Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Reviews and Complaints

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Beautiful hair always get a second glance, but if you have thinning hair, patchy bald spots, irregular hairline it seems like nobody looks at you…they are staring at your hair!! but not any more with Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day thin hair looks lush and full immediately, patchy bald spots become thick and luxurious instantly and white shiny scalp erased. The bottomline is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day works.

How does Joan Rivers Great Hair Day work?

Just swish, dab and done. The secret is Joan’s exclusive proprietary powder that mimics the natural shadow of you hair so hair looks thicker and has more volume instantly no matter what your hair color is or what your hair problem is. Joan Rivers herself uses this great product. Great hair day is sweat proof, waterproof, it won’t rub off, it stays on until you shampoo it out. Great Hair Day fills and enhances your hair’s natural color. It comes in 5 natural shades so you are guaranteed to find the right match – Light Blonde for extra light hair, Blonde for dark blondes and mostly lighter shades of brown, choose red if your hair is auburn, Brunette if you have dark hair and Joan’s favorite Salt and Pepper. Joan’s professional 2-in-1 applicator gives you the control you need to create lush, luxurious hair. Its so easy just separate your hair with the professional applicator – swish with the brush, dab and you are done. Its really that easy.



What do I get?

  • Great Hair Day Fill-in Powder
  • Mirrored 2-in-1 Compact Applicator
  • Stylish cosmetic bag
  • Great Bow Day Fill-in Powder
  • Mirrored 2-in-1 Compact Applicator

Enroll in Joan’s Great Hair Day® Club absolutely FREE and receive a stylish cosmetic bag, Great Brow Day® Fill-In Powder, Mirrored Compact and 2-in-1 Applicator Brush for just $29.95 + $7.99 S&H.


Get the Great Hair Day® Fill-In Powder and FREE BONUSES for just $39.95 + $7.99 S&H.

State tax will be added to orders from CT, NJ, NV, NY and PA. This product is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee, less s&h.

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Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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9 thoughts on “Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Reviews and Complaints

  1. Joan Rivers Great Hair Day and similar products that are sold under “as seen on tv” tag via TV Infomercials are a scam since they never worked as promised. Secondly they rip-off people with huge amount of handling and shipping charges, gift cards, etc along with an enrollment in auto-shipment programs. Thirdly, the order summary does not reflect the grand total and comes with no option to cancel it once the order is placed. Fourth issue is the personal information is at risk of getting in wrong hands. Also returning the product is a mess since there is no actual person to reason with on customer service and you end up paying for one way shipping while returning it.

    Avoid purchasing Joan Rivers Great Hair Day and similar products on phone or internet without doing a research. But while looking for reviews use keywords like scam and rip-off following the products name to stay clear of FAKE reviews which are posted by manufacturers/promoters who get huge profits by selling crap products such as Joan Rivers Great Hair Day. Also is the product is really good one it should be available physically at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wal-Mart, etc.

  2. I know Joan Rivers will not get this complaint but I hope someone who cares, does.

    I have been ordering Joan Rivers Great Hair Day since 11/2010. I have called in several times to post pone my order because I still had plenty of the product left to use. My previous order was delivered 2/2011. I had called back to make sure my order was going to be processed for April. I was told I did not have an order. I placed it again to get delivery by the end of the first week in May. I did not receive any thing by the second week so I called back. I was told my order had been dropped. It was put back in again. I explained that because it was not my error I thought they should send my order express at no cost to me. After arguing with the representative, she finally told me her supervisor approved the order to be shipped express at no cost to me. The order should have been delivered by June 3, 2011. I even called to confirm that it was coming and another rep told me he had confirmation with Fed-Ex that I would get it the first week of June. Just in case I was getting the run around, (because everytime I called to check the status on the automated line, the only thing in your system was my 2/2011 shipment) I called as a new customer and reordered my supply. It has already been taken out of my account and should be delivered by June 11th or 13th.

    The representative I spoke to about my May 2011 order even gave me a confirmation number of 21580201105200724 that my order would be shipped within 7 to 10 days. This number seems to be my account number not a confirmation number. The rep gave me a name of Steve A. at ext 2205. I am very upset at the way the representatives handled my order. Not only are they hard to understand, I feel they deleted my order on purpose. I must tell you, while I have been waiting for my order, I had to get something else to temporarily fill in til I received my order. What I bought is not as good as your product but I did not have to be stressed out when I bought it. I really love your product but I sincerely hope something can be done with your customer service department. If not, you could lose sales from other customers like me.


    Venona Davenport

  3. This item is cheap, not worth the price, and the “return help” is absolutely unsatisfactory. I returned everything as requested, but somehow was lost either in the mail or in their system. After the fact they demanded proof and a tracking code. I got suckered for sure-never again. I agree with the previous reviewer that this is a massive con game. Don’t play or you will be very sorry.

  4. they will not stop sending the product and taking money from my bank. I’ve called twice, sent back one product with the return code, they took more money. at the second phone call they assured me no more product, no more money taken. not true. today ups left the box without knocking at my door. I am going to call a third time and return the box to ups, but this all stinks like a con game. I’ve written my bank, they want me to call them in person, which I am doing tomorrow. Be smart and don’t trust them. what you really get is a compact of powder that sticks to your scalp, but could take hours to apply with your arms in the air. if you have arthritis like I do, you can’t do it! never again with ANY Joan rivers product, never again with anything sold on tv for that matter.

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