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Hair loss is a nation wide concern for everyone and is associated with balding of many men once they reach certain age. Balding and hair loss can affect a lot of self esteem which in turn affects the social life too. Everyone would love to have beautiful shiny hair but due to issues like illness, medication, stress, hereditary and harsh chemicals used in hair products hair follicles get affected and slowly start diminishing leaving bald spots. There are numerous products in the market who claim to be working like a charm but fail miserably to deliver and in fact sometimes maybe loaded with harmful chemicals. New age Research shows one product that delivers and is worth checking out, the new Profollica.


Profollica is a 2-step universal solution for any age group of men who are facing issues of hair fall, thinning or balding. It goes right to the root cause of such issues which is controlling and blocking DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). In a typical male body DHT affects the hair growth and increasing amount of it causes the hair follicles to shrink and ultimately leave balding spots. Profollica contains strong natural plant extracts which have the tendency to block DHT helping reduce the follicle miniaturization process. All this is possible due to the two stage revolutionary system which contains hair loss vitamins and a topical solution called gel activator. the supplemented vitamins work from the inside of the body and is a mixture of all natural herbal extracts, amino acids, nutrients and enzymes. The gel activator is activated with Trichogen which has proved 90% effective in hair grown during clinical trials.

Profollica works to stimulate blood circulation to the follicles apart from blocking the DHT. It controls and regulates the scalp oiliness and sebum production. Dormant hair follicles that leave bald spots are put back into growth phase with dedicated use and improve the texture and quality of hair. It also can reduce graying and provides relief against dry and itchy scalp conditions. Thus Profollica proves to be a natural all round solution worth to bring the days of youth back!



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