Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews and Complaints

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Perfector Fusion Styler Review

Hardly Effective

Perfector Fusion Styler promises a lot to do with all types of hair but is hardly effective on any of them. Its styling on extra long thick coarse hair is as good as nothing. It is claimed that Perfector Fusion Styler works perfectly well on short hair too but apparently it has no such effect. Thin hair starts getting burned soon while using Perfector Fusion Styler, which makes it difficult to use on most hair types. All it does is get tangled in the hair and doesn’t apply any style whatsoever.

Difficult to handle

Perfector Fusion Styler as claimed is not at all easy to use, most importantly due to the fact that it is nothing like a hair dryer and needs the hair dried before using it. Handling and styling with it is also difficult because it gets too hot to handle and does not even provide similar results to that of a flat iron. The worse part of Perfector Fusion Styler is the lack of information about using it well enough and lack of info regarding the use of any other styling products or hair sprays.

Dangerous to Use

Perfector Fusion Styler is not safe to use. As mentioned, it already has issues of heating up which makes it difficult to use it for styling hair but the heating up can even result in burns on thumbs and head. On many occasions Perfector Fusion Styler also has fried the hair and there is no solution but to cut the hair ends out.

Flawed Customer Service

Perfector Fusion Styler doesn’t come with any sort of invoice and the promises for guaranteed money return is a huge headache. Especially due to the fact that there is no customer service in place and no help provided on the helpline.

About Perfecter Fusion Styler

If you are proud of your luscious hair, there is every reason for you to flaunt it and get yourself the desired attention. There is a lot you can do with your hair and make sure it complements your overall look. With different hair dos you can make a big impression both on personal and professional fronts. All you need is a smart and effective styler that will make the job of styling your hair a lot easier for you. And if you have Perfecter Fusion Styler a home, you won’t have to look beyond it any more.

How does Perfecter Fusion Styler Work?

This is just the right styler you will ever need for all your hair styling needs. It’s a revolutionary styler that is one of a kind because it is the only hot styler, which is safe to touch. What’s more, it lets you use both your hands so that you can guide your style the way you want without any hassle. Styling your hair has never been more effortless; and it’s the magic of this styler, which gives you the benefits of four different styling tools that you might have to use for various styling jobs.

Now you can do away with your curling iron, straightener and even your round brush, as this style has practically everything you need. This styler works well for those with thin and fine hair because they can make the most out of the low temperature setting. On the other hand you can use high temperature setting for thick and coarse hair. Irrespective of your hair type and length, you will be able to get the perfect style you want every single time when you are using this styler.

Fusion styling, a breakthrough technology is at work here and this is where smooth shining ceramic heat from the centre of the barrel is fused with hydrating ion molecules. These molecules are released all around the wide nylon bristles of this styler and they stay cool to touch. Now you can get professional styling care within 3 minutes from the comforts of your home.

Perfecter Fusion Styler FAQs

It is a new age round heated fusion brush that utilizes ceramic and ionic technology for providing professional salon quality hair.


Can PERFECTER FUSION STYLER be used for children too?
Yes. PERFECTER is totally safe to use on children’s hair too.


Does PERFECTER burn the skin?
No, PERFECTER has bristles that isolate the skin from heating element to ensure safety.


How does ionic technology work?
Ionic technology makes the hair silky by pulling the moisture from the air around to infuse it into the brush.


What material is used to make PERFECTER’s brush part?
Top quality nylon material is used to make its bristles.


What are the heat settings in PERFECTER?
The PERFECTER comes with a low 356 degrees and high 392 degrees heat settings.


Is there a need to use flat iron along with PERFECTER?
No, PERFECTER replaces flat or curling iron and also a round brush.

Does steam from PERFECTER means there is something wrong with it?
No. PERFECTER generates steam like any styling product and is completely harmless.


How different is PERFECTER from curling iron?
Curling PERFECTER from the bottom to the top of the scalp like a curling iron to avoid tangling of hair.


What is process to get curls using the PERFECTER?
A section of the hair from top of the scalp should be wrapped around the PERFECTER and slowly pulled down to get amazing curls.


Does PERFECTER work on all hair types including dry hair?
Yes. PERFECTER works perfectly well for hair with any thickness, texture or color. For dry hair it provides better care by infusing moisture in them. It also is effective in moisturizing, relaxing and straightening curly hair.


How much time does it take for the PERFECTER to curl it?
PERFECTER should be kept for around 5 seconds or more depending on hair thickness for curls.


Why doesn’t PERFECTER work like it should?
Chances are that you might have not left the PERFECTER in the hair for recommended long enough time.


Is PERFECTER better than normal curling iron?
Yes. Mainly because PERFECTER doesn’t consist of harsh metal that might dry and damage the hair.


Can PERFECTER ad more volume to the hair?
Yes, PERFECTER works great to add volume when brushed from the roots.


How long will it take for the PERFECTER to heat up?
PERFECTER takes less than a minute to get started.


Is it ok to touch PERFECTER while styling?
Yes, PERFECTER is safe to touch while styling the hair and can be easily guided with a hand.


Can PERFECTER be used on hair extensions?
PERFECTER will function safely only on extensions made from human hair.


Can PERFECTER help styling short hair?
Yes, PERFECTER works well with short hair adding height and volume to them.


What is the right way to clean PERFECTER brush?
A small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab can be used to clean PERFECTER brush.


Does the PERFECTER switch off automatically?
Yes. PERFECTER is built in automatic shut off after one hour.


What do I get?

  • Perfecter Fusion Styler
  • Perfecter De-tangle Brush
  • 3 Styling Clips

All this for just $89.97 + Shipping. Official website

326 thoughts on “Perfecter Fusion Styler Reviews and Complaints

  1. I purchased a fusion styler. It worked about maybe one week aND since then I have not been able find anyone or anywhere to get it repaired or replaced. Why or where can I find someone to help me?

  2. Is there a customer service #? My on off button on the handle has stopped working. Need a replacement.

  3. I found the Pefecter 10 years ago and have been thankful ever since. My hair is extremely fine and is now white (70 yrs). I never cold use hot iron it burned my hair and me. The Perfector does not. I am not sure how it could since the handle and roller do not get hot? I also do not know how it could burn your hair? Maybe you have some product in your hair that caused it?
    I have just ordered my 3rd one and I hope it is as good as this last one. I will be lost if they quit making them.

  4. Why is this getting such a bad rap??? I’ve had mine for at least 6 years for shorter hair and it’s FANTASTIC. Seems like this site did nothing but try and trash a GREAT PRODUCT!!

  5. I purchased the Perfecter wondering if it really worked. I have fine wispy hair. This has turned out to be the best product I have ever used on my hair with a product called Guts. There is a big difference when I use it.I get home move volume and my hair stays for days. It also does not frizz in the rain. I purchased another Performer so I now have 2 different barrel sizes. This is a wonderful product. People always ask me why my hair doesn’t frizz in the rain and it is because of the Perfecter.

  6. I’ve read so many bad reviews! I don’t get that! I’ve had mine for over a year and love love love it! It’s the only iron that works on my fine wavy hair and I’ve tried and wasted money on so many.Mine heats up fast,still has all the teeth,etc.I just need to figure out how to clean build up in between the teeth. I will eventually get another!

  7. looks like a lot of you are losing teeth. the same thing has happened to me. I have had mine a year, and about 9 months along teeth started coming off. I like it but now half the teeth are gone. Don’t know whether to order another one or not.

  8. stopped working after 4 uses. could not get in touch with anyone at Perfecter. really dissatisfied.

    • I didn’t even get to use mine ONE freaking time before I got an E1 code. Literally the first time I turned it on!

  9. The nylon teeth are breaking off and has never been dropped nor abused. I am a 72 year old woman and can not afford to buy a new one….is there a replacement part available?

  10. I purchased mine locally about a week ago. Have used it 3 x’s since then, and I LOVE IT!!! Easy to use and FAST. Thank you!

  11. Perfected works but only about 6 months and then no loger heats. I returned for a replacement as promised and coul not get a replacement and customer service was not helpful. I am SOL.

  12. I bought the upgrade Fusion model and I am accidentally constantly shutting it off because of the location of the on and off switch and I’ve had it for over a year now and I’ve lost a lot of teeth that were on it!! Does anyone know where we can order replacement teeth for this curling iron?

  13. I have owned The Perfecter Fusion Styler for over a year and it was wonderful. This morning, I plugged it in and waited for it to heat (which is just a few seconds). I smelled something unusual and found that my “Perfecter” apparently shorted out, melted half of the teeth and “drum” of the brush is no longer round. At this price I will not be replacing this item, but will find something similar with more than just a 60 day warranty. What a disappointment.

  14. This would of been a perfect hair tool, but to my disappointment it fell to the floor and lost 14 bristles which has made it non usable. Without bristles it wont grip hair, not able to style. i feel it could be made more durable one fall and its not usable. i would not recommend for this reason.

  15. I bought mine on QVC , a large barrel, broke after one year. For more money, the perfecter customer complaint department they sent me a replacement – a small barrel! Waste of money, thought they would send me large barrel. Don’t waste your money !!!!!!!

  16. Spent a hell of a lot of money for a defective product. Won’t heat at all. When I turn it on, 365 shows on the screen and flashes a couple of times, then what looks like a backwards E and a 1 appear and just keep flashing. No warmup happens and none of the buttons does anything. Can’t even turn it off! I’m beyond frustrated and angry!

    • the same thing happened to me and I cannot get it replaced because I don’t have the receipt and it was a gift. I don’t know where it was purchased.

  17. Please don’t purchase this product is nothing they claim and a waist of good money They took my money out on the wrong day and caused me a overdraft.

    • This Perfecter styler does not work on my hair. It does not straighten or curl it. I am very disappointed and would like a refund.

  18. I love this product! I decided to read some reviews before posting my own and am shocked at the amount of negative comments. I purchased my perfecter from our local drug store about a month ago and fell in love with it. I have medium length thin hair that is hard to hold a curl and this works great and was easy to use. Holds the curl all day with only light hairspray to finish.

    • I love the Perfector. It is the only product that will style my hair if its not freshly shampooed. It heats fast, and works great. I am on my second one. But only because I sent the first one in to get a replacement. After 5 years of use, it lost some teeth and they told me to send it back for a replacement. Meantime, I bought a second one as I didn’t want to be without it…

    • I was surprised to read the negative reviews also. I’ve has mine for 2 years and I love it. I just bought another one as mine quit, however, I use everyday, sometimes twice a day. Things don’t last forever.

  19. I have owned the perfector for over two years now. When I got my first one I was like this is GENIUS. One of my biggest complaints with the traditional curling iron was burning myself. I have burned the backs of my ears, my neck and forehead too many times. This product is an answered prayer for me. It has cut down in my styling time. It makes my hair feel sooo soft. I now have the larger one also. It is not available anywhere except on line from what I have been able to find out. But I now own 2 of each. I loan them out to friends so they can try it out. I have several friends who really like it and want it or have purchased it now. It’s biggest draw back is the price to me. Not many women can afford to spend 100.00 on one curling iron. My only complaint is that I want them to come out with a third size. One that is in between the two sizes they now offer. The ease of the use of this tool is unbelievable. I have read some reviews where women complain their hair has gotten tangled up in the bristles and what not. You need to watch the tutorial on how to use the iron first. If you use it correctly you should not have that problem. I have NEVER gotten my hair tangled in it. I also use a rear view mirror to do my hair. I do not try to do it blindly. I think that is probably one of the problems women are having. I have a friend who was doing that and I told her she needed a proper mirror and once that was fixed she loves the iron. You do need to see what you are doing. I just think the product is GENIUS! I wish they had had this a LONG time ago.

