Lifted Locks

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When you have luscious hair you want to do everything possible to get attention to it. At the same time you want to ensure your own comfort as well. A nice and perky ponytail works well on both counts but can be tricky to get without spending too much time. Lifted Locks claim to offer you a way of getting that desirable perky ponytail as it can lift your hair instantly. No more struggling with your lovely hair or the need for sticky products as Lifted Locks promises to get you those stylish, perky ponytails without any hassles.

Ease of use

Lifted Locks keeps things simple and convenient according to its claims. To get started with it, you have to gather your hair as you would in case of a regular ponytail. You can then slip in the Lifted Locks device from the underside while the base should be resting around the scalp. You can then wrap an elastic band around your hair to keep it in place. Lifted Locks can then be completely hidden by arranging your hair around it so that you get the perky ponytail while your secret remains discreet.

Clever design

Lifted Locks is known for its smart design and its hollow form ensures that it can settle in comfortably and stay hidden under your hair. It is supposed to offer you respite from those limp ponytails and the results are meant to be seen almost instantly. Lifted Locks also mean there is no struggling with hair or relying on hair styling products.

Comfortable, gives long lasting results

Lifted Locks is lightweight and that means you can have it in your hair without feeling any discomfort. What’s more, Lifted Locks is also supposed to stay securely in your hair all day long for your convenience.

What do get?

4 Lifted Locks ponytail devices (2 Large & 2 Small)
1 style guide.

Price – $10.00 + $15.9 P&H Total amount $25.9. Official website

Lifted Locks video

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