Naturally Free Review and Product Info

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What is Naturally Free

It is a revolutionary hairstyling product that works as a texture manageability system to let you go from curly to straight hair and back to curly whenever you please without using harsh chemicals.

Change your hairstyle without the use of chemicals

Naturally Free is supposedly the greatest hairstyling product you could ask for if you want to straighten your naturally curly hair and then go back to your curls just as easily anytime you want. It is a texture manageability system that claims to let you do the back and forth styling of your hair without using harsh chemicals and sprays on your hair. Usually to straighten your hair, even if temporarily, you need to visit a salon and have harsh chemicals used on your hair, which can damage your hair. Just using a flat iron can make your hair look frizzy and dry and the effect doesn’t stay more than a day or two. But Naturally Free is meant to let you straighten your hair right at home, without the use of chemicals and the effect believably staying up to six weeks.


Four easy steps to go glam
You can get a sleek and glamorous hairstyle with Naturally Free in believably just four easy steps: Apply the Preparatory Shampoo, condition it with the Inner-Active Conditioning Treatment, blow dry your hair, and flat iron it to get soft and bouncy straight hair. The secret of Naturally Free is said to be in its complex interactive butters, amino acids and natural proteins that bond with your hair’s protein when you use the shampoo and conditioner. When infused with heat, these proteins and amino straighten your hair.



Makes hair more manageable and healthier
Naturally Free will believably not change the natural structure of your hair and the effect is reversible. It is supposed to show effective results on your hair no matter what type it is – from curls, waves, mild waves to tight curls. Hair straightened with Naturally Free is said to have free movement and it is believed to leave your hair softer, shinier, bouncier and even look longer when straightened. With the hairstyling system you hair will also be more manageable and feel more nourished and conditioned. With Naturally Free your hair is supposed to be deeply conditioned and you can go back to your curls within minutes.

What do I get ?

  • You get 2 set of Naturally Free™ Preparation Shampoo, Inner-Active™ Conditioning Treatment, Humidity Defense™ Maintenance Shampoo & Conditioner, Instructional Booklet, and Instructional DVD including styling tips just for $24.95 + 19.98 S/H.

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