Straight Wizard REVIEW

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About Straight Wizard

Straight Wizard declares to combine a flat iron’s capability to straighten hair and a brush that adds volume.



How does Straight Wizard CLAIM to work?

Straight Wizard claims to be a brush with high-quality cylindrical bristles covered with thermal ceramic that raises the temperature up to 230 degrees while brushing and straightens the hair in one single pass.


Straight and voluminous hair – Get straight hair while giving volume to them with Straight Wizard with the combination of flat iron to and hair brush. It states to straighten the hair, prevent frizz and also add volume to hair due the rounded bristles. Such combination makes Straight Wizard seem attractive but will be verified once it’s reviewed.


No damage or tangling – Straight Wizard convinces to be safe to use and does not damage or tangle hair due to its unique brush design. User reviews will affirm it is such an easy and safe tool. Straight Wizard asserts to have adjustable temperature with LED display to suit different types of hair. At this point of time there are no Straight Wizard user reviews to verify its claims.

Straight Wizard Review

Used the Straight Wizard brush a total of 6 times in 3 months and the electric gauges no longer come on and heat up the brush. Straight Wizard is a worthless piece of junk. It looks brand new and it was not dropped or mishandled in any way.

Straight Wizard brush doesn’t do much. It does not work on hair. For one thing, the Straight Wizard brush does not straighten hair as well as a flat iron and took as long to use as a flat iron. Plus, it was very awkward to use. The head is too large, a narrower head would have been better. Also, if you usually curve the ends of your hair very slightly with a flat iron, this is not possible to do with the Straight Wizard brush. Also, the Straight Wizard brush pulls and yanks hair when you use it. You will simply have to pack it up and put it away. Straight Wizard is not worth purchasing.

Straight Wizard brush is worthless and causes hair breakage. The Straight Wizard brush is supposed to smooth out the frizz by simply brushing the hair, but it does not work. It only removed, maybe, 20% of the frizz. Your hair will be left untamed.

Straight Wizard does not change curly hair when you run it through. It is just like a comb and makes curls go into a frizzy mess.

Using the Straight Wizard brush for thick course hair only somewhat softens the waves in hair. There is no way the Straight Wizard brush would ever straighten such hair unless you went strand by strand. It would probably work well for someone with thin, straight hair just looking to smooth the outer layer of their hair.

Straight Wizard brush does not grab hair well. It does not straighten hair as well as a flat iron.

Straight Wizard brush is recommended for people who are looking for a quick straight, not as stick straight as an iron, but more of a natural straight.

Using the Straight Wizard brush one long coarse wavy hair could get your hair caught in the bristles and pull them out. The brush still had hair on it as the hairs were stuck where the plastic bristles met the back of the brush. You may have to return the brush, as you will not be able to use it.

If you think using the Straight Wizard brush is going to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend on straightening your hair then you are wrong. It takes the same amount of time: it does get hot enough to straighten your hair which is nice but you have to be extra careful not to burn yourself because it’s easy to do with it. It may pull out your hair and your hair may get caught in the bristles of the brush.

The advertisement of the Straight Wizard brush does not state that it won’t work on short hair. The Straight Wizard brush does not work on straight hair. Straight Wizard only appears to work on long hair. You should specifically indicate that the Straight Wizard brush is not recommended for short hair.

Straight Wizard Questions and Answers

Q. Does Straight Wizard work on wet hair?
A. Straight Wizard is not recommended to use on wet hair as it is not good for your hair. It is not heat from hot air but direct contact heat so it could sear your hair and damage it.

Q. How many watts is Straight Wizard?
A. Straight Wizard may be 60W.

Q. Does Straight Wizard come with the glove?
A. No, Straight Wizard does not come with a glove.

Q. Is Straight Wizard made in the USA or China?
A. Straight Wizard is made in China.

Q. Does the Straight Wizard brush straighten thick, natural black/African American hair? Also, does it detangle?
A. Straight Wizard works very well on extremely thick hair, and yes, it does detangle. Not sure about African American hair. Although you should give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Q. How long did the results last with the Straight Wizard?
A. Until the next time you wash your hair.

Q. Are the Straight Wizard bristles rubbery and does it pull your hair?
A. The bristles aren’t rubbery. It doesn’t get hot enough and doesn’t straighten. Think the expensive flatiron does a better job.

Q. Should an Argan oil type thermal hair protector be used with the Straight Wizard? If used alone and not in conjunction to a flat iron, etc…
A. The lowest heat setting of the Straight Wizard is around 300 degrees and with the higher settings it gets pretty hot which probably isn’t very good for your hair without using some protection.

Q. Does the Straight Wizard brush take knots out of your hair?
A. Not tried the Straight Wizard to take out knots.

Q. Can you straighten hair close to the scalp with the Straight Wizard? (How close can it go?) Approximately how long does it take as compared to using flat ironing?
A. You can get pretty close to the scalp. Close enough that it looks good. It takes half the time it takes with a regular flat iron.

Q. Do you have to use the glove, or can you use Straight Wizard without? Will your hands get burned?
A. Never used a glove.

Q. Sometimes I get a weave. Can I use Straight Wizard on it?
A. It is better to use strengtheners on it and brush it well beforehand, and then you should be fine. If it isn’t human hair, check online to see if that material is heat friendly, if you haven’t used strengtheners before.

Q. How does Straight Wizard work on very thick Caucasian hair?
A. Straight Wizard works on pretty thick hair with a little patience and practice. With medium thick hair it works great.

Q. Does the Straight Wizard make thick curly/frizzy hair silky straight?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. Does the paint peel off the Straight Wizard brush over time?
A. It doesn’t seem it will.

Q. How well does Straight Wizard work on short hair? My hair gets unimaginably curly at 4-5″, so I wind up chopping it off.
A. Straight Wizard may not be a good item for you. It works alright for wavy hair to smooth it a bit. It would be good for touch ups between straightening with a flat iron.


What do I get?
Buy Straight Wizard just for only £49.99 + Shipping Rate: £3.99

  • Straight Wizard
  • Handy thermal travel case
  • Anti-Frizz Serum 50ml

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