Minute Curls Steam Cap

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Curling hair has its own appeal and gives a new look altogether to your ordinary looking hair. It makes your styling perfect when going out for special occasions, parties, or a romantic date, where you need to look your best. But the old school method of using curling irons is not only hazardous since it needs proper care to handle the hot iron rod but also can leave the hair frizzy afterwards. Another old fashioned method of using curlers that needs an entire night to set your hair is very uncomfortable and hardly effective. But the new Minute Curls Steam Cap makes curling hair simply a matter of 2 minutes.

How does Minute Curls Steam Cap Work

Minute Curls Steam Cap is a revolutionary cap that is effectively developed to provide curling hair locks rich with moisture content in only 2 minutes. The curling style can be anything depending on the type of hair viz big curls, crazy curls or just magnificent wild waves, the cap provides instant curling and makes it last for a long time. All one needs to do is apply hair rollers for the style desired and heat Minute Curls Steam Cap in the microwave for 2 minutes. Once the rollers are set on the hair, the cap has to be adjusted so that it covers the hair entirely. The cap fits perfectly on any size of head since it has an adjustable Velcro band. After a couple of minutes the cap can be removed to find fine looking curls in no time.

The secret lies in the lining of Minute Curls Steam Cap, which has thousands of nano steam molecules which actually heat up to provide healthy deep heat moisturizing treatment to the hair. While the curlers are set to provide the curl, moisture starts locking in the hair thus providing gorgeous looking curls. The best part is Minute Curls Steam Cap works magically on any type of hair and can be used to even control frizzy hair. Plus it is completely safe and flexible that means it can be used while putting on makeup, in the bath tub, watching television, etc.



What do I get?
Buy Minute Curls Steam Cap for just $49.95 + Shipping. Official website MinuteCurls.com



Minute Curls Steam Cap Video

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