Miracle Hair – Hair Building Fibers Review

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Hair loss takes place in every individual since it is a natural process and cannot be avoided with aging. In excessive form, hair loss can result into partial or complete baldness. Some reasons for hair loss can be hereditary, medical condition, hormonal problems, infection or exposure to harmful products. Hair loss cannot be naturally reversed but can be fixed with hair transplant surgery, wigs or toupees, creams, medication, etc. But these methods can be quite costly and not completely safe for fixing your look due to hair loss. But now an all-natural solution for excessive hair loss is available in form of Miracle Hair.


Miracle Hair – Hair Building Fibers
Miracle Hair is a next level natural solution to hair loss by providing density and coverage to balding areas. It is designed by top scientists and consists of patented Smart Fiber Technology which contains electro statically charged cotton fibers with an energy content which holds to the existing strand of hair. The fiber basically attaches itself to the hair follicles by the existing and naturally occurring static charge for a strong bond that can last for the entire day to build density and undetectable coverage over the balding and thinning areas.

Miracle Hair is completely natural and non-toxic since there are no chemicals involved in the process of developing the fibers. In fact, the fibers are very similar to the keratin compound found in human hair for precision look and maximum hold. All it needs is simple steps of holding its container upside down on dry hair over the thinning areas and gently rubbed or shaken about 2 inches above the head for the fiber to drop and cling to the hair till a desired coverage is achieved. The best part is Miracle Hair does not affect the natural hair growth of hair and can be used by men or women.

Miracle Hair is available in six base colors – black, grey, medium brown, light brown, brown and blonde to cover most common hair color types. Purchasing Miracle Hair gets the customer bonus products that include a Revitalizing Shampoo, Secure Spray, Three-Sided Application Mirror and the Miracle Hair Application Tool absolutely free.

Miracle Hair FAQs?

How does Miracle Hair function?
Miracle Hair is a hair building product that produces extraordinary and almost unnoticeable volume for balding areas on the head and color coverage for hair roots re-growth. The specialized natural cotton fibers attach to hair follicles through a naturally occurring static charge that lasts all day.

Is Miracle Hair harmful?
No. Miracle Hair is non-hazardous. Avoid contact with eyes and ingestion.

Does it have any effect on hair growth?
No. Miracle Hair does not improve or harm normal hair growth. The fibers attach to existing hair follicles and get washed out too.

Who can benefit from Miracle Hair?
Both men and women with all types of hair can use it.

Should a completely bald person use Miracle Hair?
No. Miracle Hair is not recommended for those who are completely bald.

Can I apply it by myself?
Yes, you can use Miracle Hair yourself. Just stand in front of the mirror and apply it or upgrade to a kit that has a three-way mirror for easier use.

Does the product show on the head?
Miracle Hair goes virtually unnoticed even by those standing near you. But, there are extents of baldness. One needs to have existing hair for Miracle Hair to attach to.

What type and styles of hair does Miracle Hair work on?
It benefits all hair types and ethnicities. Style your hair as you normally would and whether it’s short, long, straight, curly, wavy, curly, or colored. Use a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron before applying Miracle Hair.

What are available colors?
Six base colors: Black, Gray, Blonde, Brown, Medium Brown, and Light Brown.

What about hair color different from these colors?
You can mix any of the six base colors together and find a matching color. Use a darker shade of Miracle Hair for best results. If unsatisfied return it within 60 days and get a refund of the purchase price.

How is Miracle Hair applied?
Application is simple and quick. Go to the How to Use page for step-by-step instructions, Tips & Tutorials page for helpful tips and videos or www.miraclehairhowto.com.

How long does application take?
Less than 1 minute. It may take longer initially until you get used to it.

Will the fibers fall out?
No. Miracle Hair is specially formulated to fasten to the existing hair follicles with a strong hold that can withstand strong winds. Use Miracle Hair SECURE included in the kit for best results.

Does Miracle Hair discolor?
No. Miracle Hair is not a spray/dye but made from cotton fibers. So it does not smudge or smear.

Can one comb or brush the hair after application?
Brush or comb you hair before application. Touch up slightly to style your hair later.

How long does Miracle Hair last in the hair?
Until hair is washed. Wash your hair before going to bed at night.

Must one use SECURE for the fibers to hold?
A high quality hairspray would be enough to hold the fibers. It is highly recommended to use the SECURE included in the kit.

How is Miracle Hair removed?
You can remove it with a normal shampoo wash. No special shampoo is needed for removal.

How are Miracle Hair and Minoxidal used together?
You need to first apply Minoxidal (Rogaine) or any topical product, let it dry, and then apply Miracle Hair.

Can Miracle Hair be used along with Propecia?
Yes. Prescription Propecial won’t be interfered by Miracle Hair.

How long does one bottle last?
Depending on the size of the bottle you have and the thinning area you are covering.

Is the package and delivery unnoticeable?
The packaging is plain without indication of content. The shipment is just as discreet.

What is the order process?
Go to the Shop page and select the color and quantity.

Is it shipped to addresses with P O Box?

Are international (non-US) orders processed?
Yes. With an additional $10.00 shipping surcharge, orders are shipped to AK, HI, PR, VI, GU or Canada. Taxes may apply. The Customer Service will help with information on international orders.

What are the Customer Service contact details?
Email the Customer Service at info@miraclehair.com/call toll free at 800-523-1256 between 8am-3pm Pacific Time.



What do I get?
Official website www.BuyMiracleHair.com


Miracle Hair – Hair Building Fibers Video
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7 thoughts on “Miracle Hair – Hair Building Fibers Review

  1. I will have to disagree, I had three spots in my head that the hair fell out and I found this an tried it an the women at work were amazed at how it covered up an they couldn’t tell a thing I have thinning hair and now it’s thinning even more so it work for me an I will continue to use it, it does not fall out or leave black smudges or black specks on your scalp, it’s not a miracle but it works, I love it.

  2. Judge this product simply by its TV advertising. FIRST, it is not a miracle breakthrough…this product has been around for decades. other brands are Toppik and others…google it. SECOND, the before and after pictures are completely fake. YOU CANNOT GET A NICE HEAD OF HAIR FROM A BALD HEAD!

    This product may work if you have a lot of hair and you want it thicker. All it is….micro fibers that cling to existing strands of hair, then you need to USE hair spray to make it stick….anyone who has a bald spot, well you’ll look like a fool with a painted head.


    • Perhaps because of my age or color of hair (white) the Miracle Hair Fibers did not work. On December 11, 2012, I mailed 4 packages of the product to Carlsbad, Ca 92008 as per telephone instructions. There were charges made to my Visa Card and I was told they would be reversed. You can contact me via email or telephone – 772-468-3249. I would appreciate your acknowledging this communication. Sincerely, John McDonnell.

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