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Beautiful looking hair adds dollops of appeal to your looks and boosts your confidence, and to make that happen you need nothing else but Smoothettes. Move over all the lotions, potions, sprays, gels and anything and everything that claim to add a spark to your hair. Check out the new way to make your hair look lovely, healthy and desirable. Switch over to the revolutionary new Smoothettes, the amazing lightly scented dry towelettes designed exclusively for your hair and comfort to maintain them.

How does Smoothettes Work

Smoothettes is the perfect way to get rid of the unwanted static and frizzy hair that dampen your spirits. It’s perfectly understandable for anyone to get bogged down on seeing hair all messy and frizzy. But if you have Smoothettes towellettes handy, they will surely rescue you in crisis situations.

The towelettes make your hair look perfect anytime, anywhere. All you have to do to use Smoothettes is simply glide its towelette over your hair, quite like a soothing wet tissue you use over your skin to feel refreshed. Smoothettes instantly sorts out frizz, static and fly-aways and ensures they disappear and make your hair look incredibly beautiful!

Smoothettes are safe, gentle and perfectly capable of making your hair look great in a jiffy. You can absolutely count on it to help you look presentable by adding a shine to your hair even when you have no inclination to visit a salon (they cost a bomb, anyway) or you are seriously on the go and cannot spare even a minute. You may be making a dash for the office, gym or a party with no time on hand. Toss away other hair products that only make tall claims but in fact can cause serious damage. Just a touch-up dab of a Smoothettes towellette will do the needful for you.

No more worrying due to change in weather anymore. Smoothettes protect your hair from any weather conditions and can transform your hair into your crowning glory. What’s more, it is also a solution for your hair between wash. Get Smoothettes home right away and make heads turn with great looking hair!



What do I get?

  • 2 Smoothettes Dry Towelettes Package (Set of 25)
  • Two Stylish Carrying Cases

All this for $10.00 + P. & H. Official website



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