JML X-Styler

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What is JML X-Styler?

It is a sophisticated hair styling equipment that is equipped with exceptional features and ceramic ionic technology. It can perform a variety of functions such as curling, straightening and more singlehandedly.

Exceptional performance and design

JML, the renowned name credited with manufacturing a range of appliances and tools for beauty, kitchen and personal use and more, present JML X-Styler, a new hair styling appliance par excellence that promises to transform the way you style your hair. JML X-Styler claims there are no limits to the way you can manage to make your hair look salon-beautiful and exceptional. It guarantees complete freedom and proficiency of professional standards while you set about straightening, curling, adding volume or simply brushing your tresses. It states that it can do away with the need for you to visit expensive salons where you also put in your precious time. It boasts of a unique design and features that allow you to do up your hair the way you desire.


Unlike other hair styling tools that only straighten, curl or add volume to your hair, JML X-Styler does all that and more independently. It can function as a straightener one moment for you, turn into a curler the next for someone, make your hair appear thicker whenever you want or simply help you brush through smoothly. The creators of JML X-Styler assert that with this versatile tool by your side, you won’t have to purchase and store scores of equipment separately as you can carry out a range of functions with this extraordinary styler.


For smooth, shiny and healthy hair

JML X-Styler proclaims that it employs ceramic ionic technology, which draws moisture from the air and adds richness to the texture of your hair. It makes your hair look soft, lustrous and voluminous with no sign of frizz and dullness by neutralizing static.

Superior technology and make

JML X-Styler seems to have an edge in terms of performance as well as looks it is equipped with advanced features and functions. It has two temperature settings to opt for as per your requirement. It also comes with auto shut-off feature and 360° swivel cable that guarantee safety and flexibility. It is compact, slim and handy, so you can hold it comfortably without worrying any worries while using. Also, its brush is always cool to touch so chances of mishaps or burns are eliminated.


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