PoniLox Pivoting Comb Review

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If you have bad hair days or don’t have the time to do a nice hairdo you must pull up your hair and think you’re ready to go. But then that doesn’t really go well with all the styles and tying and undoing a ponytail or a braid can be painful and break your hair too. But now you do not have to spend a lot of time doing your hair in a fancy updo and yet get a stylish look with PoniLox Pivoting Comb, the only pivoting comb that will also give you comfortable hairdo that too in just seconds.


PoniLox Pivoting Comb
Whether you have thick luscious hair or thin hair, you can get long lasting comfortable hairdo with PoniLox Pivoting Comb. The pivoting comb can give so many different styles to your plain ponytail – whether it is a low twist, a high twist, a full twist, a side twist or even an über cool Chignon. And you can do all this right at home within seconds without spending lots of money at an expensive salon. PoniLox Pivoting Comb is really easy to use. All you have to do is pull your hair in a ponytail, twist it, insert PoniLox Pivoting Comb and lock it.

The comb inserts real quickly and stays there no matter how much you jump or run around. The pivoting comb will add volume to your hair and lift it perfectly, which will be a blessing for you especially if you have thin hair. You can now forget about having a bad hair day and even say goodbye to hairsprays. You can make a hairdo for any occasion – from an everyday casual look, wedding, the beach look or a night out partying. Whether a kid, a teenager, a mother or even a grandmother, every woman can use PoniLox Pivoting Comb and get a fabulous hairdo.

PoniLox Pivoting Comb can give you the comfort that claw clips cannot. You can never rest your head without feeling the discomfort when wearing a claw clip but not with PoniLox that won’t add the bulk to your head getting in the way when you rest it. You can get all this at a very minimal cost and if you place an order today you get two pivoting combs for the price of one and two matching PoniClips barrettes – a black quilted with stones and tortoise filigree each.



What do I get?

  • 2 PoniLox hair combs (1 Black Quilted with Stones and 1 Tortoise Filigree)
  • 2 PoniLox hair combs (1 Black Quilted with Stones and 1 Tortoise Filigree)

All this for just $10 +$10.90 shipping and handling. Official website www.PoniLox.com

Customer Service
Customer service number: (888) 765-1581
Customer service email: ponilox.custserv@fulfillment.com
Customer service order status page: www.poniloxorderstatus.com

Returns address:
PoniLox Returns Department, 7925
10303 Norris Ave
Pacoima, CA 91331



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4 thoughts on “PoniLox Pivoting Comb Review

  1. I just ordered the 2 PoniLox clips sets get 2 sets free as advertised on the PoniLox website for $10.00 each so my order should be $20.00 plus tax shipping & handling….. Not so I was charge for 4 sets & $62.55 for rush shipping!!! I can’t imagine something that weighs no more than a hair clip being $62.55 to ship in 5 days!! My total bill was $102!! I’m hoping to get a refund!!

  2. I bought these clips because I like to wear my hair up and it looked like a great product. I was very disappointed. They did not work well in my hair. I admit my hair is fine, but they would not stay in place. They would slide out of my hair no matter which style I tried. I would NOT recommend them and I’m returning mine even with losing the cost of shipping.

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