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Do you struggle while brushing your hair every day? Is brushing your hair leading to pain because they are badly entangled? Other than the pain that it causes pulling the brush through entangled hair also results in hair loss and breaking, which is always a big concern. And seeing your young daughter go through the same ordeal everyday can be more painful. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to detangle your hair especially if you have long thick hair. Well, not anymore because you have Michel Mercier Professional’s the Ultimate Detangling Brush created by international hair designer Michel Mercier.


Ultimate Detangling brush

The Ultimate Detangling Brush gives you smooth and painless hair brushing experience and in a few seconds because it is specially formulated to use 428 different contact points at the same time. It reduces the pressure and it takes fewer strokes to detangle your hair. This is quite unlike an ordinary hair brush that uses only a few contact points and is unable to detangle hair smoothly. The Ultimate Detangling Brush has been tested against ordinary brushes and it’s proven that it shows no resistance when brushing hair, which makes hair brushing smooth and pain free. So you can style your hair as you wish. The bristles of Michele Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush are perfectly placed so that they flow through tangled hair freely and detangle them easily.

Not many of us know this, but no matter what kind of hair you have – thick, normal or fine there is a separate brush for you since Michele Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush comes in three different kinds to suit your hair type. Order your Michele Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush now and you get a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. What’s more, on ordering now you also get one brush absolutely free on purchase of one. It just takes one brush to detangle your hair within seconds. So, now you will no longer be literally pulling your hair apart when you brush them.




What do I get?
Get 2 Michel Mercier Detangling Brushes for just $14.95 + $11.90 s/h. Official website www.NoTangleBrush.com.
For customer service, please call 866-783-8249.


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34 thoughts on “Ultimate Detangling Brush Reviews | Not as advertised

  1. Don’t waste your money! The brush doesn’t work at all to detangle my daughter’s normal hair. The bristles are so short they barely touch the surface of the hair. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee, but of course, shipping isn’t included. Total waste of money.

  2. I bought mine yesterday a Bed Bath and Beyond and I like the brush. It works and feels good on my scalp. My hair is normal and medium length

  3. This Ultimate Detangling Brush web site will not let you edit your order before it is finalized. It also puts several other items, one at a time, in front of you as you navigate through to place your order. If you hit a wrong button, it will add any of those to your order, which you can’t change. Any reputable company will let you review your order first, and let you confirm it BEFORE it is placed. Their web site automatically places your order, without a review. Afterwards, I called customer service. “Sorry, we can’t see your order because our systems have not updated. Call back in a few hours, tonight before 10:00 p.m. The web site states that they are open until 8:00 p.m.

    I got an e-mail with an order number and a pending charge on my Visa (yes, I called VISA to cancel this order – it will be disputed). YOU CAN’T CANCEL OR CHANGE THE ORDER!!! I want to stop the shipping and totally cancel this order, but can not. BUYER BEWARE!

    • We accidentally placed two orders which meant 4 brushes and a $57 charge on my card. I called the company immediately and they were closed. I called the next day, they were able to see my order, but unable to cancel it. Customer service told me I should refuse the package, which will get rescanned at the post office and is traceable. It took a couple of weeks, but the money was eventually refunded to my card. Good luck. JUST DON’T OPEN THE PACKAGE WHEN IT ARRIVES AT YOUR HOME.


    First the brush bristles are very short, less than 1/8th of an inch, with other bristles less than 1/16th, and no way reaches down into tangled hair, as in my head of hair. I ordered the THICK HAIR model, and was VERY displeased, TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY !!!!

    Same brush sells in most popular grocery stores for about 11 bucks. Under “As Seen on TV” area. Secondly, is the FREE REWARDS PLUS SCAM they rope you into, and promise whether or not you accept the package you received a 25 dollar gift card … TOTALLY FALSE, ya ain’t getting’ it.

    The brush comes in a small box with NO PAPERWORK whatsoever, nor any contact info … had to do web search.

    The Free Rewards F/U letter comes almost at the deadline to cancel, and after ya do, THEY STILL TRY TO HIT UR BANK ACCT FOR THE $39.95 per month membership fee … still no gift card. It seems that after paying the 1st membership fee the you are so privileged to download and print some B/S forms, fill them out, and then wait ever so patiently for this gift card for 25 bucks to magically appear.

    DEJA MOO we’ve seen this bovine feces B4 … Thank you very, very much !!!!

    Live and LEARN …

  5. I purchased the “normal hair” brush for my daughter. It is a huge disappointment. The bristles on the Ultimate De-tangling brush are too short to go through her hair, and they bend easily. Her hair is thick, but it is not at all coarse, and we can get through it with regular brushes. When we tried brushing through my daughter’s hair with the Mercier brush and then used a regular brush immediately afterwards, we found that there were still a lot of tangles left in her hair. We are betting that the reason the actors boast that it doesn’t pull out hair is probably because it’s not brushing through their hair fully (well, because of that and a paycheck to read a script). I would NEVER recommend this brush to anyone I know, and I feel like a dope for giving into the whim and buying it in the first place.

    • I second that emotion, Elizabeth !!!! esp ur last sentence … hope you didn’t hold your breath waiting for the “free” gift card … attitude23939 at yahoo dot com


  7. Don’t order this product!! First of all when ordering they mislead you and you end up ordering more brushes than you think.Their shipping and handling charges are $24.00 for 4 brushes and you can not cancel your order when you find this out.When you call the order they tell you to cancel, they hang up on you and then tell you to call in 2 days-of course by then your order has been shipped. I feel taken advantage of.

