Hot Buns Hair Accessories Review

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Hair buns have always been a huge hit with women of all ages and they never seem to go out of fashion. If you want to make an impression at a social gathering or just want to have fun at a casual meeting with friends, you can let you hair do the talking when its tied in a gorgeous bun. Your lush hair will get you all the attention you so deserve. However getting that perfect bun can become such a chore sometimes and you have to go through a lot of hassle for it. But that won’t be the case anymore because Hot Buns Hair Accessories will make the job so simple for you.


Hot Buns Hair Accessories
You will not have to make do with saggy or flat buns that are a result of not having the right accessories to do your hair up. Hot Buns is the perfect way of getting brilliant looking buns that will last too. What’s more, these accessories are so easy to use; you simply roll, snap and wrap them to get the perfect bun you want. Now no more struggling with your hair to get the hair do you want and since there are no pins involved, you won’t have to worry about scratches either. Moreover you will get that beautiful bun within a matter of minutes.

And when you leave the bun, you get beautiful curly hair as well. The shaft of these accessories is at the heart of the magic they work, as it grips your hair beautifully, making it so easy to roll. It’s also made using a comfortable material, which lets the curls in your hair settle down naturally. Available in multiple colours, these hair accessories are your way of getting that sleek and sexy bun that you can flaunt all day and night. Creating different styles of buns has never been so easy.




What do I get?
You can buy Hot Buns Hair Accessories in three sizes, mini, medium and Big Fatty in your choice of colour for $10 plus shipping and handling cost of 47.95 at You can add another set to your offer by paying separate P&H.


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36 thoughts on “Hot Buns Hair Accessories Review

  1. My sister have me some Hot Buns for Christmas, knowing I have an inexpensive one from H&M. I was a little skeptical when trying it out, and for good reason! It’s absolutely ridiculous! The directions make it seem straightforward and easy, but it is far from that. I can’t even imagine the difficulty those who have never tried a sock or sponge bun before trying to learn using this thing. I have been doing buns like this as a quick hair fix for 2 years now, and for the life of me I could not use Hot Buns to work in a way in my or my sisters hair in a way that was comfortable and secure.

    I never even write reviews online for anything, unless it is remarkably superb, or horrendously awful. I’m afraid hot buns is the latter. If you’re looking to have a bun like this, buy one at the drugstore. I assure you, it will be much easier and save you time and money.

  2. I would not recommend buying the Hot Buns from Walmart either. My daughter has been wanting them when she see them on TV but i have kept putting it off Thank goodness. Any way we were in Walmart on 4-24-2013 and by 4-26-2013 both of her Hot Buns were broke. When they advertise them on TV and on the as seen on Tv ad they show 2 elastic finger grips to pull the bun around and also show a metal button, well the ones from Walmart have a cheap plastic snap and no elastic finger grips . I tired the small one in my daughters hair the night we purchased them and the button fell off. I put her hair up the next morning with the large bun and when i picked her up from school her hair was down and i asked her what happend to her bun and she said that it had broken. Same thing the button broke came completely out of the one side of the bun. i emailed the as seen on tv company and of course all they could tell me is to take it up with the retailer. so i did , i got our money back. My 7 yr old daughter was up set. I will say her hair did roll nicely and look very cute that morning.

  3. Do not buy this Hot Buns Hair Accessories! They don’t work on long (mid-back length) hair. We paid $20 for 2 sets, and were billed $31.80 (non-refundable) for shipping. Customer service was not helpful. This offer is a totally unethical ripoff. This company should go out of business for its shady marketing and inferior product.

  4. BEWARE! I just went online to order one and figured my total to be $17.95 then find that they charged me $51.80! I said no to all the extras they offered. It is Saturday so the customer service number is not even an option until Monday – I cannot find an address to email them to cancel my order so I just called my bank and they shut down my cards and I will have to wait until Monday to go and get new debit cards! If you really want to try get them at Walgreens!

  5. I tried to order the $10+7.95 dark haired hot buns for my tween daughter. Unbeknownst to me that’s what I ordered. Unhappily, I got an e-mail confirmation for 2 sets of buns for 2 sets each at $20 each + $15.90 each for shipping And handling+ extra for who knows what. Upon receiving this I attempted to cancel immediately and was told I’d have to wait an hour for it to show up I’m their system. I waited an hour and am half-called back and was told to wait another 5. I notified the “customer service rep” I has waited longer than the last two asked me to and asked for the supervisor. She stared that me asking constituted belligerence and said “no”. I stated that I was upset at being charged 4x more than the stated price and was mislead by previous customer service reps and I would like to speak to her boss. I was promptly hung up on. At that point I notified my bank who cancelled the charge and noted it as fraudulent. Don’t buy this product. These are a bunch of criminals.