  20. I just checked the status of my order (21512201511149009) and it said it is out of stock. I was NEVER told this on March 9th when I placed the order. I WANT TO CANCEL MY ORDER. I NEEDED IT NOW, NOT ANOTHER MONTH FROM NOW. MY TRIP IS STARTING BEFORE THE ARRIVAL DATE. PLEASE CANCEL MY ORDER AND CONFIRM THAT IT IS CANCELLED.

  21. I have had nothing, but a great experience with my Perfecter. If used properly, with a cream or oil, to dry hair, the final result for me is always a frizz-free salon style. Very happy with the product, and have bought more as gifts for friends and family. Only very positive feedback from everyone.

  22. Terrible styler…when you hold it your fingers are near the buttons and you keep turning it off by mistake….even on low its way too hot.. think I will be putting this in the bin.

  23. The nylon teeth are falling off I would like to order parts but can not find a source. I do have a warranty return address but not a service address for Perfecters that are more than 60 days old. HELP!!!

  24. I bought the Perfecter Fusion styler and loved it until it died on me after 4 months. This was a big purchase for only 4 months of use. I looked at the warranty and you have to send all of it back and sent 19.99 for them to ship it back. I guess buying on line is not for me because I can’t take this to the store and exchange it after just a few months. Very disappointed.

  25. I bought a Perfecter and what a HUGE mistake. It doesn’t work in my short hair so I wanted to return right after I bought it. I called to return and they talked me out of it. ANOTHER HUGE MISTAKE. That is their tactic. So I kept it for another month because they said I could surely return it still if I did not like it. I returned it shortly after that and waited and waited for my credit card to be credited and it never happened. I just called them and they said I didn’t return it before my 90 day trial was up. I explained to them that I talked to two people which I have documented down their names and IDs by the way, and she didn’t care. THEY ARE NOT RETURNING MY $100. What a crock. Never again. I returned in the original packaging and I am sure the sold it again to some other sucker. So they got their product back AND kept my $100. There has to be laws against this. What A RIP OFF!!

  26. DO NOT …I SAY DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT! I am still waiting for a refund months later and still have not received one. I am out almost $130.00. I returned the item asking for a full refund and they sent me another one. I called them and told them that I had initially sent the product back for a full refund and in turn they sent me another one. Can’t you guys understand English? Probably not because everyone…I mean everyone is from another country that you speak to. They sent me a mailing label and guess what…now they say that they never received the second one back. I call back at another time and they received it but to no avail I still have not received my refund. BBB here I come and if there is a class action lawsuit…count me in! THEIVES, THEIVES! I WANT MY HARD EARNED MONEY BACK!

  27. I ordered the perfector the first time and it got shipped to the wrong address. So i had to call after a month of it not coming and they sent another one to my address. When I used the product, the bristles of the iron were not hot at all. It did somewhat straighten my hair. It is a cylinder rod with bristles that look like brush bristles sticking out. When you curl your hair, you’re suppose to wrap a section of hair around the rod, wait, and then release. My hair got stuck in between bristles, and i have straight, thick hair. I tried straightening my hair by brushing the rod thru my hair, and it did straighten it. Personally I didnt like it because it cost $100 and wasn’t amazing. I like the traditional straighteners better. They’re easier to use and a lot cheaper.

  28. Hey folks, Perfector is spelled with an “or” at the end, not an “er.” These dummies can’t even spell their own product name, much less market a product that doesn’t have lots of complaints!

    • Grateful for the time others responded – sorry it doesn’t work – looks good. I would think a store would accept a return – at least a credit card can be challenged. Thanks.

  29. I purchased a perfecter infusion styler 6/4/13. Big mistake. I am currently going through chemotherapy and my hair was lifeless and thinning. I thought maybe it would help the appearance of my hair. It was okay for a little and then stopped working. Teeth broke off, etc. Contacted Perfecter and was told that I would receive a new one. All I would have to do is send mine back. They received it in March, 2014. Never received anything back. Contacted again in May, 2014 after not receiving correspondence or my styler. They were again saying they would be shipping it that same day, No Charge. LOL!!! I guess they would rather be sued or have all these complaints filed against them. Hello facebook. I will be posting!! I am also contacting my local Better Business Bureau and filing a suit against them. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!!! Throw your product where it belongs; IN THE TRASH

  30. I just received my perfecter which I ordered because it sounded like a great replacement for my blow-dryer & styling tools; however, on reading the instructions, I see you are to only use on dry hair, nowhere does it say that in your advertisement, probable works well, but certainly doesn’t replace a blow-dryer, which I was really looking forward to, sounds like a bit of false advertising to me, do you have any explanation, would like to hear your input.


  31. SCAM! This is the biggest racket I have ever seen. I called to order the Perfecter and could not get off the telephone, they kept trying to sell me everything. I finally hung up. This morning I received three (3) different email order shipment confirmations. I tried many times to call the number on the email, guess what? Just a recording trying to sell more. I AM Calling A\E to stop Payment…

  32. I purchased a Calista Perfect Styler – Worked ok on my natural curly, fine hair at first. Softened the curls….however, after about 6 months of use, using maybe 2 times a week, the “teeth” started falling off!! I now have a useless styling tool. Bought a Conair for $29.95, metal barrel, and “teeth” still in place after many uses. Other pluses of the Conair, several heat settings, auto off and Great Customer Service!! Hope this will help someone save a few $$$.

  33. Please don’t call the number on TV. I called the 800 number to order the Fusion Styler. Of course it was a recording that kept me on the line for over ten minutes trying to sell me everything from their styling lotion to magazines subscriptions. I finally just hung up on the recording but they already have all my credit card and contact information so now the junk emails and phone scams will begin.
    I recommend waiting until it is available in the store I also tried to order on line twice with no luck, bad website.

  34. I found the problem with the perfecter fusion brush. The cord has an electrical short and will not heat up.
    What can a consumer do to get this rectified?

  35. I bought the perfector in Aug. 2013, I was pretty satisfied with it. It just stopped working for no apparent reason. I called customer service and was told since it was longer than 3 months, there was nothing they could do. So now I’m writing this review to say ” don’t purchase this product” you can buy a similar tool for half the price. Enough said!!

  36. Don’t waste your time or money.
    I honesty loved my Perfector, but it broke. I bought INSURANCE along w the tool. Ya know just in case it broke and it did.
    I sent it back almost 2 months ago thinking I would get sent a new one.
    Come to find out they refunded a card that no longer exists.
    So they just made me eat it $165.
    I am beyond livid and Calista from Calista Tools should know what kind of people she has working for her.
    So if you can buy it at the store. Don’t waste the extra money.
    It took 4 months of my life to get this broken Perfector mailed out cuz these dipshits wouldn’t get back to me.
    I paid 20 or 25 for insurance. And 15 to send it back for a new one.
    I am out $165 of money I could have just bought a new one at the store.
    So don’t buy from this actual site. They are the worst customer service. And they obviously steal from customers.
    Since when does insurance = refund? It doesn’t it means your insured for a new Perfector.
    Please heed this warning they are liars and thieves.
    And after purchasing from them 3 to 5 purchases were made on my card.
    So I had to cancel the card.
    This is the card they supposedly refunded the money. Lol
    The card that no longer is working.
    So I just ate $165 dollars for a $100 tool.
    Go buy it out right from the store no waiting, no chance for them to rip off your card or paying for INSURANCE that they have no intentions of carrying out.
    Just don’t waste the extra time and money.
    Looks like I am gonna go to Bed Bath and Beyond….

  37. This Perfecter Fusion Styler looked just wonderful on TV, but after the purchase of mine, not so much. Ordered it on May 29, 2013 and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Have been letting my hair grow and couldn’t wait to try it on my hair. But after I received it and tried it thought what a flop. This product did not work as shown on TV, big shock I know, and was so disappointed with it. Have tried it several different ways trying to get the volume and curl as seen on TV but still not working as promised. Have tried since my purchase to receive the $50.00 in gift cards that were promised with it but still have not. Have called and called on them and the people you get to talk with say, just what do you want me to do? This product is just very disappointing to me, my first purchase from a TV product, and will never order anything again from TV. If you are wanting one for yourself, please remember the saying, if it seems to good to be true it is…..just saying.

  38. Have not purchased this Perfecter Styler. But want to. After reading the reviews I wouldn’t order it from the company, because of the return policy etc. etc . YOU CAN BUY IT AT TARGET. I am not sure what their return policy is but it might be a good idea to ask before buying.

    • Thank you for this information. After reading the above reviews, I definitely feel more comfortable getting it locally and from a trusted source. Your info is most helpful!

  39. This is a joke! I called to order Perfecter Fusion Styler and was badgered to purchase other things such as magazines, walmart gift cards, trips to Disney Land, etc…. It took almost 45 minutes to even place the order. They try to trick you into buying things that you don’t need. Be careful. Better yet, do not order this product!

  40. This is not worth your money so don’t buy it. It works no better than a cheap flat iron and barely puts a curl in your hair.

  41. Good morning to everyone out there wanting to purchase a Perfecter Fusion Styler. I waited over 2 months on getting the new and improved perfecter and ended up with the regular model. It DOES NOT work. I just tried getting a RA# to no avail as it was 10 days over there 60 day return policy. Rude customer service and the attitude was simple. It is over the 60 day so (we are not interested in helping you) My hair is fine and thin and this product does not work.

  42. Thank you all for your honest postings. Fortunately, I check for reviews before dialing the phone. I don’t have time or resources to deal with junk.

  43. What a piece of junk. This isn’t worth your money ladies. I tried returning it and it’s very hard to get back your money. Then they try and make a deal with you and tell you they won’t charge any more payments if you keep it. I did agree, then after thinking about it I changed my mind and decided why am I going to get stuck with this piece of junk and let them keep my money if it doesn’t work? So I called back and told them I changed my mind. I was told since I had agreed to keep it for what I was already charge I had to keep it. They owed me $123.96; I told them no I am changing my mind. The lady said I had been told since I agreed to keep it and I was told I couldn’t change my mind. I told the lady I was never told such a thing in fact that would have really made me mad if I was told that and I would never agree to those terms. The said my call had been recorded. So I told her then listen to your recording and you see I was never told that. Well she left the phone line and came back and told me they would refund my money. Be aware that you do need a RA # in order to return it. Well I did return it on 01/17/14, today is 02/14/14 and I am still waiting for my refund after getting a email from them telling me they did receive back they useless product. The email says that my refund will take 5-7 business days. I call back today and still get the run around from a supervisor. Well end of the story is I should get my money in 24 hours. Yeah right let’s see if that happens. Ladies please be aware the Perfecter is a piece of junk and not worth your time or money. I don’t know how the BBB could let this product be on the market…and customer service is a joke, very unhelpful people, you would think they are the makers of the junk they take it so personal when trying to return it. Wow over 300 reviews with nothing but complaints that should tell you it’s worthless!!!!!


