Hot N’ Straight Review

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What is Hot N’ Straight:

It is a specially created brush that claims to offer you a safe and quick way of getting shiny, straight hair in a matter of minutes.

Hot N’ Straight asserts that now you don’t have to go to professional salons or through tedious procedures to get straight hair that you look for. You understand that every time you step out of the house, you are being judged for your appearance and how you present yourself. You want to make sure your look is perfect from head to toe and that means eliminating frizz and getting straight hair that helps you make a stylish impression. But that often involves going to salons for professional treatments and spending a fortune or using expensive products that can actually do your hair more harm than good. However this special brush promises you straight hair results in minutes. It seems like a far-fetched claim, that will have to be confirmed by going through Hot N’ Straight reviews.


Hot N’ Straight Review

Hot N’ Straight states to be a hair straightening brush that gives straight, shiny without frizz or dullness. The ionic-ceramic bristles interact with hair on a molecular level to transform it to a negative or positive charge and produce moist heat to prevent frizz and give shiny, straight hair. Straight, shiny hair Hot N’ Straight promises to give all hair types shiny straightening while preventing frizz. Manually adjust the heat levels with the Temperature Control Technology for your hair type. Hot N’ Straight proclaims to be quick and easy to use and comfortable to hold with its heat-resistant handle. The brush head has silicone guard borders to prevent scalp burns and Ionic-Ceramic Bristles tipped with heat-resistant rubber.

One reviewer states that the brush has a foul odor and smells of hot plastic even after day and didn’t live up to their expectations. It also left their Polynesian curly and thick hair frizzy and in a bad shape. They further add that the glue that fuses the bristle tips with the bristles melted and stuck into their hair. Another customer says that their daughter bought the straightening tool for her thick, long and wavy hair that gets frizzy. It didn’t straighten or smoothen her hair but pulled it out and probably works on straight finer hair. One user reveals that it is not hot enough for thick coarse hair and the silicone bristles pull hair badly also causing damage.

Another reviewer with thick Latina hair was disappointed with the tool because the heat setting was extremely low, didn’t get higher than 195, and didn’t straighten their hair even after multiple tries. It would have worked if the heat went up higher.

One customer reveals that when the straightening tool arrived it looked great. They used it on her daughter’s hair but it hair badly. They thought it was because they didn’t detangle the hair but brushing the hair and trying again still pulled at it. On trying on their own hair, it still pulled no matter what they did. They add that it did heat up very quickly and different settings are a plus point and it does straighten hair very well. The location of the buttons is not practical because while straightening the hair, they accidentally hit the button that turned the tool off or increased or decreased the temperature.

According to one reviewer it is not a good alternative to a straightening iron. The brush works as advertised, but the process is slow and doesn’t straighten hair completely. The heat-resistant bristles would constantly pull at their thick hair. The straightening tool worked after quickly and thoroughly brushing hair but the process becomes very tedious.

One user reveals that they took the brush out of the package and plugged it in to use it as per the instructions. They tried to brush their daughter’s thick hair straight when it warmed up but it didn’t go a very good job. They initially started out with a lower temperature, which did nothing to the hair and subsequently turned it up to the highest setting but it still did not work on straightening the hair at all. Another reviewer of Hot N’ Straight complains that using the tool is very painful. Because the bristles are made of rigid plastic they do not bend and end up tugging at the hair. They further add that there are orange colored silicone tips on each bristle that are mean to prevent the scalp from hurting or burning. These tips are removable and one of them came off and fell as they were trying to brush their hair to detangle and also straighten at the same time.

As per a reviewer the Power and Temp controls of the straightening tool are in an awkward location. The buttons are placed on the handle where one would want to hold the handle while using the brush. This makes it almost impossible to use the straightening brush effectively without altering the temp. Another drawback of the tool is that the power does not change too quickly and has to be pressed longer to switch it off or on and if one is not careful they could unknowingly turn the power off. Another user says that the configuration of the brush should be narrower to provide ease of use on smaller sections or shorter hair.

Hot N Straight Claims

Best way to straighten your hair
If you have tried to blow dry your hair you know what a hassle it can be. Flat irons are not only expensive but they can actually end up burning your hair. But there are no such issues with this specially created brush, which maintains that it can do the job quickly, safely and painlessly. Sadly since we don’t have enough Hot N’ Straight reviews we cannot corroborate these claims for you. The secret of this brush lies in its ionic ceramic bristles that glide through the hair as they straighten and eliminates frizz. As a result you are left with voluminous, lustrous shiny hair without any hassle. Is that true in your experience? We hope to find out about it from your Hot N’ Straight reviews.

Another advantage of using this brush it that it produces moist heat, which is not only safe for your hair but makes it look shiny. Hot N’ Straight reviews should be able to throw more light on that.

Professional quality treatment at home – Do you want to have your hair straightened for a special occasion? Are you considering going to a salon to get the job done but are concerned about the costs involved? This brush assures you peace of mind knowing that you can get the same professional quality results at home. What’s more, you will save yourself huge amounts on these professional treatments. We will analyze Hot N’ Straight reviews to find out if the results are of professional quality. It also stresses on the fact that it is very easy to use and all it takes for you is to run the brush through your hair as you usually would. Thus it saves you time in front of the mirror straightening your hair as well. Hot N’ Straight reviews can inform us if it is a quick and efficient way to straighten here.

We also hope Hot N’ Straight reviews reveal whether it works on all types of hair.


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