Twisty Clip Review

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How about adding a beautiful sharp twist to your hair and floor one and all? How about owning a cool hair accessory called Twisty Clips, the most uncomplicated ever hair tool that makes your hair look lovely and styling it incredibly easy? Not only that, but also helps you get rid of messy rubber bands and other uncomfortable hair accessories?


Twisty Clip
Be the first to get Twisty Clips, a brand new product not only allows you to make the most elaborate hairstyles but also saves your precious time. No more struggling with hair and time before going out. Just use Twisty Clips and rest assured, all your worries will go for a toss!

The name of the clip says it all. It’s a slender clip that runs straight, takes a U- turn at the other end and stops midway with an elegant curl. To use it, you just have to take make a pony tail, twist it around, spread open the Twisty Clip, slide it underside and clip it up like a safety pin. That’s it. So easy to use and so hassle free that once you use it, you won’t see beyond it!

Twisty Clips are practical, fun to use and are ideal for thick as well as thin hair. They’re sturdy, flexible and versatile so they can arrest not only poker straight hair but also bushy, curly tresses. They stay all day the same way you use it and don’t allow any strands of hair to peep out.

They don’t hurt or poke as they are designed to ensure just that. They also come in different colours so you can go for one of the same colour as your hair to conceal the clip playfully, or use a different one for a contrast. What’s more, on purchasing Twisty Clips, you also get a free Tattle Tail, a lovely looking accessory that you can hang in the Twisty Clip for an added dash of charm!

So get creative, use Twisty Clips in scores of ways for variety in hair styles, set new standards in hair art, and draw admiring glances your way! It’s time to sport some awesome hair styles with the wonder called Twisty Clips and also manage your hair ever so easily!



What do I get?

  • 3 Twisty Clips
  • 3 Additional Twisty Clips in the same color
  • 1 Crystal Glass Tattle Tail
  • 1 Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail
  • 1 Official Twisty Clip Style Guide

All this for just $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H. Official website



Twisty Clip Video
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35 thoughts on “Twisty Clip Review

  1. I ordered these for my daughter 1 pack $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping okay. Got my bank statement, they charged me $38.00. I called and they said well we gave you $20.00 back. Ummm no you took money that was not authorized unless you give me my money back you will talk to my lawyer. They gave all it back accept the first $6.99 and what it cost me to ship it back. This place is no good !! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!

  2. I ordered mine in December too and it too a long time to get here. I finally received them yesterday. They work great. If you are willing to wait months for them it is worth it.

  3. I ordered the Twisty Clips on 2 January. It is now 24 March and I still have not received them. I plan to report them to BBB. This is totally unfair to the public. Also, the shipping is outrageous: $6.99 for three clips and another $6.99 for the ‘free’ extra three clips-making the shipping cost almost $14.00 for six little hair clips. I am so sorry that I ordered before checking out the reviews. This is a NOT TO BE TRUSTED COMPANY.

  4. I ordered these before Christmas, and I still have not received them…Now I can’t even go back to the website from where I ordered them, because it is no longer working…what a SCAM!! I have seen a new website called Twist N Clip now…Is this the same company with a different name….I don’t know…but I won’t order anymore….Disgusted!!

  5. I ordered Twisty Clip in January. I’m still waiting on mine as well. I have contacted them via phone once and email twice. This week I got an email saying they are on back order and it will be another 4 – 6 weeks before I can expect them. I hope they are worth the wait. I too was excited when I ordered them but at this rate, I won’t even have them for the hot summer weather. Pretty shoddy way to run a business if you ask me.

  6. Got them and love them. Would like some more tattle tales to go with all my outfits. Really work like advertised.

  7. I, too, ordered the Twisty Clip in December & have yet to receive them – just a note – you DO NOT GET all that is advertised for the $10 price shown in the ad – my order was in excess of $40. All I can say is SCAM SCAM SCAM. Still would like to try them though, so I’ll be going to Walgreen’s to purchase.

  8. Here are 2 numbers I got from the Better Business Bureau.. call 1-781-982-7391 or call 1-877-590-9120. I too ordered Twisty Clips a month ago and never received them.. I just find it hard to believe they would let an infomercial run as a scam?? I really want these clips, hopefully they will come sooner than later.

