HotDo Review

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What is HotDo

HotDo is a hair accessory that claims to let you create a hot hairdo right at home within seconds. HotDo asserts that if you can tie even the smallest ponytail then you can use the accessory. HotDo proclaims to be extremely easy to use and give you a full body of hair and style and step out in style without the need for harmful hairsprays or hair styling equipment.

How does HotDo work?

If you want to add up body and sexy style to your hair, then HotDo assures that you can do it within seconds. All you need to do is pull your ponytail through the HotDo just like you would tie a band and wrap the hair around. HotDo states to be made of ‘Real feel’ fiber that will blend in well with the color of your hair and give your hair full body instantly.


Transform your tired tresses into sexy sleek ?
If you’re bored of sporting the same hairdo everyday and cannot afford to go to a salon for a sexy hairstyle because it’s expensive and time-consuming, then HotDo promises to let you have a hot hairdo right at home and within seconds. The hair accessory proclaims to be so easy to use that you just need to wrap it around the hair and HotDo alleges to make you hair go from flat to full, short will get flair and boring long hair would look super sexy.

It asserts to make your hair luscious and you can become even more stylish by sporting two HotDo at the same time. No matter where you have to be and what time, HotDo promises to create a hot style for you. Go for a swim, be ready for a professional meeting, or party time, whether creating a day look or a night look. HotDo declares to fix so securely on your hair that you can go jogging or work out wearing it and it will still not come off.


Blends in with any color of hair
You wouldn’t have to be conscious about wearing HotDo because it proclaims to blend in so well that no one will ever know you’re wearing it. This is because HotDo guarantees to have a ‘Real Feel’ fiber that looks and feels just like your real hair. The hair accessory also states to come in 11 different shades so that you can wear it no matter what color your hair is whether Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Off Black, Light Golden Blonde, Medium Golden Blonde, Dark Golden Blonde, Dark Blonde, Red Blonde, Light Red Brown and Medium Red Brown. Even if you have short hair HotDo emphasizes to work for you because it can be wrapped around your hair if you can so much as tie a small ponytail.


There is no limit to the number of hairstyles you can create easily within seconds, as HotDo states. It assures to be so versatile and sleek that it will let you have hairdos that are sported by celebrities. You can use it on your crown, as a regular bun or even on the side to have a sleek hairstyle without the need to use hairsprays, tongs or a hairdryer so it’ll be safe for your hair even if you use it every day.


What do I get?
11 Multi-Blended, Salon-Inspired colors of HotDo for $14.99 plus $9.95 p&h each. That’s a total of $24.94. Official website:


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