Secret Cover Review

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What is Secret Cover

As per the infomercial it is a finely textured hair attachment that can be used to cover hair loss, thinning hair or cover balding spots on women. These are uniquely designed lightweight, finely textured hair which can be also worn as bangs to add a dash of style to the hair.

Perfect solution for thinning hair

Secret Cover claims to help women who have bald patches, thinning hair or an unnatural looking hair line. Secret Cover asserts to help in enhancing hairstyle, which is an integral part of getting dressed up. Secret Cover states that it is very effective in covering up issues like thinning hair and hair fall easily. Also Secret Cover claims that it doesn’t work like any ordinary extension that can stand out fake. Instead, what Secret Cover promises is a flawless cover that will look like even hair which is real and beautiful looking.

Easily Applicable

Secret Cover guarantees that it is very easy to apply. The design of Secret Cover is allegedly kept in such a way that applying does not even take a lot of time. In fact,Secret Coverdeclares that it is so easy and quick to apply that the hair can be done in 3 simple steps. The first step is to select the desired position where Secret Cover will go. Once the position is locked one has to simply clip Secret Coverto the area. Step 2 states that Secret Cover should be blended with existing hair. The third step is to style the hair with Secret Coverfor a gorgeous look. The clips that are used in Secret Cover are assured to be capable of locking in place without revealing out.


Amazing features

Secret Cover emphasizes to be very different than any other similar claiming solution. What makes Secret Cover so real and perfect is allegedlythe individually hand knotted strands of hair which make an invisible, fine-mesh base for a feathery-light hair appeal. The strands of Secret Cover are also stated to be so light that they can brush in any direction. Plus one can try different styles using Secret Cover easily as it is asserted to be compatible with curling or straightening. It is also mentioned that Secret Cover can be styled using water-based products. To add further flexibility one can simply brush Secret Cover lighting by gently and holding on to the base of the extension.

For every hair color

Secret Cover assures to provide a solution for every natural hair color. The wide range of available colors of Secret Cover makes it perfect for every woman. Secret Cover asserts to be available in Black, Darkest Brown, Dark Auburn, Medium Brown Gold and Bright Auburn. For women with blonde hair Secret Cover convinces to provide options between Light Golden Brown, Dark Golden Blonde, Light Golden Blonde, Platinum Blonde and Strawberry Blonde shade.Women who have greying hair can benefit from the three shades that Secret Cover claim to provide – Charcoal Grey, Silver Grey and Silver White.

What do I get?

You will receive the Secret Cover™ for just $49.99 +$6.99 p&h.Official website


One thought on “Secret Cover Review

  1. Do not buy this product. I order GOLDEN BLONDE and what I got I would call Chestnut. Now I have to pay to ship this back.
    Save your money!

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