Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk Review

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Do you like to change your look ever so often and get noticed for your fun, funky and vibrant style? Do you like to flaunt your gorgeous hair and let it get that attention it deserves? Do you want your style to reflect your mood? In that case you can feel flirty, fun, soft and elegant, chic and cool whenever you want to with Hot Huez, a sensational product that is likely to go down well with women of all ages. It’s already created a buzz all around and it’s not difficult to understand why.


Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk
Quite simply this product is hair chalk, which is already being touted as the next best thing in fashion. And it’s certainly making waves in the fashion industry and amongst women users too. That’s because this product has made it very easy for women to change their look with sensational colours. Who needs to struggle with those dyes that are not only expensive but leave you with the same look for long durations? On the other hand you are worried about using products like sprays because they can damage your hair. Now you can change the look of your hair safely and instantly without any mess involved.

If you want to go out and dazzle your audience during the day or make a lasting impression when you go out at nights, this amazing product will help you do just that. And it’s so easy to use; pick your favourite colour from the set and slide it along your hair. That’s it; the colour will go on to your hair smoothly like it should. What’s more, you will be pleased note that this product works on all types of hair. Moreover you can wash off the chalk and the new look, easily with your shampoo and you are ready for another glamorous look of the day.

Leave a mark with your cool style every time with Hot Huez.



What do I get?
You can get Hot Huez set that includes four brilliant colours for $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.95 at and you also get a colour guide, 12 sponges and a carrying case with your offer.


Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk Video


92 thoughts on “Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk Review

  1. I bought hot huez at $4 for the box plus $1-2 in shipping. It ships from China so shipping takes forever. Both boxes came crushed but only one disk was damaged, so I was happy. Daughter has very blonde hair. Her hair is stained hot pink. It does stain clothes as well. I am ok with it since my daughter is only 10, her hair will be blonde again and nothing that was stained was important. But be warned.

    Don’t let their flashy pictures fool you because they were probably edited.

    1. More color falls all over the place than in your hair.
    2. Hair stays dry and gross after applying the chalk.
    3. Product from Bath and Body works is 9.99 and on tv it is 14.95 PLUS shipping and handling and that’s another 7 dollars. It also doesn’t let you know that you’ll need hair spray and leave in conditioner spray.. So in reality you’re paying way more that 20 dollars total.
    4. DOES NOT WASH OUT!! Its been four washes and my hair is still light pink on the ends.
    5. Hair chalk pulls your hair and the sponge on the inside always twists and turns and makes it impossible to add more unless you fix it.
    6. Gets all over your hands and whatever surface your on.
    7. For hot huez to “stay” on your hair and not rub off on clothes or skin is to “seal” the colored hair with hair spray.. That leaves the hair crunchy, tangled, dry, and gross and it still rubs off.
    8. Cheaply made. This product is worth 5.00 at the most.
    9. The only thing that hot huez did do was color the hair, it didn’t wash out like they said (mine still hasn’t after 4 days) it stains after hair spray is applied, it doesn’t leave your hair nice and cute like it looks in the pictures.
    10. If you don’t have light brown hair or light hair I wouldn’t use it. It just wouldn’t be worth it. It would take a lot of coloring and re-applying to get a vibrant color, otherwise it’ll look faded and washed out.


  4. My mom got this for me for Christmas, and I was pretty disappointed. The compact pulled my hair out and chalk would fall out of the compact and get all over my counter. Then the pink hot hue compact wouldn’t open and when I did get it open it broke in half, and all the chalk fell out of the little pot. I didn’t feel it was worth the money.

  5. My mom got me hot huez for christmas. The color is very vibrant and it’s easy to apply! But the thingy also pulls out some hair if your not careful, and if you touch it it will rub out and all over your hands and clothes! To contact lense users, CHALK HURST LIKE HELL ;D Feels like you have a rock in your eye. It’s totally safe though, which is good. It comes out really easy off your hands.

  6. Although product works, tends to pull out hair when sliding through. I have honey blonde untreated hair and it showed up fairly well. The one part I do not like is that you need to apply hairspray, because it makes my hair sticky.

  7. Okay so If yo buy it online they end up charging you $85 DON’T BY IT ONLINE!!! Buy it at Walmart it is only $10 there. Tip: put lots of hair spray on it after your done and DON’T TOUCH YOUR HAIR for a few hours or it will rub off on your hands!

  8. I just got hot hue from awl-mart. It doesn’t show up very well. I sprayed a bunch of hair spray on it but it just keeps coming out on my hand every time I touch my hair!!!! Oh well it was only 10 dollars but probably wasn’t worth it.