  44. Worst costumer service!!! Call wait time are over 30 min. Called four times every time they promise to process refund. 6 weeks later still no refund. Horrible service

  45. Received the perfecter as a christmas gift and was totally dissatisfied. It not only took more than 3 minutes, it took more than 30 and my hair still was frizzy and dry looking. I resorted back to my blowdryer and flat iron to get the smooth hair I needed. When trying to return the product, I was asked if I wanted to try a free bottle of their serum before returning it to see if that would help. I said yes, after all it was a gift and I really did want it to work. Waited 3 weeks and no serum so I called again and they said that it had been shipped, could I wait one more week and they would ship it again. I said yes and again 2 weeks later, no serum. Now a month has passed since I received this ridiculous gift that I had to make 3 long distance phone calls to try and return and to top it off, I had to pay $16.00 to return the stupid thing. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time or money on this product!!!!!!!!

  46. This company is a pathetic joke. The perfector doesn’t work on long hair and it definitely takes longer than 3 minutes to do anything. I called customer service for orders on how to return it. The lady told me and I did as she said the next day, this was the first week of December. I get a call 6 weeks later telling me I owed them my final payment I said no I don’t, I returned it. They said we can’t do anything about that, you have to call customer service. So I call customer service finally talk to someone an hour later I go through everything; give them my order number, tracking number, date delivered, etc. The customer service told me they would take care of it and that not only would I no longer owe they would get my refund to me that week. Two weeks later I get an email from a collections agency! I call perfector back and say what the hell you told me you were gonna take care if this, not only do I not have a refund, you turned me over to collections. So now it’s so convenient because you can’t help me at all because this has been turned over to collections. Don’t purchase this product!! Go spend the $100+ on a good straighten way more worth your money and you don’t have to deal with these people.

  47. Perfecter Fusion Styler is a piece of junk, mine died shortly after the warranty expired. I was told they can’t replace it.

  48. Bought this Perfector Fusion Styler for my wife who got a hair cut and they cut it way too short. She would not even go out of the house. Saw this and thought it might help. Did not know they could be bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. Had to go through about a hour of saying NO, not wanting their product’s. She received it and is NOT happy with Perfecter Fusion Styler.

    Her hair is still too short to go around the Perfecter, just stands up straight. Wish I had read all the reviews before I bought it. Will see how it does after her hair gets longer. She is still unhappy with her cut, but was happy I tried to help.

  49. The phone order was very long. Once order for Perfecter styler was taken I was subject to numerous additional sales pitches from styling products to trips, magazines and more. Could not just call and order what I wanted and eventually the phone just disconnected and I was left wondering whether or my order was even completed. I was extremely aggravated at having to be put through several other “free” bargains that will cost in the long run, kept saying no but list went on for what seemed an eternity. when I call to place an order I do not like being held captive on phone with tons of other offers! Hopefully my hairstyler will arrive without further incident.

  50. After reading all the reviews think I am gonna buy the , Remington 45mm Barrel Volumiser Hot Styler Brush. It has some very good reviews is a lot cheaper can be bought in stores , here is one of the many reviews I read ;

    A good robust product. Heats up really quickly and has adjustable heat settings dependent upon hair type. Also has a good hair release button to stop hair becoming tangled. Gives lovely, subtle volume, body and curl to my medium length fine hair [ fine, but lots of it!]. The barrel is quite chunky and I think this is why the product is great for me, it does not give the smaller neat and obvious curls/waves of curling tongs or straighteners, but bounce and volume and of course, should you need them, it does curls! Can be used on dry hair or semi-dry, I think it gives best results on dry, just washed hair. Very good value for money

  51. I have problems cleaning the Perfecter with just the rubbing alcohol & q-tips. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

  52. This Perfector Fusion Styler does not work on hair. I was reading reviews and someone stated why does it not work on my hair, and perfector replied because it was not left enough time on hair… Crap the box says style your hair in 3 mins… so don’t come with that crap that it has to be left a long time on the hair. I bought it and hate it.

  53. I bought this through QVC and just received it. It will be the first product I ever returned to them as every other thing I’ve ordered has been very satisfactory. This is not. It barely does anything. The “curls” I was able to make lasted about an hour and didn’t look great in the first place. I am very good with hair but this thing did not live up to promises. Definitely not worth the price.

    Have scissors ready because you may need them.

    Having read many of the reviews tonight, I guess I won’t be waiting until it quits or the teeth fall off. Back to QVC it goes.

  54. I have tried several times to learn about the Perfecter Fusion Styler. I finally found a phone number after I started the ordering process. I called and got no help. I think I was talking with someone in India. She kept referring to the “product”…I think she was unaware which product she was supposed to know about. She finally referred me to a “styling expert”…After waiting on hold I had to end the call as I ran out of time. As much as I want a good solution to my hair problems, I doubt this is my answer and it is a very expensive trial. If I could try it and return it if it fails, I would order it.

  55. I liked the product until the 90 warranty expired. At that time, tines started breaking off. I’ve had it for 6 months now and it so many tines have broken off that it is unusable. There is no brush left. The company refuses to stand by its product and replace it. Don’t waste your money, it is of very poor quality.

    • I had a similar product maybe 35 years ago, no joke. The big difference is the material used. Mine, instead of plastic nibs to separate the hair, were little wire loops. My baby fine hair never, ever became tangled! It was fantastic and worked as well as this infomercial is touted to do. Eventually, I suppose I began having my hair professionally done every week. What I would give to find another implement like my old one. Given your assessment, I’m sorry you blew that money but thank you for your honesty. I will not be ordering.

  56. Hi I am from Jamaica, and I must admit I am an APPLIANCE JUNKIE,
    I got my PERFECTOR through a friend of mine from Canada.

    That being said, there is no way I could be a working agent for the

    This tool is the BEST PIECE of hair product I have ever purchased
    My normal style is bone straight now I have soft bouncy curls

    Cons: do not wrap your hair around the barrel the same way you do a curling
    Iron. : for best results wash your hair, flat iron for that smooth porousity
    Lightly oil, then spiral curl your hair with the PERFECTOR .

    Trust me it WORKS

    • I think stating you’re not associated with the company, and being one of the only VERY few good reviews on the product… does not bode well for this thing.

  57. I like the perfecter fusion. Had to take the brushes off the barrel to clean. Wish they had provided an Allen wrench. It is not the perfect tool to style my hair, but does the job in a pinch. I think the as seen on TV commercial is misleading.

  58. I just want to thank you for putting All the replies and not just the good reports. In my judgment I will Not be ordering this product. My main reason is the customer service seems to want your money even if they give half of it back in gift cards or credit. They seem to enjoy arguing with the customer about refunding their money. I won’t buy from a company like this even if the product is any good. My second reason is from all the replies I have read from several companies that sell these and I just Do Not believe the product is any good. I would pay $20 at Walmart for it and if it didn’t work I would simply return it, no problem. Just my opinion !

  59. I bought the upgraded version of the perfecter (the one with the temp control). I didn’t think it worked that great. I think my hair looks better if I just use my hair dryer and round brush. I read all the terrible reviews after I received it in the mail (should have looked at reviews before). I saw how much trouble people are having returning the product. I called and was directed to another number. I sat on hold for over 20 minutes. A recording kept coming on asking if I wanted to leave my number and someone would call me back later. I decided to do this and in my message I said that if someone didn’t return my call, I was going to report this company as fraudulent to my bank and get my money back that way. Someone returned my call within 2 minutes of leaving this message. The customer service rep was nice but they first offer to send you some styling product that is supposed to achieve better results and for you to try it for 30 days before sending it back. When I turned that down, she offered to credit my account $40 if I would just keep the styling tool. I turned that down politely as well. She told me how to ship it back (I’m guessing I have to pay for shipping) and then asked me if I redeemed my $50 Walmart card. I said No, and she said to stay on the line. I assumed this was another gimmick so I hung up. I will update you on whether my refund is given in the 3-5 business day window.

  60. After styling my hair with the perfecter fusion styler, what to do or use to stop my hair going frizzy once the moisture outside touches it?

    • The MOST important thing to realize when your hair is dry, like mine, is to use ANY hair serum (oil) like CHI. If you use enough, you should have no trouble. I use the oil after I wash my hair and then again after it is dried. Then use it again after you curl with the Perfecter. You will see the difference. I use an exorbitant amount of oil, and it makes it soft and beautiful. The Perfecter definitely works.. Just use more of the hair serum. I have found that they are all good, but CHI is the best.

  61. Wow here I am about to make a dash for my phone and decide to read reviews first. I am so glad that I had enough brains to do so. I think it is criminal that advertising claims target vulnerable women that are not happy with their hair. I am going through a major hair issue trying to grow it back after losing it all during chemotherapy. It is growing back slow and frizzy. Imagine the thrill of seeing a product that has the potential of solving the problem. Of course you want to jump on that solution as soon as possible. These predators count on this reaction to come up on us and it really sucks on so many levels that they are able to get away with flat out lying. I think these honest reviews is an excellent source of revenge and also prevention not to get sucked into those specific marketing methods that are used to get our money. Thank you ladies and gents for the useful information.

  62. The claims being made in the infomercial cannot be replicated at home. I purchased and tried this product and it was a monumental waste of money! Do not be sucked into these “houdini-style” tricks that they use in the commercials to get you to buy this absolutely useless product. I just simply want my money back because this is nothing more than a paper weight for me.

  63. I originally see an infomercial for the perfector in early October. I placed my order then and was given a delivery Though f 2/3 weeks. Over a month later I had not received it and my status said waiting for credit card verification. I pay for my online purchases with a prepaid card so I called thinking it was my card. They said the digital styled was on back order but they were mailing mine that Friday. I called again the Tuesday after that friday and the service.rep was very rude, unprofessional, and definitely acted like talking to me was a hassle. Regardless I asked again about my order she said the digital styler was on backorder and they would have more in mid December. I then asked to cancel my order because I’m impatient. She told me they had the regular perfectors in stock I could switch to it and it would be mailed the following day. It was actually mailed 4 days later. I finally received it today, almost two months after my original order date.

    Now for the product itself. I want to know how you can do anything with the perfector in ninety seconds. I know tv exaggerates so I was expecting maybe fifteen to twenty minutes. It took almost an hour. And my hair ended up in a ponytail because I’m not impressed. I have curly/wavy hair that is not thick nor thin and goes to the middle of my back. I normally straighten it then curl the ends with a large curling iron. I was hoping this would do both at once. It did not straighten my hair at all. It also made my hair have some static. I’m going to try product tomorrow to help with that. I did like the way my hair felt really soft and healthy after and it was shiny. I did the other side with my straightener and it was dry. The perfector succeeded in making it soft and shiny.
    Overall I would give it 4.5/10 because of the price. Definitely not.worth a hundred dollars. I’ll end up keeping it Though because not having to deal with the company again is worth the hundred.

