Sweet Roll Hair Styler REVIEW

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Is your hair one of your startling features and you want to bring as much attention to it as possible when you go out? In that case you might want to curl your hair every now and again and dazzle your audience. But often you have to visit professional salons to curl your hair and that costs you a fortune. However it seems like you don’t have another option because regular curlers just don’t cut it and what’s worse is they end up taking a lot of your time. But what if you were told that gorgeous curls were just minutes away thanks to Sweet Roll?


Sweet Roll Review

Poorly made – Pryce who bought Sweet Roll complained in her review that it has a super flimsy flex metal inside and is really tackily made. She tried using it couple of times but had to remove the ribbon because it was unraveling constantly. Then it just broke apart and she feels she has wasted her money on it.

Not what you expect – Alecia who used Sweet Roll exposed in her review that you can roll your hair in a bun or anyway but it falls out. She was hoping it would work because she has thick, wavy hair and she puts them up with a lot of frustration. They seemed like a decent option but unfortunately they fail miserably.

Sweet Roll doesn’t work – Rihanna who reviewed Sweet Roll revealed in her review that if you have big, long hair then it just can’t be wrapped around it. The clip part is terrible and the only thing holding it together is a small button, which is just not strong enough for thick hair. That’s why she had no option but to return it.

Not suited for all hair – Kim who bought Sweet Roll exposed in her review that you are told it works for all types of hair but it was practically useless on her silky Asian hair. It kept slipping out because of the silky material and though the idea of the button is nice, it’s difficult to close.

It’s useless – Miriam who used Sweet Roll complained in her review that she tried the smaller one for her medium length hair first and it broke. Her daughter couldn’t use it either because it doesn’t work with curly hair. According to her it’s of low quality and difficult to use. She thinks it’s overpriced and has gone back to elastic and bobby pins.

How does Sweet Roll Hair Styler Work

Yes, this sensational hair styler is now available to you and gives you the power of styling your hair the way you want. For starters, this hair styler is extremely convenient for use and you can get a hang of using it instantly. Moreover it doesn’t take a lot of your time, thus you can be ready to go out within minutes and won’t have to struggle with your hair in front of the mirror for hours. With the help of this style you have the option of setting your head full of hair with a single roller.

But that’s not all; this styler is known for its versatility and you can also do tight curls with the help of three small rollers. Regular rollers might need you to set overnight but that’s not the case here and you will be ready with your gorgeous curls within minutes. Some of the other brilliant features of using this roller are the fact that you can use it at any length that can turn a roller. And you will also be pleased to note that the results last until you shampoo your hair again.

There’s organic filler in this styler and it conditions your hair while it is set. It can also be worn as an accessory and it can be used over and over again. The fact that it’s Made In America says a lot about its superior quality as well.

Sweet Roll FAQs

Q. How should one care for the rollers?
A. The rollers self-clean with steam from the microwave oven. But you have to be careful not to overheat them. Instructions are also available with the box.

Q. Can any hair product be used before rolling?
A. You can shampoo, condition and blow-dry your hair but do not use any product in it before rolling. There have been instances of women using small amounts of gel or mousse and the results were fine. You get sleek, healthy, shiny hair with its natural ingredients, which steam and condition the hair as it sets.

Q. Can Sweet Roll be used second day after using a straightener?
A. It’s recommended that you follow the instructions for best results. However women have used it a day after using a straightener and got good results. The conditioning results are fine but the curls might not be as tight.

Q. Does Sweet Roll work on specific types of hair?
A. Sweet Roll is completely versatile and works on all types of hair. Its two sizes allow you to get tighter or looser curls based on your specific preference.

Q. Why is Sweet Roll available in two shades if it’s to be taken out after curling?
A. Sweet Roll is packed with features and you can leave the fashionable roll on for different classy looks. You will find different ways to get stunning looks for your hair including The Sweet Bun and Sweet Puff. It is available in gorgeous colors to complement your hair so that you can wear it in public.


What do I get?
The Sweet Roll Hair Styler only $ 24.99 + $5.95 S/h. Official website BuySweetRoll.com



Sweet Roll Video

11 thoughts on “Sweet Roll Hair Styler REVIEW

  1. I purchased the large set of these. My only complaint with them is that I need to order another large set. According to all the hair dressers I have been to, I have fine hair, but A LOT of it. Therefore, I have to divide my hair into 3 sections, roll 2 sections, wait for them to curl and the sweet roll to cool… I then roll the last section.

    I have always considered myself “hair-handicapped” but even I can make a beautiful head of curls with these. I never fail to get compliments on my hair when I roll it.

    I would have to say my only complaint is the price. $25 + $6 for shipping seems steep to me for what you get… Hope this helps!

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