iDazzle MeHair Review

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While the best clothes, shoes and make-up can make you seem like a million bucks at a party or everyday life, your hair do can make or break your image. Getting a different hairdo every now and then is not quite possible and the various hair products and treatments can damage your hair greatly. And, what if you have a hairstyle that wouldn’t go with a particular outfit? To give you perfect hairstyle for various occasions you can use hair extensions but they mostly look artificial because the texture is different from your natural hair.


iDazzle MeHair

Indian Remy hair is the best kind of hair extension you could ask for because it is highest quality and typical to Indian hair it is thin and strong at the same time. The cuticle layer in Indian Remy hair has the advantage of longevity, natural shine and does not tangle. It is Virgin hair, that is, it has not undergone chemical treatment, coloring or bleaching.

While it is difficult to get the best Indian Remy hair extensions in the market, your search will end at Michael Montey’s iDazzle MeHair, the worldwide retailer and wholesaler of purest of Indian Remy hair extension products. These extensions can be colored, curled, permed, washed and everything else that you would do to your hair without losing its original texture and quality. You can perform sew-in or partial sew-in-weave, lock stitch to the hair and color it level 5 auburn or any color like black, brown that suits your personality.

You can iron and straighten your hair too and what’s great is that iDazzle MeHair provides the quality of extensions that wouldn’t deteriorate even after a use for years in spite of all the various treatments it goes through. So you can save your own hair from all the harshness and damage and yet get the chic look that you so desire. You can go swimming or work out with the extension just like you would with your own hair. You just need to moisturize and shampoo the extension regularly to look vital.



What do I get?

  • 12″-14″ Curly 100% Indian Remy Hair Curly for $126.00
  • 12″-14″ Wavy 100% Indian Remy hair for $120.00
  • 16″-18″ Curly Curly for $146.00
  • 16″-18″ Wavy 100% Indian Remy Hair for $136.00
  • 20″-22″ Wavy 100% Indian Remy Hair for $156.00
  • 24″-26″ Curly 100% Indian Remy Hair for $196.00
  • 24″-26″ Wavy 100% Indian Remy Hair for $196.00
  • 28″-30″ Curly 100% Indian Remy Hair for $226.00
  • 28″-30″ Wavy 100% Indian Remy Hair for $206.00

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  1. Are iDazzle MeHair extension products of best and purest quality?

    Do iDazzle MeHair extensions look like natural hair?

    Can iDazzle MeHair extensions be washed like natural hair?

    Can iDazzle MeHair extensions be straightened, curled and colored?

    Can one really go swimming and exercise wearing iDazzle MeHair extensions?

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