  64. I bought my Perfecter Styler at BB&B, using a $5.00 off coupon. I received all the bonus items advertised on the program and I must say, I am extremely pleased with the product. I have fairly thick, medium length hair, which is dull and dry. After using the Perfecter only 4 times, (having read ALL directions), I am getting great results! Watching the styling videos does help with the end results. I do wash and blow dry my hair, as it takes hours for my hair to air dry. Try The Perfecter. I think you will be happy, as it is everything they claim it to be!!!

  65. I made a big mistake and bought this off the website before researching the reviews. The fact that people have been hung up on by the customer service when they tried to return the product was a red flag for me.

    So I decided to try and stop them from shipping me the product and called them. I had placed the order on 11/2/13 at 11:58 P.M. I got an email confirmation with my order number.

    So Monday Morning I looking online through their link and looked up my order. It stated it was still procession, so I figured good. I can cancel it before they ship it out. I called their customer service number 1 (973) 287-5199 and had to wait for about 6 minutes before I got a live person on the phone. Told her I changed my mind and want to cancel the order before it was shipped. The lady flat out lied and said it already shipped, even though it didn’t clear my bank account and the status didn’t say it was shipped. I told her that it wasn’t shipped and transfer me to someone who can stop it. She said there is no one that could stop it. I asked for some sort of confirmation number that I wanted to cancel this order and she said there was nothing I could do. The only advice she gave me was to refuse the package when it arrived and that will return it to them.

    I asked her since it shipped what was the tracking number and carrier. She said she didn’t have the tracking number and hung up on me when I started to question her.

    Needless to say I got an email today 11/5/13 stating it was shipped and got the tracking number in that email. So they flat out lied about it being shipped and could have cancelled the order. Now I have to track down the package and send it to their return address.

    Once the charge hits my bank account, I will be filing a fraud complaint and the bank will refund the money while they go after this company. I will bring in all my email communications and print out the UPS tracking information to show that I changed the delivery address to their return center instead of having refuse the order and who knows where it would go after that. Once I get the email confirmation that they have it delivered to them.

    I rather have my bank go after them since it’s a fraud claim, your more likely to get your money bank. I have documented all my dealings with this company.

    In addition to this whole problem. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. We shall see if this stops the madness with this company.

    For those who want to return their Perfecter with no such luck as getting a hold of anyone the return address is as follows:

    Tristar Products Inc., 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06495.

    You must return everything that came with the product, plus a copy of your proof of purchase and your mailing address, which can be found by following the instructions below if they don’t include one in the original package.

    You will need the RA# written on the return package, which is your Order number, not the confirmation number you get in the email.

    You can get the order number off this website: by inputting your last name and the confirmation number, which is located in your email. This will pull up your invoice and the order number is on it.

    • Always use a bank charge card like VISA or MASTER CARD. They have very strict rules and regulations. You can dispute a charge, they act as your LAWYER. If a company has too many complaints from customers they will not allow them to use their services. If you send it back be sure to send it registered or a tracking # from what ever UPS, USPO, or who ever mails it back for you.

      I was going to order this product, due to the comments on the site I decided not to order the product.

      Thank you ladies, you have really helped me.

      I ordered some hair products b/4 reading comments this taught me a lesson.

    • Thank you Christine!! I have been going crazy for hours looking for this return info. You are the BEST!!

  66. I read the reviews and decided to buy it at Bed, Bath & Beyond with the 20% coupon. WOW!!!! Its amazing! I have mid length fine hair (but a lot) that is relatively straight. I am not very good at styling my hair and bought it because their ad made it look so easy to use. IT IS! If you just watch the infomercial and see how they do it. I was able to give myself beachy waves in about five minutes. I will use a little styling product next time to make the waves last longer. I don’t understand why people are having so much trouble, it does work easily and it does not get tangled in my hair. Not sure what’s going on with those people. I love that it can’t burn you. I couldn’t use a curling iron without burning myself many times, and also, the curling iron took too long. I wonder what sort of hair the other people who complained have. Maybe it doesn’t work on their type of hair?

  67. we received our perfector pro two days ago. upon receipt my wife tried using it. there is a problem, my wife had to have her aorta valve in her heart replaced a year ago with a mechanical valve. I am not a scientist but I do know if it quacks like a duck it must be a duck. upon trying this “infusion ion styler she had a sharp pain shoot through her heart, she put the styler down waited a few minutes and tried using it again getting the same sharp pain in her heart. I would warn anyone who has a mechanical heart valve to consider this event before purchasing this product, life is too precious. I called yesterday, explaining the problem to the company representing the perfector infusion styler, their response being this styler should not do this,i was given an option to receive a refund or receive a $40.00 credit and I made the mistake of taking the credit, now I am stuck with it, the only response was that I had chosen this option and it was not reversible, beware!!

    • I called our Dr. and explained what had happened when she used the perfecter fusion ionic styler, he does not think that (the perfecter styler) had anything to do with the pain she felt. If that be the case, I feel I owe a public apology for jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers before I knew all the facts. Maby I need to recognize the fact that I am the duck that I hear quacking. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions. MAY GOD BLESS

      • Dear dear Rick you are hilarious…wow sorry to hear about your wife having pains, it made my day to read your review… (original) not revised. I am a duck too…Quack god bless you for the heads up…not often you hear of a (real) man get involved with the unfamiliar world of women vices and beauty. Miracle must haves we women buy hook line an sinker but to go that route. I must say she is a very lucky lady to have a very caring and loving husband …kudo’s to you both…and many more to come.

        love is….

  68. Have spent a lot of time reading this VERY long list if reviews. I just ordered my Perfecter tonight (before finding review site–tried to but wasn’t able to until after purchase). AFTER reading all the reviews (with 95% of them negative)… I immediately knew I’d mad a horrible mistake. So I called my credit card customer service. I have stopped payment. My company told me that ANYONE who purchased a product that has been a rip off…even though the company successfully charged your card, you can call your credit card company and tell them your experience. The fraud division of your credit card company will go after them for you. And it will also go along way in exposing this company for it dis-representing their product and their horrible, difficult customer service. THE BEST THING WE ALL CAN DO IS CALL AND EXPOSE THEM TO OUR CREDIT CARDS… THEY ARE “BIG” ENOUGH TO TAKE THEM ON SUCCESSFULLY. I strongly encourage all of you to do so.

  69. DO NOT BUY ! terrible product… tangled my hair soooo bad, tried to get it loose for over an hour, mom tried to free my hair.. I had to CUT OFF ^ INCHES!!!!!!

    • Mine got tangled at first, but I worked with it. You must have very long hair, as I do. You have to do a small amount at a time, and on long hair, as I’ve said before, it’s difficult, and you have to do a little at a time rather than winding the entire piece of long hair all at once.

  70. DO not order from this company. They are not honest in their representation. I am trying to cancel my Perfector Fusion order. First of all, you can not reach anyone, second they overbilled my credit card. it is suppose to be 3 installments, they withdrew more than that on my credit card. I will be contacting the BBB. Next time do your homework before ordering. I was in the process of doing my homework when a sales rep called me back based on the information that I started completing on line. It was a very high pressure sales pitch and I should have disconnected right then, but thought I was being too harsh. Shame on them.

  71. Just dumbfounded that you advertise on television in southern CA but when calling the number to place an order, your recording says you do not accept calls from our six – one – nine area code.

  72. I got a Perfecter 2 months ago for a gift and liked it, but now it is broken after using it only a few times!

  73. As I stated before, I love my perfecter! And no one is paying me to say this, nor am I a fraud. I thought this was for reviews on the product. Why all the bashing against others for liking the product and giving a good review. Stop being childish! I dont understand why the moderators are allowing these bashingvcomments against the “happy customers” go through since they have to be authorized first.

    • I ‘ve been looking for a product like this for a long time & am so happy I finally found it. I have lots of layers in my hair & a curling iron never gave me the look I wanted…the perfecter does ! I watched the video to learn how to use it & that convinced me I was buying a product I was going to love. I had no issues with ordering & receiving it in a short amount of time. I feel bad for those who weren’t satisfied because the perfecter is such an amazing styler &I would recommend it to anybody ! 🙂

  74. I just wanted to clarify to you all that the product is indeed shipped with your first payment of 3. They DO NOT wait to ship it out after the 3rd payment in full. I see this was a question that some had so I just wanted to clarify.

  75. Glad I checked the reviews! Sounds like a bunch of IDIOTS run this company! I will wait for the product to reach the shelves at Walmart’s As seen on TV isle. If I have to return the item…It will be easier than dealing with the numb-skulls here!! HELLO IDIOTS AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT…..CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE HEARTBEAT OF ANY COMPANY!! Treat your customers like Kings and Queens, your business will flourish. Treat them like sh*t, then your company will be in it – DEEP! Success or failure, get a great CS team and you’ll succeed!

  76. This is my second review today. I believe the problem is that people don’t look at the videos. The Perfecter does just what they demonstrate on T.V. It was nothing said that it would blow dry your hair. It states your hair must be dry. It does straighten your hair as on T.V.

    What I did is start at the root and pull it out under my hair and then on top of my hair, then either start at the or at the end of your hair and wrap it around the brush. If you start from the root, wrap it around the brush until the end of that hair and hold for 5-8 seconds, then unroll.

    If you start from the end of your hair, wrap it around the brush and continue until you get to your scalp, hold 5-8 seconds, depending on how thick your hair is, then unroll.

    If your hair is long and thick, you will need to roll thinner parts on the roller. You have to experiment to determine what’s the best way for you and your grade of hair.

    I washed and conditioned my hair, towel dried and did not put anything on my hair. It straightened out and three weeks later, it’s still straight. I have not had to contact customer service so I don’t know how that is. But I am truly happy right now with my Perfecter. My daughter is about to buy one also and I will recommend it to my family and friends. How can one complaint about a product they order, open it up and send it back without trying it?

  77. I am African American and have medium hair. I recently purchased the Perfecter and love it. I have a perm which I am going to let grow out. I love the convenience of not having to go to the beauty shop for hours or pay the high fees. I will be able to do my hair any time that I want to without a hassle.

    It is safe enough that Jr. And High school girls can do their own hair without burning the hair or hands. It’s healthier for the hair also. No more hot irons!
    I bought a 4 year warranty on it for under $10 and won’t have to worry about it breaking down. All to say, I LOVE IT!

  78. Thank you all for sharing your experiences on the Perfector Fusion Styler. Apparently it’s everything but perfect, at least in the customer service department. I’m going to wait until BB&B stocks it. You all saved me a lot of aggravation! Many, many thanks and good luck to you in your dealings with this company!!

  79. This sounds too good to be true. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews. I saw the infomercial and researched for the positive and the negative and the price. In my opinion I probably won’t purchase it at this time until it’s offered in Walmart’s “as seen on TV” aisle. At least then if it doesn’t work you can return it to the store without a headache. I would suggest this route to anyone wanting to try it

  80. Wow I am so glad I read these reviews. I saw the infomercial and thought ‘what a great product!’ And that my mother and I would each love one. Thank you all for your honesty and I am sorry for all the trouble you had. Best wishes.

  81. I must return my Perfector. It does not work for me. I am sure it is good for some types of hair but mine is very fine and short. Please tell me how to return it as soon as possible I was in the hospital and just got home two weeks ago and got to try the Perfector. It does not work for me.

