Snap On Feathers Review

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If you hair is your fortune you need to flaunt it wherever you go and make sure it gets the desired attention. While opting for elaborate hairstyles and expensive styling products might not always be feasible, there’s a simple way to attract eyeballs with the help of Snap On Feathers. It’s a trend that has taken the fashion industry by storm and understandably so because you can change the color of these funky accessories according to your moods or the way you feel on a certain day, the occasion perhaps and feel more versatile, dynamic and cool.


Snap On Feathers
If you haven’t caught onto the trend yet it’s not too late as you can get Snap On Feathers now and add some color to your hair and get a spring in your step.

Snap On Feathers are funky but can look classy for an elegant evening as well. Wearing Snap On Feathers will make heads turn at a party or when you are out and about town and it will naturally build your morale.

You will go on and win more admirers than before with your new found confidence. Snap On Feathers comes in 10 different colors from Chestnut to Fuchsia Pink and Purple; you can choose one according to your mood or to complement the rest of your look.

Snap On Feathers have non slip clips, which won’t come off when you are out but can be attached instantly. Adding colorful highlights to your hair won’t even take minutes and you are ready to go out and make an impression with your new look. Snap On Feathers are also reusable.

Snap On Feathers Reviews

Everybody loves to stay on the top of the hottest new trends. The Hair Snap on Feather Extensions has been the popular celebrity’s donning accessory such as Steve Tyler from Aerosmith and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

For getting the short Snap on Feathers extension, first identify the section of hair where you wish to place the Snap on Feathers. After having identified the place, part the section of the hair around the section chosen, pick up the hair strands and clip it.

Snap on Feathers comes in many different colours such as sunflower, pink purple, aqua, and cherry in addition the advertised chestnut, Smokey and peacock snap on Feathers. All the Snap on Feathers which come with the Snap on Snap on Feathers kit is beautiful. Everything that comes in the kit is ready to use and pre-assembled.

Now take little strand of hair and take it inside the hook. Gently pass the hair strand through till the root touches the hook. The pick up your favorite Snap on Feathers and put the Snap on Feathers end into the hook. Now simple clip it two three times till the hook flattens holding hair and Snap on Feathers together with no loose end or grip.

Now you can take off the clipper and let the parted hair down. For performing a short Snap on Feathers extension at home, you would need a clip to flip the hair during parting process, a flier to squeeze the bead while tucking the Snap on Feathers and hair strand in the hook.

Finally you would need a plastic handle hook to get the hair strand into the hook for Snap on Feathers extension.

For the perfect Salon look for that birthday bash, slumber or evening/ night parties, the Snap on Feathers extension look will get you all the gasps and attractive eyeballs.

Snap On Feathers FAQs

Can the feather hair extensions be reused?
Yes, these feather extensions can be snapped and unsnapped over and over again. Snap On Feathers can be reused as many times as you want and you can mix and match them with your friends and co-ordinate them beautifully.

Is it easy to put Snap On Feathers in my hair?
Yes, Snap On Feathers extensions are very easy to put in your hair. Irrespective of the style you have worn your hair in, these extensions will easily snap into place. Thus they will make your gorgeous hair style look funkier and smarter.

What are the colors Snap On Feathers are available in?
You get Snap On Feathers in 10 different colors including cool Chestnut, Smokey Ash, Fuchsia Pink, Peacock and L’ectric Purple.

Are these extensions made out of real feathers?
Yes, the feather hair extensions you get are made out of real feathers unlike fake plants that are made out of that tacky, synthetic material. When you buy Snap On Feathers you can be rest assured that you get the real thing.

Do the different color feathers in Snap On Feathers have different designs as well?
Of course they do and you will not run short of options when it comes to adding that funky style element to your hair. Snap On Feathers not only come in many cool colors but several different smart designs as well.

Can I buy Snap On Feathers in stores?
The date for availability of Snap On Feathers in stores is yet uncertain. However when there’s a fix on the release date you will know about it through blogs and social networking sites.

Although I have already ordered Snap On Feathers, I have been told that it will take about 3 to 6 weeks for their delivery. Why does the shipping of Snap On Feathers take so long?
It’s only because there’s a huge demand for Snap On Feathers and the manufacturer is dealing with a massive order for them. All efforts are being taken to keep up with the mounting backorder, which will be addressed at the earliest. You have no reason to be worried because your order will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

What do I need to do if I place the wrong order for Snap On Feathers?
For starters, you need to be calm because these things happen and there’s no cause for concern. Your order will be corrected if you call the customer service desk on the toll free number 1-800-777-4034. The customer service department will need your email address if provided at the time of order, last name, zip code and phone number to be able to place your order. However the thing to remember is that the customer service department might not have your order in their system for about 24 hours from the time of order because it takes that long for the order to be processed. You are advised to allow that time to elapse and be rest assured that your order will be fixed.

Why haven’t I been charged even though I have ordered Snap On Feathers? When can I expect to be charged for my order?
There might be a delay in charging you for the order because although your order is processed within 24 hours, you only get charged for it when your order is ready to be shipped.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can get a set of Snap On Feathers that includes Chestnut and Smoky Ash ones for a $10.00 and S&H charge of $6.99 at And if you pay an additional S&H charge of $6.99 you also add the Fuchsia Pink, Electric Purple and Peacock feathers to your set.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Snap On Feathers Video


6 thoughts on “Snap On Feathers Review

  1. I bought Snap on feathers for My daughter for Christmas and then ordered the peacock feather on the 28th. So far have not received my peacock feather and today’s date is the first of September. Spoke to them several times they say they sent it out but I am sorry the mail system is not that bad. They are very cheap and the clip easily bends. Save your Money they are not worth it and do not hold your breath on the peacock feather!

  2. The snap on feather look nice. I didn’t not have to wait for shipping because I bought them from walmart. They are cute and stylish however the do not go on and off as easily as seen on tv. They take some time to get used to but work well after.

  3. I bought two different packs of the snap on feathers, for a total of four. Not one of them would snap closed like they make is look so EASY on tv. I am taking these back to walmart asap to get my 20.00 dollars back. They are cute, but apparently very cheap if not one snap could work. Plus the glue was all over the feathers and made it look fake and tacky. WOULDN’T recommend.

  4. I would NOT recommend buying Snap-on feathers!I paid and extra $9.99 for 3-5 business day shipping, and here today is day 11 and STILL have not received the product!They haven’t even charged it to my credit card yet.Big rip off, I think as a trusted retailer, they should forewarn you or send you an e-mail of some sort letting you know it will be late for ANY reason!

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