  9. If you are careful Hot Huez Hair Color actually works ! Yes it can be messy, thats why you use a TOWEL over your shoulders and before you put any chalk on , spray it with leave-in conditioner spray to smooth it out, then after you apply the chalk use hairspray. For blonde hair if your hair is wet while you use it then it can stain your hair. But for dark colored hair its good to have damp hair so that the color will stay more vibrant. What I do is I put it on then braid it , hairspray it and take it out later and it’s wavy and colorful ! I love hot huez you just have to be careful about it and not break it and or use it over carpet areas!

  10. I ordered from bed bath and beyond and a friend bought one for me at Wal-Mart. She loves it and the easiest and least messy to use. No spray needed either. Comes in four colors. If someone got more colors, I don’t think it is Hot Huez. Lots of hair chalk on the market but some are very messy and drying. I haven’t heard one bad word of Hot Huez product from people I know.

    • I won a Hot Huez contest on Facebook and they gave me 8 colors, the 4 original and then a red, yellow, orange, and teal. I think it was a bonus.

    • Uh.. I don’t know about you but its rating is 3 out of 5 stars and I used it and tried shampooing it out once, and throughout the week it still hasn’t come out and I washed my hair three or four times. It dries my hair out and more coloring gets everywhere else than the hair. Its not worth anything over 5 bucks.

  11. I hate this Hot Huez. It does supply vibrant color and it promises but otherwise it’s a mess. I stained my carpet the floor and my hair. I took a shower and shampooed and woke up with the same hot pink hair and I stained my clothes and pillow. DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT!

  12. I bought this at piece of crap from Wal-mart. I used it once and the sponges on the inside on the cassette fell out. A totally waste of $$$

  13. My daughter wanted this and I’m glad I read these reviews….I am not going to even waste my time or money on this Hot Huez crap!!!

  14. Hey yall I ordered this stuff, I have not got it yet though I am getting it for the beach and etc I really need some good comments that are true. I will check this website everyday I am only 10 and I need some comments so tag me in your comment please :).

    • I ordered hot huez about a month ago. I finally was able to view my order and they had charged me 68 dollars for one set. I called and tried to cancel my order but they said to tell customer service on the website. So I told them and I never got a reply back. Then I got hot huez in the mail later and I didn’t get the pony bands or the bag. I told customer service again about the money and not receiving my extra items and they hung up and never replied back. I tried the hot huez on my daughters hair and the color was very dull. Do not order this by calling or online! Go to a “As Seen On Tv” store. I rate hot huez as a 0.

    • This is a real comment!! Me and my cousin were going to stay at a hotel at night we would do hot huez cause my cousin has it. All of the paint circle things came out it covered a little things so watch out for what clothes you are wearing and where your doing it! And don’t squeeze it so hard but hard so it can come out. Those were the two bad things about Hot Huez. Color circle things and where you are and what you ra e wearing.

    • I ordered Hot Huez on Amazon and my hair is blonde. When I shower the chalk comes out but it can be really messy sometimes. I recommend a towel around any exposed skin because it might cause problems. There is a lot of ingredients in Hot Huez that can cause cancer and common sicknesses. You might want to look up all of the ingredients before using.


  16. Initially had issues with their deceptive website in which they charge without allowing you to review your final order. Now I am still waiting to receive an order I placed a month ago. Shipping time is absolutely ridiculous. Going on 4 weeks now and still waiting. Fedex takes no responsibility at all. Says seller uses cheaper Smartpost. Save yourselves the trouble…

    • Have yours received yours yet. I ordered mine for my daughter’s birthday a month ago, FedEx says they have not received the package. Hot Huez says they have and the package has only had a label printed out and they were supposed to send me a replacement, still nothing.

    • The Hot Huez costumer service is horrible this product is a mess and the shipping its so expensive for a little tiny box. I had the same problem when the Hot Huez order arrived, I called them, returned it and they said its to late they are going to charge me and they charged me shipping for $8 each little tiny box (all 3 came in the same little shipping bag. I just wanted one. I thing they are kind the tricky with the whole process and I feel like they ripped me off.

        • You sound pretty dim sided… The directions are pretty clear and it never washed out of my hair. Its been four washes and it still hasn’t come out. You don’t have to be a bitch. Take your nasty attitude elsewhere. Nobody needs it here.

  17. Hi my name is Amber Carr and I ordered the Hot Huez Temporary Color only one set and it charge me for three set I can not afford three set I only need I just want to cancel my online order I cant get it now please don’t not charge me for it I need my lights not the color right now please don’t charge my card.

    • Yes, you can get it Bed, Bath & Beyond (which is where i got mine) and probably Wal-Mart too, pretty much anywhere that has the “As seen on TV” section sells it for only $9.99

      • Hi you can get the chalk at Micheal’s as well… I got mine but there are some problems. It gets everywhere, as you apply little dust comes down and that follows the firs problem. I do have dark hair and it works but they should make a red one, I would buy that!!!