    Ann Irrera

  82. I was wondering what is the difference in arrival if you pay the full amount or take the 3 payments. Maybe to receive it quickly 7- 10 days is when they receive full payment.

    Although it is not mentioned payment must be received in full before shipping. (not that I can see)

    Also how many are actually sold VS how many aren’t happy!?

    Before I hit the shower and have to contend with my Ronald Mac Donald Hair do! TY Lord for WEN hair products as well… I am thinking this maybe one of the problems …. not sure now if I wish to order for me and my daughter – who have both very long hair (my is wave and thick lots of thin hairs)! Undecided now! 🙁

      • Ok with deep thought – you know for the price I think it would be worth the try. If it sucks like all so many other products I have bought through out the many decades – it will land in the drawer of disappointment – I will go into this as they dont send it unless it is PAID for in full. IF I am not as happy as I should be I will attempt a refund and return. What the heck – do you realize just how much money and product chasing I have done in my lifetime – what would be like to try one more and hope for the best instead of the worse. For the amount of money … I can spare it! So I am trying it …TY for all your opinions. 🙂

        • make sure you have scissors near buy.. my hair got soooo tangled after an hour I gave up and cut the thing out of my hair

    • Whether you pay in full or choose to make 3 payments arrival time is about 2 weeks. You do not have to pay in full before they will ship.

  83. Buyer Beware – I ordered this in June and didn’t receive it until the middle of July. Two weeks later it quit working, sent it back as instructed, they received it the replacement as sent on 8/13. I waited another 2 weeks and called, was told they couldn’t find my UPS tracking #, but assure me the supervisor would handle it and send a new one 3 – 5 days. Waited another week, called again and was transferred to a supervisor, he assured me he would handle it personally right away. 10 days later still no email of shipment being sent. Called again and was transferred to a mgr who didn’t give me her name. Very noticeable that she had received a lot of complaints. My refund was received on credit card 3 days later. This company has a lot of problems and obviously the product isn’t great.

    • At least you didn’t have to go through the process of getting the RA# to return it. Here’s what happens there:

      1. Spoke to someone from another country (couldn’t really understand her clearly) about wanting the RA#’ then had to go through a myriad of questions. After giving all my personal info. and the order information, was processed through a 2nd person (who was also difficult to understand ) and had to give all the same info. AGAIN! Then she said they would send me several FREE products to help me get the results I wanted. I said NO, and the offer kept being repeated 3 more times. Very long drawn out process. FINALLY, I got the RA# which turned out to be the same 17 numbers of the order. My advice: don’t go through this process, save time and just put the order # as the return #

    • I totally agree with you here ! I ordered mine July, they said would take approx. 4 to 6 weeks but ended up coming 8 weeks later. They rushed out the order as priority mail only when I complained, I found out my order had not even been processed the whole time !! Then 2 weeks after receiving, it no longer worked and the power cord to the device became very loose …. so no more power. Now I have to send it back to try and get a full refund. BUYER BEWARE AND PLEASE READ THESE REVIEWS!!!

  84. Failed to read these reviews and complaints. Totally believed watching the TV advertisement and ordered last Aug 19, 2013 and after a week it arrived. Tried using it and it didn’t work and was not satisfied with it. Called the number provided and asked for the Return Authorization # after being transferred 2x. They offered me a $15 discount for not returning it and just give it as a present to family/friends. I declined. The Return Authorization # turned out to be the Order # that I already have in the invoice. Paid $12.77 (from California) for shipping it back to them. I hope I’ll get my $99 back. Waiting begins. I learned my lesson – if it’s too good to be true, in the end it’s not.

    • Where did you ship it to for the return address? I am in the process of trying to intercept the shipment from UPS and have them return it. I tried to cancel the order and they told me it was already shipped. Asked for the tracking # and they hung up on me. Needless to say the amount hasn’t even cleared my bank account. What a bunch of idiots. I will be going to my bank and filing a fraud report with them so once the charge hits my account, I will get my money back and they will have to deal with my bank instead.

  85. I ordered this product in February and didn’t receive it until April. I really liked the product and have been using it a couple of times a week. The problem I am having is the plastic brush teeth are starting to break off. I believe the heat is weakening the plastic causing them to break. I am now at risk of burning myself (I have already had a couple of minor burns) now that the heat pads are exposed. I contacted customer service and they have refused to replace the unit because the warranty is 2 months past the 90 days. They told me I should have opted for an extended warranty. Well maybe I would have if it had been offered to me at the time of the order. For the cost of this unit it should have had a better warranty. So I will not promote this product anymore. Maybe I should sue them for exposure to burns. Their attitude was basically they don’t care. Too bad…so sad. They wanted me to order another one. HA! Never! So the bottom line is…don’t order this product because they do not stand behind the product.

  86. Order number 21512-2013-33145-221

    Dear Perfecter Fusion Styler,

    The customer service at this company is appalling!!! I was on the phone over an hour and a half trying to get a refund because the item was never shipped. I was transferred to the returns dept. and kept getting put back in the waiting phone que four times. Finally I left a message to refund my money back to my account. This call was Sept., 4 2013.

    The item was shipped anyway. The e-mail does not work. They do not have an (800) number, so I have been charged by my phone company for that hour and a half of phone calls. This order will be returned and I do not want any more to do with this company.
    Cancel all my future orders.

    Very dissatisfied customer

    Beatrice L Lindsey

    • I am so glad I read these reviews. I was all set with credit card in my hand to order this product and I thought..stip; o see what kind f product reviews are out there. I am so glad I listened to my head! I don’t have money to waste on poor products and even less energy to fight with supplier when product goes wrong.
      big thank you. I will put my credit card away…

      • I am very sorry to hear that some of you are not happy with the styler. I must say that I absolutely love mine and have never had a problem with it. It did arrive in about 2 weeks. My hair is fine shoulder length and the shiniest it has ever been. It has so much body now and I was quite surprised. I opted to pay the 6.99 for the 4 yr warranty also…you know, just in case. As for their customer service, I am not able to comment on that as I have not had a reason to use them. And please know that I am in no way associated with, employed by, or a stockholder in this company.

  87. I was not happy with the Perfecter. I am returning it. I did call 973-287-5199 to get the return address of;
    500 Returns Rd.
    Wallingford, Ct. 06495

    You need a return # to put on the pkg though so you have to call that phone # to get it.. Good Luck

  88. HELP! I want to return my Perfecter Styler…it does not work for me. I have tried to contact the company by phone and by email and they do not answer me. How do you return this item? Has anyone had any success in returning it? I have my order number, etc., but cannot get an answer from the company. Do you have to wait for permission to return it or a code or address or something? Please let me know if anyone returned it successfully and received a full credit to their card. Thanks so much! xoxoi

    • I made a comment above yours about returning it to the correct the address.. you need to call 973-287-5199 to get a return order # good luck

      • As someone who works in returns at a different company, I will tell you, even if your RA# is the same as your order number, if you don’t bother to call & tell them you are returning it, they will not be expecting it and your refund/credit is going to take a backseat to packages that are expected and able to be tracked via whatever program they use to track returns.

    • Posted our review and complaint. Called for the Return Authorization # and it turned out to be the Order #. The same. Just shipped back yesterday so success is just half-way and the waiting begins….

  89. I received this Perfecter Fusion Styler .. opened it up and was very disappointed.. went to UPS and sent it back next day.. now 3 weeks later still trying to get my refund back.. and they keep telling me it’s in their warehouse and it has to be processed there before I can get my refund.. Don’t buy this Product.. all this product is.. is just another curling iron with no special features to it.. I’m going to start calling everyday now demanding my refund.

      • I ordered the perfecter and so did my mother we both agree it gets way to hot. My beautician also checked out mine. We really think its drying out are hair. Even on the low setting it gets way to hot. Were not using them anymore.

    • You can file a complaint with your credit card company or bank if you used your debit card. They will temporarily deposit the money in your account while they go after the company and once they company gives you the refund the bank will take back their money. That is what I intend to do once the charge hits my account.

  90. I just got my perfecter fusion styler and am disappointed. I thought it would blow my hair dry long with styling. Now I see it really doesn’t do anything. Hard to style dry hair with something like this and I have really good hair. I will be sending my back immediately.

  91. I am a hairdresser and always used hot brushes. I really like the pecfecter styler but it is to big for short hair. Hope you will make some smaller ones.

      • How do you know Margaret is a fraud? Maybe only dissatisfied people leave comments. Maybe everyone else is happy? I’m just saying that most people who take time to post comments or “reviews” are unhappy. Happy people are just happily using the product. (By the way, I have not bought this product and now I will not take the risk because of these comments …)


    From date of order it took 2 months to receive, I returned it that same day at the post office, without opening the package. That was 3 weeks ago, I’ve been calling and calling to get a refund. They keep telling me they have not received the package to call back again in a week. Or they give me numbers to other companies to cancel (fake numbers), each time I call I get a DIFFERENT EXCUSE. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

  93. What is the process of straightening you hair with the Perfecter? I have tried so hard, and it just won’t work, and if it does it doesn’t stay straight.

  94. I wrote to the company two days ago and have not heard anything. I want to send my perfecter back, but I’m afraid I won’t get credited, because there’s no invoice with the product. Please help!

  95. Thank you for all of the Perfector Fusion Styler reviews. You all have dissuaded me from buying this product. I am actually quite happy using my in styler and Wen products. I bought the Instyler at Bed, Bath, and Beyond within the last year. With their 20% coupon and an in store sale, it was sold at quite a markdown. If you feel like you must have the Perfecter, wait for the same opportunity. With so many bad reviews, they won’t be in business long and will sell off their inventory. BBB will refund your money if you are unhappy with the product.

  96. Thank god I didn’t buy this! I wanted it so bad for weeks! my hair is long thick wavy and frizzy. I figured it wouldn’t work on my type of hair anyway.

  97. I am so in love with this magic wand!!!!! The Perfecter is exactly that! I get the same results as the salon without spending 45 minutes in the chair while she blow drys then flat irons my hair. Literally 5 minutes and my hair is salon gorgeous. My hair is shiny, healthy and full. I’ve spent the last year growing out my pixie cut of 12 years. I had that cut because I have fine hair and it was perfect for me. I had thought about cutting it again because I was reminded why I wasn’t meant for longer hair. The perfecter has made me love my hair. Very excited and happy!!! I highly recommend this for anyone, so easy to use. You won’t be disappointed!!

    • Whom are you fooling Steph…just scroll down to read all the reviews. Sorry..this product does not work. Thanks for the reviews.

      • This product is all plastic and I does not work. I wouldn’t even pay $10 for it!! if I didn’t ship it back for my money. I would have just thrown it in the trash where it belongs!!

  98. The service that they offer is horrible!!!…they take forever to ship, then they ship it and give you a delivery date, then without you knowing they hand the package to a USPS office and take some extra days and you can never talk to a live person there…forget about sending an email….it takes even longer to reply and on top of that it is a computer generated email which does not know what is going on….never to do business with them again…EVER!!!!

