Perfecter Ultra

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What is Perfecter Ultra

As per the infomercial it’s a unique and innovative hairstyling appliance that does the work of 4 appliances – hair dryer, straightener, hair curler and hot styling brush. It consists of Black Tourmaline that is semi-precious stone known for its negative ion generation to make hair smoother, shinier and healthier. Perfecter Ultra makes the most out of heated styling brush and advanced black tourmaline straightening tool to give you fusion styling results. That’s because you get the benefits of gentle ceramic heat and ionic moisture, which include shiny and stylish hair.


How does Perfecter Ultra work?

Salon like styling at home – Perfecter Ultra guarantees to be an amazing hairstyling device for providing salon-like hairstyle every time right at home. There’s no evidence of its functionality as there are currently no Perfecter Ultra user reviews. Perfecter Ultra promises to have an all-in-one design that eliminates the need to use any other device – hair brushes, blow dryers, flattening tools and curling irons. It does sound very promising, Perfecter Ultra reviews will soon reveal the facts.


State-of-the-art design – Perfecter Ultra asserts to change the way hair is styled at home. The alleged superior body of Perfecter Ultra is designed to perform on all types of hair. It sounds too good to be true. Perfecter Ultra reviews will ascertain if it’s true. Perfecter Ultra maintains that its body is made of fine brush where the teeth are made from nylon, which is soft and precisely placed. Perfecter Ultra states to be a no-tangle and no-turn brush because of this assembly. It’s a far-fetched promise better left to answer by users who will review Perfecter Ultra.

Additionally, with a touch of a button Perfecter Ultra opens up into a flat iron straightener that provides great styling without damaging the hair. So Perfecter Ultra claims to treat the hair with heat as opposed to the damage by regular hot rods and irons. How far it is safe for hair will be revealed with Perfecter Ultra reviews. Perfecter Ultra declares to be the best because of Black Tourmaline which is used in the heating plates and is known to have beneficial properties for hair. Although currently there are no Perfecter Ultra reviews to suggest the same.

Suave features – Perfecter Ultra asserts to be very efficient in changing from a curling brush to a straightening iron by pressing a button. How easy it is to switch between the two will be known once Perfecter Ultra is reviewed. The body of Perfecter Ultra is stated to be made from Ceramic infusion with an Ion Ceramic Barrel at the tip to add smoothness to the hair. There are three temperature settings on Perfecter Ultra to start with multiple heat settings that go up to 450 degrees. Each setting on Perfecter Ultra is emphasized to suit particular hair type starting with low for thin hair, medium for thicker, curlier hair and high for thickest, coarse and frizzy hair.

This claim can be attested when users reviews Perfecter Ultra. Perfecter Ultra alleges to heat up rapidly when required and has a safety automatic shutoff to maintain the level of temperature. Also the 9-foot long power cord allegedly makes it easier to use Perfecter Ultra anywhere. Reviews of Perfecter Ultra will reveal how far this is true. Perfecter Ultra claims to provide silkier, smoother and healthier hairstyle for any type and length. One is assured to lift and add volume, create beachy waves, make flirty curls or brush the hair for shining, beautiful style with Perfecter Ultra. Does Perfecter Ultra do what it claims to? Send us your reviews.


Important elements of Perfecter Ultra include

  • Ion ceramic barrel that promises shiny, smooth hair with substantial body.
  • It also has high performance dual heaters that guarantee even heat through the whole barrel, which leads to results that last.
  • Its nylon teeth are precisely shaped with soft tips so that there are no tangles, no turns.
  • The black tourmaline finish of the styler stresses that it can give you healthier hair and added shine too.
  • Its quick start function, with three temperature settings make Perfecter Ultra easy to use. The multiple heat settings go up to 450 degrees.
  • There is pilot light to indicate desired temperature and the automatic shut off option assures you safety.


What do I get?

  • 1 Perfecter Ultra Unit
  • 1 Pro Paddle Brush
  • 3 Styling Clips
  • 1 Thermal Travel Case

Price: $99.99 + Free S/h. Official website:

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