    • Hot Huez doesn’t work. I got it from Walmart, just the chalk. It was about 10 dollars. The sponge peeled off when I tried to use it and it didnt stay in my hair for 5 minutes.

  18. People calling it a rip off, if you are close to a “as seen on tv” store, you can get this product at a reasonable price. Just saying, I haven’t bought it yet but I’ve seen the price and it’s not high.

  19. I would like a number to get in contact with these people. They want to take your money but you can’t get in touch with anyone. What kinda of crap is that. I ordered the hair chalk 8 days ago and my order is still in process. I need a number.

    • Short version: Call 1-877-885-7154 (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-10 p.m. EST)

      The version documenting the run-around to get that number:
      I was also frustrated with this same scenario: order confirmation directs customers to a web page where the customer can enter some basic info. (like last name and order #–which can be obtained from the order confirmation). Okay, no problem.

      So, using, I enter the required info.
      I’m a bit more than 2 weeks out from order, and my order confirmation as well as the webpage “status” page continues to say:
      Status: “In Process”
      Notes: “Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.”

      Off to the side of the status webpage are some clickable choices. I click on “Customer Service.” I’m routed to the Hot Huez website where I’m on the homepage of the site, as if I’m going to begin an order. I scroll to the bottom of that page and tap the “Customer Service” button. Ah, finally a phone number. I call it, but even after entering “2” for customer service I get a recording that directs me to check my order status at OR call 1-877-885-7154.

      Why that number was NOT given on the customer service page on the website is a MYSTERY.
      After an automated answering service, a wait of about 2 minutes with muzak that was cutting in and out, a really nice customer service rep. did answer.

      She explains that they are waiting for more product to arrive so that it can be shipped. The expected date my order (placed on April 23) should arrive to me is June 5. So, they really are a full 6 weeks out.
      The website says 4-6 weeks for delivery, but my order confirmation never did.

      I felt bad for the customer service rep. I expressed my surprise and displeasure with the lack of info. on the customerstatus site, but ultimately, she’s just the messenger.

      I hope the order really does arrive at some point.

  20. If you are trying to by this crap, don’t because I ordered mine like 9 months ago from that dope ass commercial. My daughter and I going right to the craft store to get some chalk.


    Just go to your local crafts store and buy some sidewalk chalk/pastels. Using regular chalk is cheaper and has better qualities!!!

  22. Thank you all for saving me money and a child’s heartbreak. I will absolutely NOT order this product, which I was considering, after reading all of these comments. Very valuable information.

  23. I bought this for my daughters and it is not worth the money spent.. please do not waste your money on this crap….

  24. Hi everyone!!!

    I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this stuff like 2 months! But I finally got it! They sent me 8 colors pink,purple,yellow,blue, light green, dark green and orange!
    It’s not scam! They just suck at shipping stuff on time!

    • Thanks for the great review:) I ordered mine on the 26th of April and I ordered all 11 colors, which are blue, green, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, turquoise, and the metallic bronze, silver, and gold:)

    • I don’t really care about the shipping, I’ll just get it from Walmart. The question is, did it actually work? There are people getting all mad because of bad reviews, but I’m glad that those reviews can save ME money, and MY Child’s heartbreak. So please include whether the product works or not. Thanks 🙂

  25. This took more then 6 weeks.I been waiting for it for it for more then 6 weeks like it said.They shouldn’t even put the 2 in 2 to 6 weeks. They are not as good as they look as far as shipping goes.They look very good but if you want them then be prepared for waiting more then 6 weeks for it to be there.They sent it when it was almost 6 weeks.I don’t think they have it in stores but they have lots of colors but once you order and are done you don’t know what colors you got.I almost exploded waiting for it this long.I hope it will be worth it.I don’t know if it is good because I HAVEN’T GOT IT YET.

  26. whats that…… do you hear… it …. it, it sounds like scams! AMERICA? WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED US FOR YOUR GREED OF MONEY?!? AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS TOO!! YOUR PRODUCTS ARE BAD, AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD! I am so glad I found these reviews! I am canceling my order, RIGHT NOW!

        • Yes I know you’re angry but why do you think it is a SCAM. You cant trust a book by its cover. YOU HEAR THAT IT IS A SCAM if you haven’t tried it yet!!!! Boyah

          • Dear ” nialsgirlfriend”
            After reading your comment I almost died of laughter. Honestly ” peasant” , you think that’s a horrible insult? Do you think you sound ‘ smart’ for saying that? Who are you kidding, you sound like such a try-hard. Stop, do everyone a favor and don’t comment with ridiculous ” insults”, you sound like you’re twelve
            ….which judging by your username , you probably are.

          • Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk is a scam and my friend has it. It stains your clothes your hands and you have to put hairspray on it in order for it to stay. She paid 20 dollars for crap that kept falling apart.