  99. wow thanks guys. I’m so happy I read all these reviews before I ordered. I did find the infomercial I little hard to believe. As they said the sent them back to 3 minutes and they call came back with perfectly styled hair. i’d rather they say they has half and hour that would at least be realistic. I won’t be buying this product. I think I’m going to buy a hot air brush that doesn’t rotate first and see how I like it. They are only about 30 bucks. I looked into other rotating brushes but the barrels are all to wide and I have short hair… doesn’t seem like that would work.

    • For everybody out there sending there reviews ,THANK YOU !! was almost ready to buy this Perfecter Fusion Styler. I have been using the IN STYLER TAKES ME AT LEAST 40mins to an hour I have a lot of thick hair but it works!! This seems better for I have burned my fingers with the insytler 🙁 BUT IT WORKS !!! Buy this one.

  100. I ordered online. My order was backordered but notified by email and then when mailed. Had to wait but worth it. When I tried to use myself out of the box – hair tangled. I then watched the videos many times. There is a technique to using.

    Cannot use Perfector like a curling iron. My hair was thinning, and was looking flat & oily. With the Perfecter, the detangling brush and the Calista Tools Achieve Oil styling cream – my hair looks so much better. It has body, curl and lift. I am very pleased.

    I read all the instructions several times and discovered if I do what it says, then my hair turns out really well! I have not been this excited in a long time.

    I am trying to post my comments about success on several sites so people know this product works – if you use as directed. You have to study the videos and practice!

    • I started spraying a little thermal protection spray on each section I curl – really helps. Curls are tighter and holds all day.

  101. I need to just tell everyone who is considering this tool. This is a major rip off!!! First off ceramic heat technology is not a new concept. CHI/Farouk has been using this in its amazing flat irons and other tools for many years! This tool is being used on hair that is already styled. The tool is not even on during the infomercial! I am a professional stylist! Notice the brunette girl who seems I be struggling to get the tool through her long hair! If the bristles are all evenly separated its not going to efficiently do anything. No curl and no straightening. ALSO don’t be stupid! Look at those girls with curly or nappy hair! How the hell is the ROUND barrel of the tool EVER going to provide flat roots?! It wouldn’t!! So don’t waste your time! And not your money! This is a stupid and horrid idea! NO RESPECTABLE HAIR STYLIST would recommend this! I hope to help you all from making a huge error in judgement! Best of luck!

    • Well Joeii…. Before you weigh in with your “professional opinion” I suggest you try it. I purchased one and I am amazed by how good Perfecter Fusion Styler is, and yes, I have used both curling irons and flat irons. It works beautifully at curling and straightening with only the ends turned lightly in giving hair a soft look. Maybe you should spend more time learning your craft than writing reviews about something you haven’t even tried. Stupid??? Stupid is writing a review about something you haven’t tried. Even my granddaughters love it.. and yes it does leave your hair soft and shiny… While I didn’t like the price, I am satisfied that it was worth it.

      • Well seems YOU ARE just as stupid you IDIOT…while you are tearing someone else for leaving a review without trying it, you also made a pretty brain dead comment yourself. You said while you are not satisfied with the high price, but it’s really worth it? Wth does that even mean?? Because I’ve got an island on mars that I’d like to sell you for the low price of $5000…hey don’t bitch, it’s an awesome price. Where else you gonna get your own personal island on Mars?? So hurry up and send me your cash, you might not like the price but I’m sure you will find it’s worth it, in the meantime GET A BRAIN!!….Ohhhh happy planet hopping in the meantime.

        • Caryn, what a hate-filled comment. What makes you judge and jury of anyone. By the way, you CAN be unhappy with the price but then find out it was worth the price. Calling names just proves that you are exactly what you say they are …

        • Caryn…that is funny shiat …litterslly pissed myself laughing…you go girl…hysterical….much love. Replace Mars, I would have said uranus…but it was hilarious.

      • Thanks for this review!! I see there are a lot of negative reviews. I noticed that people with thin hair are those giving positive reviews. I have thin hair and very dry hair from frequent use of a curling iron. After a little more research, I may take the plunge and go for it.

        I, too, do not like the price but I am desperate. I’ve been spending too much money “trying” all these different “remedies” to recondition my hair including just pulling it back and not using heating products. So, what’s another hundred? LoL!!

    • I use an instyler, which is round, and yes you can get hair straight with something round. I can curl it, straighten it, wave it, feather it and I love it.

      • Just received it a few days ago after only waiting 2 weeks. I absolutely love it. I don’t have to use the straight iron or the curling iron. It was so fast and easy to use. I have very coarse, bleached hair, dry about chin length hair. After I used it, I look like I came out of the hair dresser. This is the first time I have ever gave a review. My advice. It’s worth the wait.

  102. I ordered Perfecter Fusion Styler online July 3 2013- as of yet no product has arrived and no debit from my account. Cant find a way to communicate with this company to discuss issue even though I have confirmation # and statement that product would arrive in about 3 weeks.

    Not good!

    • I have a phone number I have tried and have received an answer. Phone number is 1-973-287-5199.

      Good Luck

  103. Ordered the Perfecter Fusion Styler May 16th, and paid for priority ship. Today is July 28 and still have not gotten. I called customer service about 2 weeks ago and was told it was on backorder and mine is scheduled to be delivered by July 25th. I told the CSR I wanted the priority ship charge removed since we are way past the 7-10 day priority processing date, she told me I would have to wait and call back after I receive it to have the charge removed. I checked the website and it shows it still has not been shipped, so the July 25th date I was given was also not fulfilled….and I also have received no emails to inform me of any delays. I will be calling to cancel as this is a reflection of what you can expect if you need to return it or if you have a warranty issue and need a replacement – service will be a nightmare.

  104. I have long hair and this does not provide the curls as shown in the commercial. Then what little curl that it does give does not last. Do not recommend this styler.

  105. Thank you for your comments, now I will definitely NOT BUY IT. With such unreliable shipping it doesn’t sound worth it for such a small aspect as styling hair. I hope the makers are reading these feedbacks and knowing how many customers they are losing.

  106. I ordered mine on June 16, and have not received it as of yet. So I canceled the order. It is coming up on QVC on Friday (7/26) and you can do an early order. If you don’t like it, QVC returns are too easy to do. You can do 2 easy pays as well. It is like 80.00 with shipping, tax etc.

    If you want to do that, go to the qvc website and do a search for a237469 then you will see it and you can order it early before friday.

    If you still can cancel your order I would do so asap! I will post a review on mine when I do get it! 🙂

    • I just saw these reviews. The item is now sold out on QVC. Given all the horror stories about buying directly from the company, the only way I would purchase this would be through QVC. How do you know when items are presented again. You mentioned that you knew ahead of time in July that the Perfecter was going to be available. I s there a way to put in wanted items on QVC and be notified ahead of time. Thanks for your input.

    • I am so grateful for these reviews. I will NOT be ordering one! Even though it is HOT I will stick to my Instyler. It works.

      • Thank you all for your reviews! I tried QVC website on 10/27/13 with the item number above (thank you PML), and it shows as sold out.

        Too bad this product and it’s CSD has had so many bad reviews. I have been using something similar made by Revlon which has a release button that does not tangle my long hair. I bought it at Kmart for under $20. It definitely takes out the frizz after initially drying my hair.

        Sadly, I have to do three steps (1) blow dry, (2) Revlon hair styler w ceramic heat/hair brush, and (3) hot rollers to get the results that Fusion Styler claims as advertised.

        Good luck all! PS I do not work for Revlon 😉

  107. Would love to review the product all except 3 weeks after I placed the order and paid for priority shipping, still no item to review. Called today and was told they ran out. They may have the product in about 3 weeks. Noone could send me an email to inform me of the delay? If their product is anything like their customer service, it is crap!

  108. I appreciate all the comments about the shipping problems, but this is a review column, right? I would like to see more reviews of how this product actually works, doesn’t work, pros and cons versus the shipping problems.

    • I did review the product earlier, but in case you did not see it, I will repeat it for you:

      I have medium length, slightly wavy hair. I find that for me the product works as advertised. My hair does not get overly hot, and the style holds all day. Hope this helps

    • Diana….perhaps your not seeing the big picture here. Maybe they cannot tell you how the Perfecter Fusion Styler works BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T RECEIVED THE STYLER THEY PAID FOR…but hey DON’T listen to them. My suggestion to you is go for it, buy it right now, better yet, buy two!!! Now make it three, because then if you are lucky enough to receive one, try it out then come back to tell us how it doesn’t work, just like all the other women tried to tell you in the first place. While you are at it give me a call too because I’ve got an island I’d love to sell you. Nice private place for you to try to get that gorgeous hair that your NEVER gonna get from this garbage product.

  109. I can’t believe how the TV ad completely sold me on this product. I bought it on June 29th and paid extra to ship it within 5 to 10 days 3 weeks later I have not received it. I just called and canceled it. Thanks for all the reviews. I was REALLY hoping it would work. My hair is a nightmare. 🙁

    • Have any of you thought that just maybe this product is so great that it is selling out as soon as they get it in and THAT might be the reason you aren’t getting your product soon after you order it? It might actually be worth the wait for those of you who need help with your hair! However, I don’t think ANY company should EVER charge your credit card until they are ready to ship! That is very unprofessional! (Especially when the product is that good!) This is what is making them lose customers and future business, and they need to explain upfront the trouble they are having with filling their orders, and charge the credit cards when the product is ready to ship!

  110. Could someone please publish a customer service phone number? I have been all over the website and can’t locate a phone number! I ordered mine 3 weeks ago today, was charged immediately for the 1st payment of 3. Order still shows “in process, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery”. I’m pissed! I wish to cancel and get a refund. Thanks in advance. Nancy

      • Same here, just called and they said they are back ordered for another two to three weeks. UGH. The number is (973) 287-5199

    • It’s been 5 weeks and I have not recieved mine. Really getting worried about this company. No number to call? Ridiculous!

    • The toll free number is listed right on their website. It is located in the order two ways section. TOLL FREE 1-800-654-2881. If that isn’t the customer service number, I am sure they will give it to you.

      • Here is additional Customer Service information….

        If you have questions about your order, please contact us at 1-973-287-5199. We are open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday ET Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET.

        • I must have been lucky. I ordered my Perfecter Fusion styler off their website and it was notified with the tracking number a couple of days later. Shipping took about a week (remember it’s free) which is a little long, but I received it within 10 days of ordering. LOVE IT… and I am so happy I didn’t experience the problems many have had. If you have patience, it is worth the wait.

  111. I saw this on TV and became interested in it, I’m glad i did some research before buying. Thanks for posting your experience everyone.

  112. The perfect dog course by Don Sullivan.

    Great course, worth every penny, but don’t expect the promised customer support. They have not very good customer service if you need a few pointers.
    they are nice but apparently none of the people have dogs or use the course. so the course is the only real help you are going to get.

    I wish Don Sullivan had a blog site where he could get feedback that he is not being represented very well.

  113. No email to correspond, poor customer service, lot of confusion over my order, had to cancel it all out and had to reorder, still haven’t received it yet, nor a confirmation email of purchase or shipment, although it states you will get those emails.

    very uncomfortable with the whole thing, may just call and cancel and forget it.

