Twist N Clip Review

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Sometimes wearing claw clips to hold you hair up may hurt your scalp and using rubber bands on wet hair may rip your hair out. Here’s introducing Twist ‘N Clip, the amazing new clip that holds your hair up all day. Twist ‘N Clip is easy to use too.


Twist N Clip
Simply grab your hair into a medium-height ponytail, twist your ponytail 2-4 turns straight upwards, spread open Twist ‘N Clip & slide underneath slide Twist ‘N Clip through your hair, and then lock it like a safety pin.

Twist N Clip is made for every hair color making it practically impossible to see. You can use Twist ‘N Clip on any type of hair, from thick curly hair to thin hair. If you have thick hair Twist ‘N Clip will bend around your hair and will hold it in place and if you have thin hair Twist ‘N Clip will still hold your hair in place. With Twist ‘N Clip you can add a different style to your hair to give you a different look everyday.

Using claw clips to swim can claw your scalp but Twist ‘N Clip is the only clip that will keep your hair in place while you swim. You can use it at the gym too when you are doing a heavy workout. Your kids can use Twist ‘N Clip too. Put it on their hair to keep it in place when they go out to play or when they go to school. It is also the perfect styling tool to wear for any special occasion. Twist ‘N Clip is virtually invisible making it perfect to wear for any business meet.

Twist ‘N Clip is available in three fantastic colors: gold, bronze, and black.



What do I get?
When you place your order you will receive 3 Twist ‘N Clips in your choice of Black, Bronze or Blonde for just $10.00 plus $6.99 P&H as well as the Crystal Glass Tattle Tail and the Twist ‘N Clip Styling Guide for you to create trendy new hairstyles. Order right now and you will also receive an additional 3 pack of Twist ‘N Clips in the same color and the Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail, just pay an additional $6.99 P&H. Official website



Twist N Clip Video
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36 thoughts on “Twist N Clip Review

  1. I just purchased a box of “Twist ‘N Clips” at Walmart on CLEARANCE for $5.00. ALWAYS buy “As Seen On TV” products in a RETAIL store. Even though the BONUS OFFER advertised sounds like a GREAT DEAL, IT’S NOT! You will end up fighting a BATTLE with the company in the end.

  2. I’m so fed up of trying to find genuine reviews of products on the internet. I tried reading up about keywords “Twist N Clip reviews”. Though quite a few websites about Twist N Clip did come up. But when I browsed through them I found reviews that said only good things about the product. That’s not all. A lot of these sites also had buttons like “Buy Now” or “Get best prices”. These links led me to other websites that sold the products without letting one read the reviews. The same thing happened about 4 times but I just let these sites leave them be because after noticing a pattern in all of them I knew they had to be manufacturer promoted websites. Then I chanced upon your site and could finally read experiences of using the products. A big thanks to you all.

    • What you had is a typical SEO experience. People browsing the net are cheated so conveniently with the worst of products getting the best of reviews. This in turn is resulted because search engines are themselves cheated because they fail to differentiate between a genuine review and a fake review. So, scammers exploit this problem and take undue advantage of the loopholes in the search engines and post positive reviews to promote their products. Most of the websites you checked out are a result of a nexus between manufacturers and their affiliates who get a commission for selling their products. It’s a common and unfortunate practice.

  3. Had same above run around no delivery, have to buy double amounts repeat girl said I HAD TO. After long idiotic conversation I cancelled order I have a feeling also they may take the received money and run — I. E. file insolvency or disappear. I have done a lot if online shopping and have NEVER SEEN A MORE SUSPICIOUS OPERATION!

  4. Complete scam. Website doesn’t give you the chance to see the charges before going through. I cancelled the second add-on and was still charged double shipping.

    Complete rip-off. I really hate companies that stoop this low, trying to charge $13.98 shipping on a 3-ounce package. Ridiculous, will be returning item.

  5. I just got my twist & clips today and at first I didn’t really like them but after I played with them a little and learned how to use them they work great. They do hold my hair super good the are very very comfortable don’t even really know they are there and they don’t make it feel like your hair is being pulled. I love these. I’d recommend these to my friends and family.

