TStudio PROtect Straightener Review

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About TStudio PROtect Straightener

TStudio PROtect Straightener is a flat iron that asserts to be a revolution in hair care. TStudio PROtect Straightener claims that it straightens hair while providing 90% more frizz control and protecting hair from breakage up to 68% more than a regular straightener. TStudio PROtect Straightener assures to give salon-like quality to hair when you straighten them.


How does it work

TStudio PROtect Straightener allegedly has a patented technology that combines 1” Ultra ceramic plates and Vapor Infusion Technology that provides frizz control and prevents breakage. Just fill the reservoir of TStudio PROtect Straightener with distilled water and start its Vapor button. TStudio PROtect Straightener states to use water and macadamia conditioning treatment, which gives cool micro vapor that absorbs into hair to prevent damage caused by styling. TStudio PROtect Straightener also emphasizes to provide 450° heat resulting in salon-quality hairstyling right at home.

Hair care is no longer a hair-raising experience

Everyone loves shiny, straight and luscious hair but salon trips cost a lot and all the styling with straighteners damage the hair. But TStudio PROtect Straightener is a flat Iron for the hair that convinces to let you leave your worries of hair care a thing of past. With its Vapor Infusion Technology, TStudio PROtect Straightener guarantees that it can rehydrate, protect, and straighten your hair all in one go. By simply filling the reservoir with distilled water and activating the vapor button alleges to style and treat your hair quickly.

Innovative and safe technology

TStudio PROtect Straightener maintains to use 1” Ultra Ceramic floating Plates that glide over hair smoothly causing lesser frizz and fast recovery from heat so that you can easily and surely straighten hair with one-pass. The specially formulated Macadamia Conditioning Treatment of TStudio PROtect Straightener promises to absorb deep into the hair cuticle to moisturize your hair and make it soft and shiny. TStudio PROtect Straightener guarantees to heat up in just 30 seconds at professional 450° heat combined with vapor technology that makes styling quick and provides a strong and longer lasting hold. TStudio PROtect Straightener assert to have easy Digital Controls with Temperature Lock that set the iron at five temperature settings between 300°-450° to give the best heat for your hair type. With the salon-length swivel cord of TStudio PROtect Straightener you can style hair at any angle. TStudio PROtect Straightener declares to shut off automatically after 60 minutes to prevent mishaps.

What do I get?

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