          • Boyah?! What?! And reading reviews isn’t judging a book by it’s cover. That’s why they have review websites. So people can save their money. Do you get the point of these websites? People have said it’s a scam. Also, the people that got the product from stores have said it doesn’t really work. I’m sorry “question girl”, if you were looking for good reviews because you wanted it, or have already ordered it. These people are just telling the truth.

  27. Hi don’t know if you know me, I am new to here. Anyways I am going to give you places you can go to get Hot Huez hair chalk, 1. Wal-Mart 2. Michaels 3. Macys and 4. Victoria’s secret. 🙂 hope you enjoy going to any of those places. B.T.W they might be sold out people so hurry on to the store. And Michaels OMG! it is so CROWDED their everyone wants it but lucky enough the manager came and said make a formally neat line and I was at the front picking up like 13 of them. And Michaels and Victoria secret is the cheapest they have it.

  28. This Hot Huez was a scam I Just ordered recently in this site they said that the hair color cost $14.95 with free handbag and $7.95 for shipping, but when I ordered it. The screen automatically give me the total of 85 dollars, and now that I’m calling customer service they were closed Saturday and Sunday. No more of this!!!

    • if you buy at Walmart it only cost 10 dollars and it work pretty good but you haven’t put lots of hair spray on it and not touch it for hours or it’ll come off on your hands, clothing, or what ever touches it.

  29. This is a rip-off!! The Hot Huez website says $19.95 buy 1 set of 4 get 1 set of 4 FREE. Pay $7.95 shipping and handling x 2. Plus Bonus of 6 pony tail bands and 1 purple carrying case. The screens automatically charge you for 2 sets $39.90 + 15.90 = $55.80. Nothing FREE! When I called – it is just a call centre in the USA – they could not do anything for me. Spoke to 3 different representatives. They cancelled my order because I suggested it was scam. There was also a hidden charge of $10.00 written no wear to ship to Canada. Maybe will work better??

  30. Canceled my Hot Huez order because they charge you double and 2 weeks later they say my order has been sent, also they do it on a weekend when service is closed.

  31. Please be aware the 2-6 weeks is more like 6 months before you get your product. They do not tell you that on the commercial. I still haven’t gotten my products.

  32. Well they are scam they said buy one and get one free. I was very happy when I put my credit card info in they charge me $85.00, are they crazy? no more that’s it!!

  33. I tried to buy this Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk online for my daughter and the site automatically upgraded my order from $14.95 for two plus $13 s/h to $49.90 for two and $27.90 for shipping. When I called customer support, they wouldn’t correct the order, only kept repeating that I needed to call back later.

    Customer support was surprisingly un-supportive or helpful.

    • They did the same thing with me. I am so upset I just wanted one order, when they were done with everything they charged me $85.00 and when I called they told me to call back!! never again!!

  34. Do not waste your money on this rip off! This idea was stolen from some smart girls who discovered this idea. You can do the exact same thing with sidewalk chalk, it is the exact same thing. Don’t waste your money & all the hassles of dealing with these people. Get in your car, go to a store and spend $5 on a bucket of sidewalk chalk that has so many different colors to choose from with the same effect as this product. This company stole this idea from the tons of YouTube videos of girls showing you how to use sidewalk chalk on your hair.

    • Yes and your skin. And it makes you itchy after you use it and the chalk breaks after a few uses. Not worth the money!!!

  35. Did anyone buy Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk, any testimonials?

    Does it really work as shown on the TV?

    Is it really effective?

    Do you recommend this product? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Did you buy it from the official Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk website online?

    Are you satisfied with the ordering process?

    Do you think Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk is a scam?

    Did you receive the complete Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk set you ordered?

    Did you receive your order on time?

    Is Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk backordered?

    How to return the Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk?

    Have you see the Hot Huez Temporary Hair Color Chalk in any stores? do you know which store carry this product?

    Is this product made in the USA?

    • I am very dissatisfied with the ordering process. When the site says 2-6 weeks for order shipment. It never says that they are on backorder which it should clearly be marked. I have been waiting 3 months for my order. I called in January and they told me it was on back order and will be shipped on February 18th. I just called for an update and my order has been pushed out again to March 28th. What???? No notification regarding the new shipment date. Unfortunately my daughter really wanted these so I am not cancelling the order. Will have to “chaulk” this up as a great lesson learned. I will start ordering everything from If they don’t have it…I ain’t buying it. At least they have great customer service and will let you know if something is on backorder. HOT HUEZ is significantly lacking in customer service….I will post when/if I get the product regarding the quality of the product. It better be damn good.

  36. Review Hot Huez

    Does Hot Huez help you create different looks easily?

    Is it safe for use on your hair?

    Does it wash off easily after shampooing?

    Does it work for all hair types?

    Does it work as well as sprays?

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