  6. I bought the clips at Walmart and I love them. Got two regular and two jumbo plus a dangle. Work great as promised. I can even workout in them (not in a wii:-).. Most as seen on tv websites are a rip off. Go to Walmart, have patience.

  7. I want to know where my order is, it was ordered on 6-9-2012 and I have not received a thing from you, I will be checking my Credit Cards to see if I have been charged, you wrote I couldn’t cancel it, but I still am sitting here, wondering why, 2 orders went through, which I didn’t even finish ordering the one product Twist N Clip after seeing what you were going to charge me, so how did that order go through, and the second one, I did on the same day, I received a email it went through and can’t cancel, but I haven’t received a thing from you. If they show on my Credit Card, we will have a problem, since I haven’t heard from you, nor received. Please let me know what is going on. Here is the order info.

    Thank you for your Twist N Clip order!

    This email confirms that your order 1821464 was received And uploaded into our system. Please note, you will not be charged For the item(s) ordered until your order has shipped. At that time, You will receive an email
    confirming that your order has shipped.

    Your order information:

    Please retain a copy of this email for your records. If you have any further questions concerning shipping, order status, payment or Other website policies, contact our customer service department at:

  8. Yet another scam – I hate your marketing techniques. After you’ve already got me to spend $25 for 6 little pieces of plastic with a $7 ship and handling charge – rip off supreme – ‘then’ you talk about having ‘jumbo’ size clips – but offer no way to order only the jumbo size which is what I need – no, the only way I can get them is to order them on top of everything else – and you also force those junky looking hanging additions on us. You keep trying to trick buyers into spending even more and make it as confusing as possible. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I want to cancel the order I just placed but of course cannot find any way to do that so you’ve made another $25 and stuck me with a bunch of crap – as I know the clips I bought won’t work for me since I need jumbo and you don’t offer them without shoving the smaller size down our throats – you say the regular size will fit all hair – so why do you have jumbo in addition? Obviously because the normal size does ‘not’ fit all hair types – you made a jumbo size to fit bigger hair so that makes you liars. Why can’t you be honest and offer your items and let people pick what they want without shoving a bunch of ‘junk’ down our throats? I will never make another purchase from you and will tell everyone I possibly can not to either!!!

  9. I just got these in the mail today and I love them! I have long super thick super curly hair and I think they work just fine, you just have to experiment a little, the style guide does not have the greatest instructions, but with a little work, some creativity and a little patients you can get it to do what ever you want.

    I usually have to use four or five big and thick bobby pins to get my hair to stay in a bun, for about four hours I used one twist n clip and it hasn’t even wiggled, I even tried shaking my head and any thing else I could think of to make it fall out, but nope it’s still there.

    As for all the promotions, you can click skip and not have to get them, also I knew exactly how much I was spending before I bought it, it says on the page before you order, yes you have to read a little but that’s what you do before you buy anything online! a

    Yes the tattle tails do look stupid by my eight year old sister likes it, so she can have them.

    I think some people need to read a little and not be so quick to jump to a conclusion, also I never intended this product to “save my life” but just as another option for my hair, and I love it! which is saying a lot because I am super picky when it comes to my hair!

  10. If you MUST have this item, I’d recommend getting it on eBay. That’s where I got it. I don’t like it though. Does not work well on thick hair unless you want all of your hair in a twist with nothing hanging out. Which is the only style I will be wearing because if I try the other ones, I have a whole section of hair that doesn’t even fit into the clip. Bottom line, it’s for thin hair.

  11. You can buy the Twist and Clip at Walmart for $9.99. You get 4 clips and if you don’t like the product you can return it without any frustration.

  12. Thanks Ladies,

    I was all set to order this product and then I decided to check the reviews. I am sorry ya’ll got ripped off and I am so grateful for every one of you who took the time to warn the rest of us.

  13. I did not actually get the product to review it. When I ordered, it said 4-6 weeks for delivery. at the end of 7 weeks, i called the company to find out why I had not received them yet, and I was told by the customer service representative that they were on back order and would be another 6-8 weeks for delivery. At this point I was livid, I mean three months just to get some little clips in the mail, no way! I then contacted the BBB regarding this complaint, and i was again contacted by the customer service representative for the company, and was assured that my order would be shipped and I would have it within a week. Almost another three weeks later, and still no clips. This company is a joke, and I want people to know that they are capable of this sort of thing. Thanks for reading.

