Versaplex Infusion Review

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Your hair is your crowning glory. But it is not always manageable and even if you are dressed in your best and have the best of accessories a bad hairdo can spoil it all. Like most girls do you also suffer from dull and lifeless hair and have tried many products that haven’t helped you at all? You must have also resorted to expensive and time consuming treatments like keratin and protein treatments time and again. Then the right product for you is Versaplex Infusion, an innovative formula that has botanically derived ingredients and combines keratin and natural proteins to give you silky smooth, shiny and frizz free hair.


Versaplex Infusion
The unique technology of the solution plugs in cracks that make your hair more prone to damage by forming an undetectable layer that keeps the flyaway-causing moisture from percolating into your hair strands thus making hair protect itself from all kinds of weathers. Versaplex Infusion is so easy to use. All you need to do is add a dropper-full of the formula into the bottle of the shampoo and/or conditioner that you use to transform it into a smoothing and strengthening treatment that will protect your hair long after the shower. You can also use Versaplex Infusion to maintain the Keratin Earth Straightening and Smoothing System.

Versaplex Infusion is not only effective but each bottle will last a really long time. The solution in each dropper lasts as many as 150 shampoos. The formula contains natural ingredients like Hydrolized keratin, Trametes Vasicolor Extract and Radish Root Ferment Filtrate and you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals present in most hair products damaging your hair since Versaplex Infusion does not contain harmful Paraben. It won’t change the color of your shampoo or conditioner since it is clear and like a lot of products it doesn’t have foul odor since it is also an odorless solution. So now you can get frizz free and smooth hair at the fraction of time and price of a keratin or protein treatment that too without going to a salon.



What do I get?
Ordered Versaplex Infusion today for only $45.00 plus $4.95 S&P. Official website



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4 thoughts on “Versaplex Infusion Review

  1. Once again this company is a big disappointment. I was told that I would be receiving a free sample of Versaplex Infusion in the mail. I received the sample in the mail today and the sample was empty – bone dry to be exact. I’m a pretty easy going person and just have to laugh at the total lack of customer service this company has. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT OR ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS!!! BUYER BEWARE!!

  2. I ordered the versaplex infusion back in January and still have not received the product. After contacting customer service, was told it’s on back order and could not give me a date on when I would receive it. I’m going to get a refund not worth the hassle.

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