Hair Bean Review

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Getting tangles out of your hair can be very painful and tedious task. The more you tug and tear at your hair, the more you spit-ends and damage your hair badly. So, if you are tired of pulling your hair out, try the new Hair Bean.


How does Hair Bean work?
Hair Bean is a pain free way to remove tangles without damaging or pulling out a single hair. With Hair Bean you get quick, perfect and easy results. It works on your hair whether it is knotted or twisted, thick or thin, or whether it is dry, curly or straight.

Hair bean works on all types of hair to eliminate tangles. It leaves your hair with a luscious and great look. Hair Bean is designed specifically to remove tangles gently without causing any damage to your hair.

It uses alternating rows of high and low bristles with Memory Flex Technology that lifts and gently separates tangles without pulling, so you can remove tangles without worrying.

The Hair Bean is made in the shape of a bean, designed such that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is so easy to control your hair that anyone can use it with ease.

Spray detanglers contain too many chemicals that could damage your hair permanently, whereas Hair Bean takes care of your hair by minimizing damage to the cuticles. Colors don’t fade and hair stays beautiful always.

Hair Bean is great for hair extensions too. It leaves wigs looking new and fresh. So, stop pulling your hair out and get those painful tangles out with ease with Hair Bean.

Hair Bean FAQs

Will the Hair Bean pull my hair out?
The most amazing thing about the Hair Bean is that it untangles your hair painlessly and does not pull your hair out.

Does the Hair Bean really work on dry or wet hair?!
The Hair Bean works perfectly on wet or dry hair. You can either use it after your bath to keep your hair mess free or use it on your dry hair before you step out of your house.

Why is the Hair Bean better than my brush or comb?
The Hair Bean is designed with alternating rows of high and low bristles with Memory Flex Technology that lifts and gently untangles your hair without pulling. It get knots out of your hair, pain free.

When will the Hair Bean be available in stores?
The date for the retail release of the Hair Bean is still uncertain. When the decision to sell it in stores is made, consumers will be notified through the social media profiles and blog of both when and where it will be available.

I ordered my Hair Bean and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?
At present we have received an enormous number of orders. Our manufacturer is working endlessly to effectively address the back orders now accumulating. Your order will be shipped to you as fast as we can.

Help! I placed an incorrect order. How can I change this?
You can call this toll free number for customer service: 1-800-777-4034. To locate your order they will need your phone number (or email address if you provided it), last name and zip code. They will absolutely get your order fixed for you. Keep in mind order processing takes a full 24 hours, so they may not have your order in the customer service system until at least 24 hours after.

I ordered a Hair Bean, but I haven’t been charged yet. When should I expect to be charged?
Your order will be processed within 24 hours, but your card will be charged only when the order is shipped to your address.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 2 Hair Beans
  • 2 Travel Cases
  • 2 Hair Dry Wraps
  • All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 s and p. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Hair Bean Video
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8 thoughts on “Hair Bean Review

  1. My daughter has long, straight hair and always runs away when I pull out the hairbrush! I saw this in a bed bath & beyond flyer and immediately ran out and bought it. As far as I am concerned, it was worth every penny. There are still a few ouch moments when brushing her hair, but it is ten times better than a regular hairbrush. I have curly, thick hair, and would never use a brush on my hair in a million years, so I would say it is just for straight hair, but I think all brushes are.

  2. Hair Bean was suggested to me a couple of days back for its ease in removing tangled hair without pain. Since I was not sure whether the product will work for me or not, I decided to look up the internet for some reviews. I searched for “Hair Bean Reviews” only to be infuriated and fooled by a list of websites that were listed amongst the top searches. The sites were,,, and These sites were completely a work of trickery because they all unanimously gave glaring reviews about the product and even the links to buy it right away. Another give away to me regarding the nature of their content was the frequent pop ups that did not allow me to exit the site with peace. These listed sites have content that is totally questionable and all users should be aware of such scams. Thankfully I found this website where the review looks honest and genuine enough to make a decision at buying the Hair Bean.

    • The guess related the websites being fake was completely right. Such websites are actually kind of a manufacturer’s site which gives custom made reviews by company personals to fool the search engine to show their site in the top list of the search. Popularly known as SEO, this trick is increasing day by day for every individual product out there in order to increase the sales. Hope the review on this website has been helpful.

  3. I love it. I didn’t see the commercial, so I don’t know what they claim in the ad. I just saw it at the drugstore, with the magic word: detangler. My fine, thick hair is incredibly tangly, and after I get out of the shower, it’s a matted mass that was taking 5 or 6 painful minutes to brush out. (I have a sensitive scalp, too.) Detangling sprays sort of work, if you don’t mind weighing down your hair with oily stuff. With this Hair Bean, I can get all the tangles out in less than 2 minutes, with a lot less pain. (I didn’t say “no pain.”) I’m going back for another one.

  4. Well yes and no. It works very well on straight or thin hair. And it still pulls and mats thick wavy hair and it definitely doesn’t work on curly hair. Over all don’t use it, its pointless.

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