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What is Velform Power Grow Comb?

Have you lost the hair you were once so proud of? You can stop worrying because now there is a cutting-edge hair growth technology that will help restore your hair growth. Here’s introducing a breakthrough in hair growth technology, the Power Grow Comb by Velform. The Power Grow Comb is a hair growth instrument designed to accelerate hair growth and is proven to be effective.

Increases Hair Growth

The Velform Power Grow Comb is so superior that it has been proclaimed the latest advancement in hair growth technology. It promises to increase the presence of new hair follicles with new hair growth. You are guaranteed to love this amazing hair growth device.

Increases Scalp Circulation

Powered by low level light and laser therapy, the Velform Power Grow Comb carry’s energy to the hair follicle thus increasing circulation within your scalp. This increases the stimulation and revitalizes each dormant follicle to promote the growth of hair.


Vibration Mode for Scalp Massage

The Velform Power Grow Comb is also designed with a vibration mode. This provides a relaxing scalp massage and increases blood circulation and blood flow to help speed up the hair growth process.

Small yet Effective

Owning the Velform Power Grow Comb is like having a hair clinic in the palm of your hand. Although it is a miniature size the Velform Power Grow Comb is extremely powerful and more effective than other laser units that cost thousand of dollars.

Technology From Around the Globe

The technology used to create this revolutionary hair growth device was developed by NASA and results from studies in Japan, Finland, Western Europe and the United States.

How to Use

The VELFORM Power Grow Comb has been used by thousands of people and has proven to be an effective device to increase and promote hair growth.
Simple use it for ten minutes a day just like you would use a normal comb or brush. Brush your hair gently and you are done. Even if you don’t have much hair you can still use it. Just remove the brush attachment and it works just as well.

Cost Effective

Unlike similar devices that cost over $500 and hair treatments that are very expensive too, the VELFORM Power Grow Comb is very cost effective and is priced at an amazing low price. With the VELFORM Power Grow Comb there are no prescriptions, no side effects and no recurring costs. With just a single easy payment you can sit back and watch while your hair grows back to how it was before.
Say goodbye to continuous hair-transplant sessions and order your VELFORM Power Grow Comb right now!

What Do I Get?

  • You get VELFORM POWER GROW COMB for $44.94
  • Official website:
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