Volumizer Comb

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It is a well known fact that women love to keep their hair perfect and get a look that stays to impress everyone around. The Volumizer Comb claims to be one of the ways that can help you achieve great looking results in your hairstyle. Frizzy hair troubles everyone a lot and a visit to the salon is definitely costly when you would wish to style your hair every single day. Problem of styling at home is that the regular comb makes the hair flat while combing which is said to be corrected by The Volumizer Comb.


How does Volumizer Comb Work

Basic combs not only flat out the hair but also break them while going through knots and frizz which is a big mess mainly due to its single teeth design. The Volumizer Comb breaks this design that spaces out the teeth pattern which can possibly reduce this hair loss due to knots. This means that while using The Volumizer Comb the hair can be combed and styled very easily in one go. The Volumizer Comb is said to be a universal fix since it can be used on all hair types, from super fine to coarse.

The main feature that makes it Volumizer Comb is the ability of spaced teeth to swell up the hair. Which means that with each stroke of the brush the hair starts bunching up providing more volume to the hairstyle and hence the name The Volumizer Comb. This claim of adding volume is foolproof and is said to add natural bulge to the hairstyle only with the help of Volumizer Comb and not any other hair treatment or salon visit. Since Volumizer Comb enhances volume by brushing your hair; the typical harmful effects found in other solutions, hair oil, etc do not come with it.




What do I get?

  • 2 One Volumizer comb

All this for just $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H, Official website thevolumizer.com



Volumizer Comb Video

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