet hair and then blow dried?
A. Wrap Snap N Go works on both damp and dry hair.

Q. Is Wrap Snap N Go useful on baby fine toddler hair?
A. It will work only if they are long enough to get a couple of curls on them.

Q. Can Wrap Snap N Go be used on naturally curly hair?
A. Yes, it can provide a cleaner, more organized look to naturally curly hair.

Q. What is the size of Wrap Snap N Go?
A. The foam rubber curler is 1 ½ inch in size.

Q. Is Wrap Snap N Go machine washable?
A. It says so but it’s too fragile.


What do I get?

  • 12 Wrap Snap N Go Curlers
  • 1 Zippered Storage Case
  • 1 Instructional booklet

Price: $19.95 plus P&H | Wrap Snap N Go Curlers are available only at the Official website: GetWrapSnapGo.com

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