      • I just was charged $51.80 for a $17.95 order – I am MAD. I just called my bank and they shut down my debit cards and now I have to wait until Monday to get to the bank to get new cards – there is no way to cancel an order over the weekend!

  6. Don’t buy Hot Buns Hair Accessories . First of all you do not get what is advertised on tv. on tv they show a special snap at the ends that snap together, what you get is triangle ends the snap on top of one another. Because of this the end with the snaps is flat so to bottom half of your bun will be loose hair. Second the bun causes a gap between your hair connecting. The Hot Buns Hair is also abrasive and I have had to yank it out of my hair each time. Also you will get NO CURLS just puff tangles frizzy hair.

  7. I just went to my local Walgreens and bought hot buns. It was 9.99 plus tax so all in all I paid like 11 bucks for it. It comes with the small and large buns. I got home and was just now playing with my hair in it and I finally got it to work like I wanted it to. I got tires of cutting up my socks and using them in my hair. Lol.


    SCAM!! SCAM!!

  9. Hot Buns (as seen on tv)

    Saw advertisement on TV for Hot Buns saying that the product itself will cost me $10 and $7.95 h&sh, COMPLETE SCAM!!! They charged me $119.35.
    TERRIBLE customer service, and NO REFUND!!!

  10. They are available at Walmart now for $9.88. My daughter wants one and I am picking it up today at our local store…. Make sure you call ahead to make sure they are in stock. They are sold out at right now.

    I am expecting them to not work great based on reviews I have read, but I have no problem keeping my receipt and returning them for a refund if they are crap.

    I, too, made the mistake of ordering last night from the website, but called the 1-800 number first thing this morning and the lady cancelled it for me and told me about being in Walmart now. I checked the order status on the link they provided and it was indeed marked as cancelled, but I will still keep a close eye on my credit card for any charges.

  11. Do not buy Hot Buns Hair Accessories , worst customer service ever, they will take your money and give you nothing, plus they will charge you more than what you want. Just try to get a person on the phone about the product! It wont happen, you have been warned.

  12. I ordered Hot Buns Hairs for $28. I want to cancel my order, because I hear you could get it cheaper on or Does anyone know how to cancel the order?

  13. Has anyone actually received the Hot Buns Hair Accessories product yet? I ordered mine and just said one set and it only came to 28$ and thats for the one set plus free set, and I plan on selling the extra set to a friend. But wanted to know if anyone has actually bought and received and how it works. Email me at I am really leary of this and scared I’m gonna get scammed and not get my product.

    • I ordered Hot Buns hair accessories and just received them, it took a month or so. But they do not work.

      good luck with yours…

  14. When will people learn NOT to order products from these infomercials! I learned a long time ago, if you see something on TV …
    First of all, WAIT. After the initial flurry of newness wears off, you can usually find these “only on TV” products in your local Walgreens. Or even the dollar store!

    Second … if you MUST have it now, try eBay. Not only will you generally get it cheaper than is being offered on TV, but you won’t get sucked into these horrible scams that seem to be inevitable with ordering from the infomercial directly.
    There is also in some malls a store that sells things “as seen on TV” in which, once again, you can find products you saw on an infomercial and buy them without the scam attached.

    PLEASE if anyone is looking for reviews (like I was) and considering buying this product, DO NOT order it directly from the company via the infomercial!!! They are ALWAYS scams in one way or another!!!

  15. I just placed my order for the Hot Buns TV offer by calling the 800 number. All was relatively direct and easy till we got past the point they had obtained my credit card number at which time they launched into a convoluted sales pitch series for heaven knows what that required my “no” response no less than six times. The ordering process was completely by recording and I had begun to think the recording had hung and was going in a loop. Finally after six different modified versions of the same pitch and my “no” responses, it ended.

    This ordering process was akin to handling snakes, and until I see what they actually bill me, I still am not sure if I have been stake bit or not.
    At this point I went searching for a way to contact Hot Buns, which likely to no ones surprise is not available at their website, but I did find this remarks location. Had I found this before ordering I likely would not have placed an order. In searching Hot Buns, it appears the same thing is available from Amazon and that is the route I would have gone and would recommend to others.