  114. I put my Perfecter Fusion Styler order on June 9th, 2013 and have not received it yet until I wrote this comment, yet don’t know how I have to contact this company as their website does not have “contact us” as well as email address neither toll free that we can contact them. Sure they have “costumer care”, but it does not help at all. It has been over a month now and no such information about my order.

    So, when they said “shipping will take 2-3 weeks”, it is a lie.

    I hope no one had bad experience as mine in this case.

    • I ordered a Perfector Fusion Styler in MAY !!! They shipped it to the wrong address !! I’ve spoken with Customer Service at least 10 TIMES ! They flat out LIE to you about when they will re ship (I Paid for Express shipping!) I’ve NEVER been so dissatisfied with ordering a product online….If I ever get the product, I will be surprised :-(((

  115. Thanks to all of you for the useful info. I, too, was thinking about ordering the Perfecter Styler after seeing it on TV, but wanted to find some reviews first. This was very helpful and I won’t be ordering one!

      • I’m glad I didn’t listen to the reviews.. My hair has never looked better since I purchased this product .. My hair is really hard to style and would just look flat and dull with hair straighteners .. I have frizzy blonde highlighted hair and i’m not joking when I say I am totally useless when it comes to styling my own only ever looked nice after having it blowed dried at the hairdressers.. My hair took forever to curl with a curling ironing and it would never end up looking nice it would have a burnt frizz look to it…. I went on youtube and watched all the videos on how to properly use this product…Now it takes 5 seconds if that per curl and so easy.. I don’t even have to put any styling products on my hair.. My hair looks full, shiny and has never looked in better condition.. I just don’t know why it’s getting Such bad reviews..

        • I am convinced it is not being used properly. Everyone that said they watched the you tube videos have had success with it. Including myself. I, as well, am glad I did not listen to some of these reviews because after learning how to use the perfecter correctly, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  116. I also ordered this from the official website. Received it on time, and was charged as I requested in 3 payments. I have medium length, slightly wavy hair and finds it works as advertised for my hair.

  117. I purchased the Perfector Fusion Styler after watching the infomercial and I did so before I saw any reviews on the product, although it took 2 weeks to arrive I opened the box and checked out what I had purchased. I own an Instyler and was looking for something that would not burn my fingers but still give me the styling tool I was looking for. I found that the product works exactly as described on the infomercial and on the website, it is super easy to use heats up fast and wont burn your face or hands, now it does make the hair hot but not to the point of causing burns, I am very happy with the purchase and will be keeping it. I feel it is worth the cost as I paid a good bit more for the Instyler and have had it for 3 years now. Do not get frustrated to quickly keep trying it. The key is clean dry hair, patience and practice practice practice.

    • Mine broke after receiving it the first week. The red light went out and it stopped heating. Mine was dry and clean. I waited on it 5 weeks. It came on June 29 and it only lasted until July 12. I bought the 4-year warranty. Give it some time.

    • Cara I too love my Perfector, it works on my shoulder length bob hair. My only complaint is that it doesn’t clean well. Does anyone have a suggestion. The company says to use Q-tips with rubbing alcohol 40 minutes & 40 q-tips later not bad. I’ve used a stiff brush & a small screwdriver to scrap the hair product off of the bristles last time it took me two hrs. Has anyone tried soap & water even through the company tells you not to?

  118. Thank you for your comments. Kept me as well from spending the money to get this, will wait and see if b/b carries it.

  119. I was almost sucked in to buying this item for my baby girl for she has a tough time with her hair type. I have tried to get it managed easier for her by a salon, but I guess her hair is meant for her if it still cost’s me $$ @ a salon I will do, But after reading all this back ground on this Perfecter Fusion Styler I will not be waste my $$ on this. I did not believe that people actually do leave their opinions, this help’s thank you all.

  120. I ordered a Perfecter Fusion Styler on June 10th and, even though the shipping info read “ships in 2-3 weeks”, i still have not received it by July 6. I just called what was the customer service number and received no helpful information. A robotic-like customer service rep, obviously reading the excuse, said that due to high demand, the item was backordered and she could not give me any idea of its shipping date. When pressed, she said “you should get it in another week” just to stop me from asking questions. It was totally non-believable. When a company sells a product via infomercial, it should anticipate “high demand”.

  121. I bought it and It works greatly, Especially for my daughters. My friends asked what hair salon I go to and laughed in their face, telling them that I bought the Perfecter Fusion Styler.

  122. Thanks,

    I just watched the commercial and was thinking about ordering, but before I order an item, I look for reviews, I also like to wait for the products to arrive in the AS SEEN ON TV sections of the big box stores, I use a curling iron brush style, I also have one the is a hair dryer curling iron brush style. I usually purchase at Sally’s beauty supply. I will look at this when it shows up at the big box store after the orders from TV have slowed way down and they have overstock. There have been items that I have order and did just what they said it would do and others were a waste of money, I’ve seen products at garage sales that just didn’t measure up. There are several of these on an auction site right now including this product.

  123. Hey guys thank you so much for telling me about the Perfecter! I was gonna use ALL OF MY BIRTHDAY MONEY for this, but my mom said to look at the reviews and I’m glad I did! So thanks so much!

  124. I just watched this on tv and I’m glad I did my research…I’ve learned years ago not to order anything on TV and if I do….Research Research Research.


  125. Thank you everyone for telling others about your experiences so that others won’t make the mistake that you did. Thanks!

  126. I ordered this Perfecter Fusion Styler and was not at all satisfied the tip gets hot and the curling brush is to big for thin fine hair. I returned it through the post office and tracked the delivery online, it took 7 days to reach its destination. When I called 3 days after delivery to find out when I could expect my refund they told me they had not received it yet???? Whats up with these people they can take your money right away but they can’t return it right away. Would never purchase anything from them again.

  127. I ordered the Perfecter Styler 3 weeks ago, the website said it takes 2-3 weeks for the delivery so I wait patiently until today is just 3 weeks. I called them and the representative named Olivia, staff ID B43, told me that the item I’ve ordered is on backorder. She doesn’t know when it will be shipped, and the delivery she told me will takes 3-4 weeks. So I won’t be able to have the item I’ve purchased for over 2 MONTHS!!! It is absolutely ridiculous. They should mention it in their website or notify me via email that the item is on back-ordered, on one apologize for the delay either. I finally cancelled my order. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, they have no customer service. Bad bad bad……

  128. I was blown away by the television ad and asked my husband to order it. The official website ( was cumbersome for placing an on-line order which required my husband to finalize the order with a phone call. Even though there were ordering problems and the fact that the shipment did not arrive in a timely fashion, I can say that the Perfecter Styler works for me. I have plenty of hair but it’s fine and I have, for a long time, applied multiple hair products before and after blow drying to get the body I desire. I’ve learned that with the Perfecter Styler, I can cut out most of my hair products because I just don’t need them anymore. Besides, too many products make it hard to pull the Perfecter Styler through my hair without tangling. I live in Florida with lots of humidity and the Perfecter Styler has helped with that problem. I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the Perfecter Styler. Because I have a modified “bob” cut with lots of flips going on, it works well for me. I cannot say how it would work for long hair.

    • I too live with the humidity of the Florida heat. Does it really work? If so does it last or does it go limp in a few hours? I’m really curious. I’m tired of using all these hair products that start out great but after a while go limp & get sticky & tacky after just a short while in the Florida sun. Look forward to hearing from you.

  129. Whew! I was restless and sleepless and turned on the tv….to see frizzy haired models become transformed into beauteous sleek haired divas. I was tempted to order this styling tool but decided to do a search and see comments regarding consumer experience. I always get nervous when I hear an announcer say WAIT JUST WAIT…..(and proceed to announce “spectacular” price saving scenarios. I would actually like to hear… “WAIT! WE WILL PAY YOU FOR BUYING OUR PRODUCT”. I decided Not to purchase and continue to let my hair dry naturally!!!! Can’t take the chance of having this “miraculous” tool get caught in my hair. Not a good look for my upcoming wedding. Gives a whole new meaning to hairpiece!

  130. I ordered this and didn’t get what I ordered. My appliance is cordless and is labeled “Conair” with no other information.

  131. I just cancelled my order after reading all these Perfecter Fusion Styler reviews. I should have done my research before ordering, but my wife really wanted it. Even when I was trying to cancel, they still tried to sell it to me, saying men can use it too.

    Thanks everyone.

  132. Hmmm. I ordered the Perfecter Fusion Styler around 05/23/2013 by the following day. My card was billed before shipping or confirmation to let me know the order was processed. I never received an email from them or a call. Two weeks passed, I called for follow ups because I couldn’t track my order. Only to find out that my name, email and address were spell wrongly. I gave them the correct details, but still the problem continued. My pack was shipped to me but wasn’t delivered due to wrong address. I went back to them I was promised a replacement with express shipping but never happened. I have to wait for two weeks again. Advice to them have more on stock and stick to your promises. My findings and experience is poor customer service and hungry to bill people before the item on hand. Up today I haven’t received my shipment.

  133. THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone for publishing your experiences with these TV scam products to save the rest of us from going through the same nightmare! I am so sorry you all had to go through it, but at least by publishing the truth on these scam artists it should eventually shut them down!

  134. I ordered Perfect styler this evening. Have to say I am now upset with myself for ordering it before I read reviews. Majority of reviews are not good. I ordered it over the phone as I do not trust giving my credit card info online. I have say though I didn’t have any problems with it. They said my answers were recorded and Yes! they tried to offer me other products and the so called trips to “Napa, Orlando, Vegas, etc. However, all I did was keep saying NO and they would acknowledge my response (and its recorded) and they would continue on. At the end they confirmed I will only be getting product and I requested the speedy delivery (7-10 days) and payment of 3 installments of $33. So we shall see if get ONLY what I ordered, billed installment payments and I like the product and it does what TV infomercial said it would and I pleased with it. If not, it will get returned! I will get my money back and….I am pretty sure they will not like me if its a bogus scam!

  135. I was just flipping through, and saw the Perfecter Styler; they had me!! But decided to go through reviews first. THANK YOU everyone for sharing. I am sad that you all had to go through all that, and experience that with your hair – BUT seriously thanks for sharing. I will not be ordering.

  136. I bought the perfecter fusion styler & it doesn’t do what it claims to do. I have short fine wavy hair & I bought the styler tool to straighten my bangs, doesn’t do it. It came with no invoice, which is odd, & I want to return it. not worth $20.00. I get better results with a straightening tool than this product & it doesn’t cost $99.00. I called the # 1-973-287-5100 on how to return it. This is a scam for a product that doesn’t work. I have learned a lesson, DON’T BUY FROM TV ADS.

    • when you returned it, what address did you use. need to return, mine doesn’t work for me either. My hair stays tangled in brush.

  137. It has taken me more than 90 min to about to finish my online order.

    In process, I was prompted to an offer of 4 years warranty for FREE if change the payment method. since I want to know the FREE warranty does cover both sets I was placing the order at the time, without being able to edit that online myself, I called the number on the bottom of the page. Guess what, then I could not get back to the page I was on which offer the best price $29.99 x 3 payments or 1 payment of $89.97.

    Now, since I stacked with an order number and decide to waste another 1 hour to cancel the order after 24 hours since placing it online.

