Hair Sonic System Review

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In a bid to get beautiful hair people try many products, shampoos, oils and use of hair dyes is chosen for young and stylish looks. But sometimes these products might over clog the scalp resulting in thinning and weakening hair strands. TEI Spa Essentials have come out with Hair Sonic System which provides a 2 way action to protect and enhance growth of strong and shiny hair.


Hair Sonic System
It has been long known that clean hair roots and proper blood circulation on scalp are the reasons for the type of hair everyone has. Hair Sonic System provides this dual action by using cleansing and massaging brushes for use at home just like salon quality. It provides the hair with sonic vibrations through the brushes attached to it and gives shiny and beautiful hair.

Hair Sonic System Features

Hair Sonic System comes along with changeable cleansing hair brush and massager brush system. The cleansing brush provides removal of embedded remains of products and excessive natural oil on the scalp. The Massage Brush relaxes and helps tone and enhances blood circulation to provide strong hair. It is a cordless device with an ergonomically designed shape to suit everyday need even under the shower since it is completely waterproof.

Directions to Use Hair Sonic System

Before using Hair Sonic System for the first time, it needs to be charged for 2 hours on the charger stand provided along with it. After the charge is full the desired brush is to be hooked on the main piece by simply folding the soft brush, hooking it to the center hook and placing it on the sides to lock it completely. On switching it on, the brush also should provide vibrating motion.

For Exfoliation purposes, the user should wet the hair; apply shampoo and massage to get foam for about 1-2 minutes on a high setting. For Massage brush, wet or dry hair should be applied with conditioner or serum and massaged for 2-3 minutes on low setting.

Hair Sonic System is completely safe and easy to use and is recommended by leading hair stylists in the industry.



What do I get?
Buy Hair Sonic System at the Official website for just $149.99



Hair Sonic System Video


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