Touch Up and Go Review

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Hair color solves the problem of graying, but after some days when the roots are visible, they tend to look odd. Instead of fretting over it and using hair color all over again to color the grey roots, use Touch Up and Go and let things be really simple! Touch Up and Go is the amazing new way to cover grey roots instantly and conveniently and attain the amazing results you’ve always desired but couldn’t acquire!

How does Touch Up and Go Work

Touch Up and Go is a unique touchup tool that basically looks quite like a color pencil having a brush at the tip. All you have to do is twist its dial to release color at the base of the brush, hold it and simply run it through your hair as you comb, stroking it through the grey or dark roots to blend in the coloring. It’s that easy, quick and a great way to style your grey roots and look perfect and feel confident!

You can now move over the chemicals- based dyes, sticks or over-spray that can cause serious damage to hair and skin as Touch Up and Go is completely free of these elements. It looks and feels 100% natural. It is perfect to be used between salon visits as well as during travel. It is even enriched with long-lasting vitamin formula, which enables it to blend in instantly with your hair color and dry in a matter of seconds!

Touch up and Go is not stiff or greasy, and you can style your hair whenever you wish without experiencing any kind of mess. What’s more, it will never in rub out, run or stain your skin. It’s now possible for everyone, even men, to achieve the perfect covering of grey or dark roots without worrying about it getting it on the skin.

There are six amazing and popular shades of Touch Up and Go to choose from that naturally blend with your hair color. What’s more, you can save big on money as you don’t have to blow money on root touchups at the salon anymore so switch over to Touch Up and Go right away!




What do I get?

  • 2 Touch Up and Go instant makeup wand, in your choice of blonde, light brown, brown, dark brown, black or auburn
  • $15 As Seen on TV Shopping Card

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