  138. To All Who purchased the perfector fusion styler, THANK YOU for saving me some money. I am so disappointed that so many of you were inconvenienced and duped, but at least you’re sharing and letting the rest of us know not to take the bait. There were not enough positive reviews for me to take the risk. I may still purchase it when it comes to BB&B (with a 20% coupon). At least they have integrity and outstanding customer service.

  139. I purchase this product 2 days later, I check on the status of the order since I paid 9.99 for priority 7-10 days, well they had no info on my order, So I place another order on the web side with a different credit card, well the fallowing day, I received a call from my first credit card from the fraud department, one more day later I receive a call from the second credit card I use with the same problem…I don’t know what to tell you, I do not like to think the worst of people, But…

  140. I saw the TV commercial, and thought my wife would love this as a birthday present, but….. After reading all the bad testimonials, I think I’ll pass…

  141. Thank you for all the reviews. I was going to order, but decided against it. I’ll just wait until it’s in the store, as they usually are, then I can return it there if it doesn’t work. Thanks again!

    • Thank You so much for all the info..saw the commercial on TV this morning and was ready to order and thankfully looked up the reviews and decided NOT to order also and wait till it comes to the stores to try it!

  142. Don’t buy this Perfector Fusion Styler. I have short hair-used a product in my hair-it did absolutely NOTHING except get tangled in my hair. What I found interesting was that when I called for an AR# I was offered a discount to keep it! Seriously?? Why not offer it at a lower price to begin with?? It is going back today. Don’t waste your $$$$$$. If there are any issues regarding crediting my account I will contact the a office of the PA Attorney General.

  143. Called to order it after seeing it on TV. Did not ask my name or give me any info just wanted my credit card # right off the bat. Then tried to get on the web site which did not occur at that time. Glad I read the review- I don’t need a glorified curling iron!

  144. This Perfecter Fusion Styler looked like a good idea, though a bit expensive. I ordered it any way and it took 11 days to receive it. I was excited to try it and all I can say is that I came out looking like Shirley Temple. I have always been able to style my hair with no problem, but this device is nothing more that an expensive curling. VERY DISAPPOINTED and have returned it.

  145. Don’t buy it unless you like getting burnt! The device is touchable but when you use it you can’t touch your hair that was just done or you will get a nasty burn. I burnt my thumb just touching my bangs. Used it once and sent it back for a full refund. Don’t waste your time or money on this product.

  146. Worst customer service ever!! Terrible ordering process, multiple charges on credit card- looks like a great item but I’ll never know because I will never put myself through that process again!!

    • Thank you Karen and everyone for the Perfecter Fusion Styler reviews. I was so excited seeing it on television. The reviews enlightened me about the product. Sounds like I was saved from many hours of trying to return it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the first time I have left a comment or read comments. I will try now to read reviews before I get excited and order anything.

  147. Hi,

    I have long frizzy hair. I have never used a styling tool but have dreamed of having well styled smooth hair. I have just been afraid of damaging my hair with hot tools. I wanted to buy this styler even though its expensive, but with all the negative comments, I am not sure I want to risk giving my credit card details to such a company.

    Is this Perfecter Fusion Styler worth all the trouble some of you have described. Does it damage the hair?


    • Yes, yes and YES, it will damage your hair. I finally received mine and SO disappointed, I have long coarse thick hair and was so excited at the prospect of having beautiful sleek smooth hair according to the info commercial. NOT! After trying the Perfecter the ends of my hair had a fried look with tight Shirley Temple curls, huh! I could have gotten that look from any cheap curling iron from Walmart and at half the price! I’ve learned my lesson and will never buy another product from a TV info commercial.

  148. I had hoped this would be a reputable company but definitely will not be ordering this product with the trouble several people listed on this blog. I am so appreciative and wish that you had not had your problems with the company. But thankful you shared with us.

  149. I was very skeptical about this product – I have shoulder length hair that is wavy / frizzy and have been using a Chi to straighten – Well let me say that I LOVE this tool and it really is easy to use takes half the time -it all they say and more!!

  150. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!I ordered this item cause they advertise it as 3 time payment 33$ per month, 99$ for the item..and guess what..They sent me an email at 9:30 pm (of course the costumer service close that time so I cant call them to complain only the next day)that my items is shipped and they charged me for 2 items and the bunch of tax they took 225$ of my account!!! They supposed to take 33$ for my first month payment, not the full payment and not two items!!! I’m furious!!! I don’t know who this people are but be very careful to order from them!!! I called my bank they will sort it out, and get back my money within 24 hours..I never gonna order anything from the tv again!!

    • Did your problem get resolved? I’m having the same issue with this company! I don’t even have a tracking number.

      • If you feel ripped off go to and file a consumer complaint to get all your monies returned ASAP.

      • Did you get the website/phone you could go on to check status of your order? website for this (supposedly) is: Thats what I heard when ordered over phone. I ordered it tonight and considering all bad reviews I have read I wish I would have read reviews Before I ordered. It seemed ok to order over phone as I dont like to ordered anything really over Internet. Yes they offered me other offers, etc but I just kept saying NO and they continued on. Its recorded so I best not get anything other the styling brush. They also BETTER not charge me for it in full as I requested the 3 Installment payments. I hope all goes well on your order 🙂

  151. Very pleasantly surprised by this heated round brush. Very quick and easy and my hair looks better than it has in years. Can’t explain it – the hair just looks younger and in great shape. Great little carry case and was easy it to take it with me on a weekend trip.

      • I was wondering which site you ordered your Perfect Styler from and how difficult it was. The negative reviews are causing some concern. Also what type of hair you have. Mine is stick straight and some what fine. Takes 40 minutes to style with dryer and brush. Thank You and I hope you reply.

        • I ordered mine on July first. Paid for priority shipping. I did the 3 payment thing. My first payment was charged to my account with-in 24 hours. Got an email notification also in 24 hours with my order number in it. After 48 hours the charge disappeared. I thought that was odd. After 10 days and not getting anything I found the “order status” link on the website. Clicked it and put in my name and order number and it says “still processing” or something to that affect. So I call customer service and ask what was up. The gal I spoke with was very helpful. She refunded my $10 priority shipping no questions asked. Apologized profusely that it was taking so long and explained that there was a big influx of orders so they were currently back ordered. Would only be 2-3 weeks out. I decided to be patient and wait. Not the CS gals fault. My order was actually shipped then on the 18th and I’ve been tracking it’s progress. Mine was shipped out of NV. It’s due to get here Friday.

          On a side note, I wish there was a way on here to separate out the reviews on the product vs the reviews on the shipping issues. I’ve read through a bunch of reviews and there have been very few on the product itself.

          For the people that have mentioned about it not replacing a hair dryer. What they mean is using a blow dryer and a round brush to get the big curls. The site CLEARLY states to use it on dry hair only.

  152. Perfecter Fusion Styler does NOT do what it says. Does not replace a hair dryer as it has to be used on dry hair. It does not provide the same results as a flat iron. I also burned myself worse than I ever did with other tools.

  153. I ordered this Perfecter Fusion Styler at the beginning of this month to give it as a gift to my daughter. Her birthday is at the end of this month and I gave it enough time (2-3 weeks for delivery as they said) to have it on time… today I called and they told me it is in backorder and I have to wait for two more weeks… this is really bad and not acceptable.. they could have let us know and I could buy something else for my daughter’s special birthday. She was so waiting for it… I’m so disappointed at their service.

  154. I think this is a scam just to get people’s credit card number! Customer service number is a disconnected number! Ordered it yesterday by phone but got stuck in long menu of being asked to by other products and services. I tried to hit “0” to get a live operator and then system said I purchased a 3 day, 2 night trip to Napa Valley!! The system then said I would be transferred to a live operator to select my dates for the trip and the next thing I got was a hang up! I am planning to go into my credit union as soon as they open to stop payment! I am, however, somewhat encouraged to hear that some people actually received the product so maybe somewhere there is a real company.

  155. I ordered this Perfector Fusion Styler by phone, I THINK the order went thru, but the LONG list of other offers, I punched a wrong key, disconnecting the call. Please confirm my order went through. Using my telephone number as shown above.

    Thank-you… 🙂

      • I had the same problem — I ended up pressing “0” to try to get a live operator but then got a message saying “Congratulations you’ve signed up for 3 days 2 nights in NAPA!” I was then supposed to be transferred to live operator but then the call disconnected! I am freaking out because I think I have been scammed — they have my DEBIT card (I know, stupid!) and I’m pretty sure this is not a reputable company just based on their marketing practices.

      • This is a fabulous way to find out about products. It kept me from making a $100.00 mistake.

  156. I have been hoping someone would come up with this Perfecter Fusion Styler. I love it, it is everything the ad states, super easy to use, never burns you, makes super volume & big fat curls. So much better then a curling iron. I’m ordering an extra to take with me when I travel. Thank you for making this item!!

    • How did you order this fusion styler and what is your hair type? I am assuming you had no issues with the ordering process or delivery? The negative comments are causing me some concern and I cant afford to waste the money or deal with fraud. Thanks.

  157. I ordered the Perfecter Fusion Styler on the 1st of May paid extra shipping to get it in 10 days …it. Is now may 23rd and I still have never received the credit card was charged the 1st of may also…why have I not received the Perfecter Fusion Styler

  158. I just got mine today! I love it and have African American hair. To be honest, my hair was a knotty, kinky mess because I’ve been wearing a wig all week. And the kicker is that I don’t have a relaxer in my hair to straighten my hair. The Perfecter actually straightened my hair while it curled it. I ran in to show my hair and he was like “wow”, and it takes a lot to impress my husband. I love the Perfecter already and can’t wait to see what else it does.

    • Hi,

      I just saw the commercial for this and was wondering how this would work on African American hair. So you really do love it?! I’m thinking about getting it. My hair is relaxed and because it’s so fragile, I don’t like to use a lot of heating tools on it. This may be worth a try.

    • I have AA hair too, it’s natural and insanely coily/curly. Relaxers, flat irons and my InStyler damaged it, but I long to straighten it from time to time. Did it burn or damage your hair or cause any breakage?

  159. The Perfecter Fusion Styler did arrive with quick response. The free styling aids were included along with a carrying case. The product looks well made. They give absolutely no info on returning the styler if you are not satisfied. I was particular what credit card I used to order it in case I had future problems in wanting to return it–I used my local credit union CC so I can go in & stop payment on the next 2 payments if needed. Also the instructions were almost none! No info on using styling products or hair spray!

  160. Hi, I’m a ordinary person. I was very impressed with the TV info showing the Perfecter Fusion Styler –it looked simple enough & the idea is great. I received my Perfecter Fusion Styler on Thursday & right now I’m not satisfied with the product. I wear short hair poufed on top & back. I am not getting the results they are showing but I will give it a try before returning it. Also in the instructions there is no info on using hair styling products which I have to use as my hair is thinning. With the results I have gotten so far I’m not impressed at all especially for the price.

  161. Hello, my name is Adriana and I am a hairdresser and have bought variety of sy styler and in the videos and spectacular. What I like about this is that you can play where you do not burn any and that is very favorable for the straight thin hair and I would like to know the procedure of delivery in case that is not as good as you think, thanks

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