Haute Brush

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What is Haute Brush? – A specialty brush that straightens hair without the use of a flat iron.

The Haute Brush is good to use on frizzy and unmanageable hair. Use the Haute to get straighter, silkier and healthier hair, according to its claims.

Stops Frizz

The patented Haute Brush promises to be revolutionary in stopping build up of frizz, leaving your hair soft, sleek, shiny and full of oil. You just need to wash your hair and blow dry with any hair dryer while using the Haute Brush.

Haute Brush claims it secret to its ceramic coated plates that produce better results than a flat iron when used with a hair dryer. It also claims to have no damaging effects. It promises to work on any type of hair: think or thick hair, coarse hair, curly or straight hair. Haute Brush is supposed to leave your hair straighter, silkier, fuller and healthier.

The patented self cleaning feature of the Haute Brush promises to leave your hair brush cleaner as well. You will not need to spend precious time to clean your hair brush.

How to use the Haute Brush

You can use the Haute Brush as a regular straightening brush by pushing the button on the back to the down position till the plates are flush with the body of the brush. You can also use Haute Brush as a vent brush to speed up drying your hair by sliding the button to the middle position till the plates are half way in up the length of the bristles of the brush. Slide the button to the top position and easily remove the leftover, unwanted hair.

Use Haute Brush with a blow dryer to get a straight look without causing damage to your hair. The intent of the Haute Brush is to straighten hair without a flat iron and without causing split ends. It prevents frizz and static build up.

Haute Brush can also be used as a regular brush.


Official website: BuyHauteBrush.com

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