Save Your Do Gym Wrap Review

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Most of the time women shy away from going to a gym and performing routine workouts because they are conscious about their hair and how they will look after the workout. This especially can be a concern if they sweat a lot and the sweat can ruin a costly salon hairstyle and hours of blow drying and flat ironing is performed to make the hair look great. But workout is an important part of life and cannot be ignored if one has to maintain a fit and attractive looking body. To balance between the issue of keeping the hair as fresh as before the workout and performing desired workout the new Save Your Do Gym Wrap is the best solution.


Save Your Do Gym Wrap
Save Your Do GymWrap, as the name suggests, is a headband unlike any other before that helps in maintaining the hair and keeping it dry even after going through a rigorous workout. It is based on an in-house patent pending design which uses a revolutionary technology called Edge Control and has the ability to minimize the sweat absorption in the band. Instead its unique three layers of materials makes way for the heat to escape, allows cool air to pass through it and wicks away any moisture content that would make the hair wet. When placed well on the head it keeps the hair intact and in down position for minimal interference while performing a routine.

Save Your Do GymWrap is the best gym buddy for women to come clean with fresh looking dry hair even after the sweatiest of workouts. It can be used along with a hair balm or hair powder before placing this gym wrap on the head. Plus its function is to stop any sweating on the head so it works perfectly well with any type of hair length and texture. It comes in three unique styles – narrow width, wide width and full bandana coverage to fit any head with its open ended design. It’s available in colors of Caledon greed, fuchsia and slate. It is completely machine washable and durable enough to last a lifetime.



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