Michel Mercier Color Recover Review

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Coloring your hair to make sure it looks just perfect can be a task. You can’t keep going to salons to colour your hair every time because it costs you a fortune. Getting the job done at home can be tricky and you tend to miss out on the roots, which can be annoying. But now you have an effective way of coloring roots and refreshing hair colour just the way you’d like to in the form of Michel Mercier Color Recover. Covering your grays and roots has never been easier.


Michel Mercier Color Recover

There is a patented scalp protector, which makes sure that grays and roots are targeted perfectly. What’s more, it also ensures that your scalp doesn’t get stained and you get fantastic results. It’s meant for convenience of use too and you can simply use the applicator on the roots. You can then get rid of any excess dye with the help of a comb and you are ready to dazzle with your hair. Now you don’t have to wait for hours to get the job done or hassle with myriad tools.

Michel Mercier Color Recover is also packed with many brilliant features that are meant for your convenience and overall safety as well. To begin with it doesn’t contain any MEA and Oxygen, moreover it doesn’t have any parabens as well and its ammonia free. You will also be pleased to note that it can be used on all types of hair colours and it’s available in seven dynamic colours offering you very many options. When your hair dries, it will be all shiny too and will thus look quite vibrant.

Importantly it dries off instantly so there’s no waiting time for you and it does not rub off on pillows and clothes either. It blends with your natural hair colour giving you professional quality results that you expect from salons but without having to bear the costs for them. You can give you hair that something extra to make sure it gets all the attention it deserves without worrying about any hassle involved too.



What do I get?

  • 2 month supply of Michel Mercier Color Recover

All this for $ 19.95 plus $ 5.95 P & H. Official website colorrecover.com



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6 thoughts on “Michel Mercier Color Recover Review

  1. Michel Mercier Color Recover stinks. I can brush my beagle with it and she whimpers. I got it so excited and i put it through my hair right after I brushed it with my regular brush and I couldn’t stop crying. Don’t get Michel Mercier Color Recover or you will regret it.

    • “As seen on TV” products that claim to be the best are a complete rip off and a big scam. Michel Mercier Color Recover is one such product that does not do what the infomercial claims the product will do.

      There are plenty of reviews on the internet about Michel Mercier Color Recover but it is difficult to tell whether the review regarding Michel Mercier Color Recover is genuine review or a fake review. A review claiming that Michel Mercier Color Recover is the best is probably a fake one. These fake reviews are created by site owners because manufacturers and their associates pay them large sums of money to sell their products.

      When you place your order on the website there is no way to cancel the product. Therefore you are left with the product and if you want to return it you still have to pay shipping charges one way. Products like Michel Mercier Color Recover should never be bought online or over the phone. Also when you place your order there is a big possibility of these sites passing on your personal information to telemarketers.

      Michel Mercier Color Recover is a big rip off. It is much more reliable to buy products like Michel Mercier Color Recover from stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond etc where these products are sold at half the TV price.

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