      • This is a followup to my post of Dec 30, the day I ordered by phone the Hot Buns as Seen on TV. The TV offer was for a “set”, 1-large bun and 1-small bun for $19.95 + S&H (shipping & handling charges were not specified). —But Wait! “Order Now and We Will Double Your Order”— While I was not really interested in a double order, I considered that was how much it cost anyway you take it. However, after the very convoluted ordering process all done by recording, as I described in my post of Dec. 30, I attempted to find a contact in order to verify just what had transpired on this order but had no success and so have waited to see what kind of charges show up on my credit card.

        Three days ago I received the order and what was sent was 4 (FOUR) sets of buns which would call for a billing of $19.95 + S&H
        times 2, which should be on the order of $40+S&H. I certainly did not place an order for 4 sets!!!!!!!!!

        W – E – L- L, today my credit card bill arrived and THEY HAVE CHARGED MY CARD WITH $71.00, SEVENTY-ONE DOLLARS!!!

        I am, of course, returning this product and protesting and denying these charges with my credit card carrier.

        PEOPLE BEWARE!!!! There is apparently thievery taking place somewhere in this process.
        I think I saw these advertised on Amazon and I would think you would be much safer ordering through them.

        By the way. I DO NOT LIKE THESE BUNS. What they don’t tell you is how snarled you hair is by the grippers on trying to remove.

  16. Hot Buns Hair Accessories is a scam. The p&h is $7.95 each. So if you order 1, you have to pay for 2 p&H. The default is set to 3 sets, which came to $77.70. Very shady. Didn’t show total until after the order was submitted. I was able to cancel it (had to wait for the order to be posted on the website several hours later)-they prompted with a “we will give you a discount if you do not cancel” message. Hopefully they won’t charge my card or I’m going to flip.

    • Same thing just happened to me. A surprise, large total I wasn’t given the option of reviewing. Really made me angry. I sent them a cancellation email immediately and then called my credit card company. They said not to worry, they’d dispute it. It would have to be a hell of a discount to get me to re-consider. What a total rip-off! And then i just read that someone didn’t even get hers? Ridiculous. We should report them to the Better Business Bureau.

    • THIS also happened to me on 12/30/12. UNBELIEVABLE…. the banks call this being slammed. You can call your bank once it posts and file a contest to the charge.

  17. I just ordered Hot Buns Hair Accessories , thinking “hey it’s not too much” no, it’s more like $51.80. and I used a prepaid gift card with only 50. I’ve been trying to cancel the order for a few hours now, but I have to call the 800 number. This is a scam, and needs to be shut down! I cannot believe I fell for it. Please do not order this! The number to call is 1-877-884-2948, for anybody who needs it.

  18. Do NOT buy this Hot Buns Hair Accessories. $17 more like $50. They placed my order and then told me the total. Looking to get my money back. Complete rip off and scam.

    • Lizzy,
      I ordered Hot Buns Hair Accessories this on the website and told it just one set but asked for the extra sticky ones(extra $5.00 per set) for my daughters extra fine hair and was told i would get the upgraded version (two complete sets) for only $35.90 total (i have the receipt to verify this). If you order online you have to say that you only want one set no matter how many questions you are asked. The questions can be misunderstood when they ask if you want additional sets. If you ordered by phone you must not have reached an employee that knew what they were doing. It sounds like you have more than the one set (plus free set) coming to you. You could try to see the extras or if you know any teenagers you could gift them.

  19. Can you please send me the customer service number. I’m having the same problem want my money back.

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Don’t bother trying to order them. you won’t receive them!

    I ordered my Hot Buns on July 15th and never got them to I called the customer service number and they said that they had already told me that there was a delay (the NEVER told me that before that phone call!) so they said it would be delivered on august 24th. I called at about 8pm on august 24th since I did not receive them and they said it had been delayed AGAIN. this time it would be delivered on September 13th (which was AFTER the occasion I had wanted the Hot Buns for in the first place!) I told them that and they were nice and said when they shipped and I was charged they would deduct $5 from the price. I said it was appreciated. today 6 days after that conversation I received an automated call from them saying it was delayed AGAIN. I called to find out what they new date was and the guy said it was not just delayed but the manufacturer is not making any more so my order had already been canceled. (THAT’S NOT WHAT THE AUTOMATED CALL SAID!!!)

    I looked on their website and it still allows you to order it which I find ridiculous!

    If you don’t have any then stop allowing people to order them!!!
    I’ve looked on eBay and I’ve found about the same type of thing and I think I will buy it. Even if it does not actually work like they claim at least I know I will get it and probably within a few days not a few months like Hot Buns!

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