  14. Thanks to all the ladies for your reviews! Since there are a number of reviews here and only one is good…..well you helped me make up my mind.

    I just saw this infomercial this morning for the first time. As a person with VERY thick, VERY curly long hair, I have a tough time finding anything that will hold it so I am always a little skeptical. If I could have purchased just 3, and if the shipping wasn’t so high, I might have tried them. I will NOT buy them from the website since you HAVE to buy the 6 and it’s nearly $24 – I just don’t think it’s worth spending so much money and then finding out they are worthless for me. I’m sure they’ll be in the stores eventually….. Thanks again!

  15. another thing while I am on my “soap box” on this twist and clip thing. I said EVEN if I ordered six, which I am NOT, when would it be shipped. She said maybe in six to eight weeks, MAYBE, for they have to receive them from the manufacturer and they are all out. Not to receive a reply and get to this point is still irritating me. Too bad. I think it might have been a good product if they had not been so greedy. And that is the problem GREED!

  16. Twist and Clip scam. I was told I HAD tom repeat had to take six clips. When total of order popped up after I said NO to all offers, it gave me a total of $23.98 for six though I did not want it. When I called, they said it is MANDATORY that I take the extra three for they are FREE. But I said I am paying $6.99 postage for it and it is not free. It is most likely the price of the clips plus and they said again YOU HAVE to take all six of them and that is how it goes. Call the operators and they either hang up on you or if you ask for a manager, they say they are busy. I would like to try twist and clip but will wait until they are in the stores. This company is bad bad news. When I called for a confirmation of order they tried to give me some number but did not send anything by email. My time is not worth the aggravation of an operator telling me I HAVE to take six clips and they are FREE except for P&H. That is getting to be a big thing today. making money FREE on postage and handling. I cancelled my order today. By the way, the first operator, Marisha, not only hung up but she did something to my phone and it took a while to get it back to a connection. They are out there and these operators in a boiler room know you cannot get to them!

  17. It isn’t made for thick or curly hair!!! shipping took 2 months!! The website doesn’t give you a total until after it charges your card!

  18. Purchasing this item via their website is a scam; don’t do it. Every click leads to another offer for more of the clips without cost plus shipping, etc. When you get to the page to pay for your purchase, the total isn’t available to verify what you are buying. When payment is completed, then you get out see the total price. Of course, by that time it’s too late to cancel an order that has added items not ordered, so the basic $10.00 plus free second set for S/H only has gone to $47. Be very very careful when ordering this.

    • Did you get any credit card complications with regard to fraud and theft of personal info?? and did the clips ever arrive?? The same exact thing just happened to me and I am very angry!

    • Jo, you’re right. I have twice tried to order the clips. The first time they didn’t get shipped, the second time when I got to “order confirmed” they had the wrong items, and a much larger total! They DO NOT have an “order verification” section before the confirmation-and they need one. After 2 phone calls and 4 e-mails I have just received confirmation that they have cancelled BOTH orders they had for me. Both were incorrect of course. PURCHASE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

  19. I ordered twist n clip from their official website at the first of march. It is the 14Th of April and it hasn’t even shipped! I sent an email and they responded that my order was processed on the 6th of march and would ship soon. Completely ridiculous!!!

    • Hey Lisa!! Same thing happened with me! I was just about to give them a call to see what the problem was and decided to check my e-mail first just to see if they sent me something. In my “Spam” section was an e-mail saying that it had been shipped on April 9th and I got them 2 days ago, which would have been April 16th and I had placed my order March 3rd. So, the only advice I have is to keep checking your e-mail and hopefully you will getting yours soon!! Take care!

  20. OMG love these . Only thing that holds my hair. Ordered them awhile ago and just got them. Work as promised.

    • Do you have thick hair? Mine is super thick. I can’t even find a claw clip to hold my hair. I use non metal elastic hair bands but can only twist around twice.

      • Yes! My hair is pretty thick. Ponytail holders never have really worked for me, they break! This thing is great.

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