  9. I received an email explaining they never charge credit cards until product ships. Its a federal law. They also supplied a toll free number for customer service. They answer the phone between 9 and 5pm. I called on Friday and was told that they have overwhelming demand and people who order in December should be receiving product soon. I ordered end of December. They were very professional, helpful and understanding. I just want my order and don’t want to cancel. I’m going to wait. They should be here soon. Will keep you posted. Betty

  10. Longhair-You are right on with your comment. CVS and Walgreens always sells the As Seen on TV stuff pretty quickly. So right about not paying $14 on S&H which is insane! I def wants to buy it though!

  11. Well at least I can see I am not only only one that got ripped off. I too ordered and paid in Dec 2011 and here is is Feb 9,2012 and still not clips no nothing. I have tried every-way to get in touch but again nothing. I do not even see the commercial on tv anymore. Its so wrong all I can say is karma is a well you all know.

  12. Twisty Clips are great. I ordered them for myself and my teen daughter and we have not taken them out of our hair. I think the tattle tails are great as well. Really nice quality.

  13. Same thing there. I ordered on Dec 20th and here it is February and no product. I have emailed them in January and got no response. I do not see my credit card has been charged though. If it does get charged, I am disputing it with my credit card company. I am beginning to think its a scam too since no one has gotten product and no one can get hold of this company.

  14. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! I ordered my TWISTY Clips on Dec. 27, 2011 and here it is February 2012!!! Still no Twisty Cripp-Offs!!! But they sure do have my money! I tried calling their “customer service” and it rings and rings then finally an automated thing says “we’re sorry no one is available”. No one is available?! During your POSTED “business” hours?! That’s not how a business is ran! Thats how a SCAM is ran!! Hope you enjoy my $23 Twisty Crappers!! I hope you spend it on a chicken dinner that gives you salmonella poisoning!!

  15. I am excited to get this product but no-one answers the number provided for customer service. It is ALWAYS busy and I still have not had any response to the email provided regarding customer service.

    I would like to know where my order is as I placed it 1/7/2012 – I am told 2-4 weeks delivery so it should be around this time but the fact that they cannot be reached or bothered to answer emails really puts a damper on the excitement of receiving these clips. Prompt and reachable customer service, I feel, is a big part of any order.

  16. I ordered twisty clips from an infomercial in December and it’s almost February and I haven’t received them. How long does it take to send them??

    • Have you tried to reach customer service? I have and to no avail…I am just wondering if you are having the same troubles I have in that they are unreachable?

  17. Sorry, but this Twisty Clips thing in my experience starts to smell like a scam. I placed my order through their website on December 27. Since their regular shipping takes unreasonable weeks, I paid extra for the rush shipping they offered. They said that the rush shipping takes only one week. A month from my order date, I still haven’t received my order. I have called their customer service number during their hours, but there was never anyone to answer the phone. I e-mailed them, and it took them two weeks to respond to my e-mail when they didn’t even address the issue. I e-mailed them back again to demand attention to the problem and requested for a refund for the failed rush shipping, I received what appears to be a system reply stating that my e-mail could not go through, 5 DAYS after I sent the e-mail. Normally a system notice of failed e-mail delivery is sent immediately, not days after the failure. So, a month after my order, I still haven’t received my stuff which should have arrived weeks ago, impossible to contact and discuss this issue with the responsible party, and they have my credit card number. I am seriously wondering if I should start a fraud investigation if I don’t see any reasonable solution soon.

    • All I have to say is a big fat DITTO to this entire post! I’m outraged at the fact their phone number isn’t posted or listed anywhere, (if you have it please post it for me) so I can cancel my order. Its been 2 months and still no twisty clips in my mail box. I don’t even want the dang things anymore 🙁

      • ME TOO!!! I ordered around Christmas and STILL haven’t gotten them and the money hasn’t been taken out of my account! I was super excited but now I am irritated. And, what happens if they go to pull my money and I don’t have enough in my account?!?! VERY FRUSTRATING

    • I’m replying my own post as an update. My order finally arrived a few days ago. 4 months! The clips are OK, but not as advertised. They claim that these clips works for the thickest hair. Well, not mine. I have thick and full hair. Thickest and fullest than anyone I’ve ever known. They don’t work. They can’t even hold half of my hair. All this waiting and worrying (about my credit card info), I am completely frustrated and disappointed!

  18. I love the Twisty Clip! It does just what it claims! My daughter and I both use them almost everyday. My hair is straight and fine, my daughters very long and naturally curly. It works great for both of us!

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