  8. I ordered one of these Ultimate De-tangling brushes for myself and one for my young daughter. She hates having her hair brushed cause it pulls so I thought this would be good for her. It does not work the way it is advertised. It still pulls her hair and mine also. I was very disappointed with this product. Then I come to find out that when I ordered it they signed me up to have money pulled out of my account monthly for some coupon thing unless I call and cancel. Was VERY unhappy about this.

  9. This is a scam. Unless you want them calling you trying to trick you into subscribing to some garbage then do NOT buy. Their sales pitch is very deceptive.

    I called and tried to cancel my order right after ordering. They transferred me to an extension that did not exist. I called back and they claimed the order had shipped already despite saying that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

    Avoid these people at all costs.

  10. I bought 2 Ultimate Detangling brushes for normal hair and they hurt tangled hair worse than a regular brush or comb. Not worth the money. Rip off.

  11. Big shipping ripoff. All through the check out it indicates free shipping. I placed the order for two brushes and there’s a whopping $28.95 charge to ship them.
    I’ve learned my lesson. Never again.

  12. This Ultimate Detangling brush doesn’t work any better then other “detangle” brush. I have thick hair with a little curl and the brush (thick hair) did not do any better then any other brush I have. Actually a brush I bought at Walgreens for detangle (for $10) works better then this brush.

    I had to still hold my hair and slowly brush out my tangles, and it hurt more then the brush I bought at stores.

    Not worth the money to me!

  13. The Ultimate Detangling brush works really just like they say but when I’m done brushing it has my hair on the brush!

    • How much did they pay you, Joleen, for your bogus review praising this Ultimate Detangling brush … I guess your gift card is on the way.

  14. Terrible Brush!!! I ordered three Ultimate Detangling brushes…one for each of my daughters and one for myself. I ordered two green and one pink. I am so disappointed in these brushes! They are cheaply made and absolutely pull hair out! Our hair was already brushed out when we first used them and it still pulled our hair out. We did get brushes in the amount of time promised and paid close to $40 total. I hope I am accurately communicating how unhappy we are with these brushes! The problem I have is returning them would cost me money…so I am stuck with expensive brushes that will end up being used on baby dolls and barbie dolls because they don’t scream when this brush is used on them! I will think long and hard before purchasing anything new online. Very disappointed!

    • I bought it because they say Ultimate Detangling brush will not pull your hair out! Wrong it pulls your hair out!

    • I have thick hair and my 2 granddaughters also have thick, long hair so I understand your dilemma. I found a great brush at http://www.SallysBeautySupplies.com and here is the item info:Brush Strokes Wet ‘N Dry Detangler Brush By: Brush Strokes
      Item Number:SBS-217034. I highly recommend this brush.

      I am a former hairdresser and this seems the best I have found.

  15. I absolutely LOVE this brush! The shipping said 3-4 weeks but I only got it in 2, so I loves the time of the shipping. The brush itself is awesome. If I find a knot, all I do is brush it a few times and the tangle is gone. POOF! I give this brush a 4.5 out of 5. I don’t give it 5 though because it bristles are delicate and are made out of plastic. It looks like they would bend easily, and the whole brush is made out of plastic, but it still really works in my opinion.

  16. Do not get this Ultimate Detangling brush!!! total waste of money I bought one for my thick hair and it did not work at all! it hurts way worse that a normal brush and costs a pretty penny too. if you have fine hair, I could possibly see this working but definetly not for anyone with thick hair. no.. just no.

  17. Don’t order this brush, to much hassle to get it. They keep calling you telling you they are sending other things for a free trial & will bill you later if you like it. Be careful if you give them a credit card number.

    • Don’t buy the brush It’s a scam. I was foolish enough to order it. It pulled my hair out more than any brush I’ve ever used My hair being extremely curly. I thought that might be the problem so I had a Friend who has straight hair try it. The brush tore at her hair also . Please Don’t Be Conned Like I was. Don’t waste your money. A dollar store brush works a 100 times better with less pulling and hair loss.

  18. I ordered this brush for my granddaughter because she saw in on an infomercial and had to have it. That was some time ago. I keep receiving phone calls telling ( not asking me) that I will have a $100.00 gas card added to my order because I was such a good customer (this is the first order I’ve ever placed and it will be my last), and that if I like it the will add it to my MasterCard after that. unfortunately they have my cc # because that’s how I choose to pay for the original brush order. I don’t want anything except the brushes. Stop bugging me with other offers.

    Just a warning to other buyers of this products. I hope it’s good, since you have to go through so much hassle to get it. (if I ever get it).

  19. I Love this brush – it works as advertised. I have really fine hair that tangles easily especially after washing. After a few strokes of this brush I can comb through my hair and no tangles!

  20. Do not buy this brush! I ordered two (one for fine hair/one for normal). My hair was already brushed out when I first tried the brushes and they still hurt! It pulled at my hair and actually caught and pulled some hair out. My daughter tried one stroke of the brush and it hurt her so much she wouldn’t let me try it again with the other brush. The kicker is that when you ask for a refund, you do not get the $11.90 shipping and handling back plus you have to pay to ship the return back to them! So I am out over $15.00 and no brushes! The order process was extremely long too. I ordered the brush and it was weeks before I received a confirmation email and then it took another couple of weeks to receive the order after that.

  21. Does Michele Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush really detangle hair without causing pain?

    Does this Ultimate Detangling Brush work on my thick hair?

    Do you really find it useful?

    Are you happy with your purchase?

    Where can you find the best deal on the Ultimate Detangling Brush?

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