Gray Away Review

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Do you have a lot of gray roots on your head? Introducing Gray Away, an incredible new hair spray that conceals your gray roots between coloring in just seconds. It is so simple to use and doesn’t cost much.


Gray Away
Use Gray Away to cover roots, temples, and hairline. Gray Away is designed with a precision applicator to deliver even and natural looking hair. Shake the can well and hold it 2-3 inches from your head. Simply spray back and forth to ensure it is sprayed evenly.

With Gray Away you can save hundreds of dollars on hair coloring. It is the perfect way to get rid of gray roots for your last minute date, interview, or party. It will not come out until your next shampoo. One can of Gray Away last for up to 50 uses.

Unlike other concealers like crayons, brushes, and markers that only work on smaller areas and are time-consuming Gray Away works instantly and on large areas.

Get Gray Away and you will never have to go to a salon ever again. It is available in 4 shades to blend with a wide range of hair colors. It perfectly matches dark brown, light brown, blonde, and auburn. It does not flake or streak.

The color adjusting formula does the job on the lightest blond to blackest hair. It does not contain dyes, ammonia or peroxide, and other chemicals. It also easily washes out with your next shampoo.

Gray Away does not flake or rub off even after brushing. It does not go away with sweat and gives your hair a natural look.



What do I get?
Order 2 Gray Away Sprays for only $19.99 plus $13.98 S&H. Official website


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35 thoughts on “Gray Away Review

  1. I have used your spray product and when my local CVS had the mineral powder I wanted to try since I’ve used your products and when I went to pay I told him to used the coupon taped to box on top. Once he removed it it would not take so he noticed the expiration date expired on 12/31/2016!!! And I bought two of them with receipt if you need proof. Can I please be compensated for the coupons, it would help me tremendously. Thank you

  2. I used this product an needed to Urgent Care as my top of my head , forehead and eyes were swollen. Not happy painfully an discomfort to say the least.

  3. I’ve used this product for a year, and have experienced migraine headaches for a year. I’ve even been to the ER, and I’ve been seeing a neurologist who diagnosed me with neurotoxicity from this product. Do not use it. Yes, it does work, but at a price. And it’s not worth it. I’ve probably killed lots of brain cells. Look up neurotoxicity for yourself.

  4. I love this product. My only complaint is that you only get about 1/2 of what’s in the can. After it’s about half gone all you get is air. If you shake the can you can hear there is more in there but nothing comes out. Will I continue to use it? Yes, but wish I got my money’s worth.

  5. I have read some of the negative reviews and need to add a side note. This product is to be used to cover gray and go longer between color apps NOT as a color alternative. I f you are using this spray all over your head that’s not it’s purpose. Spray away roots and save some money, if you’re spraying your whole head you won’t have good results.

  6. I am a woman in my mid 40s with graying hair…especially @ the part line. Coloring my hair every 4 to 5 weeks is costly and probably not too good for my “mature” hair. I’ve seen Gray Away on TV and figured I had nothing to loose. Since I purchased it @ Walmart with a receipt I can return it if I don’t like. So far, I’m pleased. It covers those awful grays @ my part line and matches pretty good. I would buy this product again and recommend this product if you’re looking to go longer between hair coloring.

  7. The best hair product EVER. Easy to use, effective, looks perfectly natural, and even makes thinner hair “behave” better by giving it more body. Allows one to extend the time between color application. Be careful to put a towel over your shoulders before spraying it on hair because it may stain clothes. Overall, an outstanding product. Bravo!

  8. I bought the light brown Grey Away as my hair is lighter but it is very dark. Yesterday, it dripped on my neck & my favorite shirt and I barely got the stain off of my neck. My shirt is a lost cause. Also, it makes my hair stiff & hard to comb. YES, I do shake it well before I use it. I bought it at Walgreens, but I will never buy it again. πŸ™

    • Try L.A.’s Totally AWESOME spray on the stain on your shirt. I’ve known it to take out permanent hair color stains! I use it for almost everything, and the best part? Only $1 at most ‘Dollar’ stores (Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Deal$)! HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU!

  9. I have never written a review on anything before. I had to write one on this Gray Away. For years my roots come in gray and I have to color my hair every 2 weeks for it to look good. I saw this advertised on TV I picked up a bottle at my local Walgreens and have been using ever since between my colors. I do not want to be with out this product. I now go 4 weeks between coloring ( could probably go longer). It looks very natural and does not smudge or run. I love the fact you use it on dry hair.

  10. None of our local stores sell Gray-Away for blonde hair for some reason. The darker colors are easy to find, but no stores have placed orders for blonde color. I wonder if that’s because it has poorer coverage for light-colored hair… Anyone know why?

  11. Gray away is sold in Wa-Mart, Walgreens, CVS pharmacy. Look in the as seen on tv section. Usually costs about $9.99 but I got mine on sale at Walgreens for $7.99. I didn’t like the product so I returned it for a full refund. I never order products on line, I wait til it comes out in the stores. Saves a lot of headaches and money in the long run. I hope someone finds this information helpful. The product itself is not good. It comes off on your pillow and blankets and when you scratch your head its in your fingernails. Best of luck.

  12. I bought this Gray Away at Bed Bath and Beyond. Gray Away concealer works but to a certain extent, when I spray it on my hair and leave it on without touching it then I go to comb my hair it gets all over my hands and my comb and brush once it go on your hair. It is not supposed to come off but it does. I’m not happy about that.

    • I too purchased a can of Gray Away spray away gray and it came off on my pillow and throw blanket on the couch. It would also come off in my fingernails when I would scratch my head. Then after I used it the first time and only time, I started getting really bad headaches and this sharp pain in my temple area. So I washed it out and the headaches went away. I would not recommend this product to anyone. It is messy and not worth the trouble.

    • I found that if I sprayed or applied a shine agent to my hair after applying the gray coverage it made it “fresh” again. Since the shine product does not “dry” the gray product does not either. Not sure if this is your cause but a helpful hint non the less.

  13. Gray Away Cheated me out of $50.96. Fake buy one get one free for $19.99 plus shipping of $9.00 for both cans.

    Charged my bank account, call their fake customer service and received no response. Have reported this Gray Away scam to BBB.

  14. I bought this product at the local CVS. It really does work! I bought the brown color and have used it for a couple of weeks. It blends in well with my hair coloring and allows me to stretch out the time for getting my hair done. I would definitely buy this product again. Given the above comments, I would not purchase this product from the website.

    • The Gray Away Root Concealer does not stay on my hair it gets all on my hands and when I wrap my hair at night the next morning its off my hair and I have to re apply it again and I am not happy about that.

  15. My order came within a week and I also found it at a local store that carries ‘as seen on tv’ stuff… I love that it is made in USA – Wish it was Fragrance – Free … It’s great stuff but the darkest color does rub off onto hands and pillow cases. But gray hair still stays colored until washed…. I developed a hair color allergy and I’m growing my hair out natural … have 4″ of gray now and very long hair… so covering for special circumstances is needed! If this was fragrance free and didn’t rub off onto hands or pillow cases … it would be a Miracle Product … However, for now it is the BEST I can find and it DOES look great… Also found I needed to shampoo my hair twice to get it out … so not afraid of the rain! I’m on my third Can now … Also I use a plastic Hair Spray Shield … ($2.99 at Sally’s) So I NEVER get it on my face. Five Stars in my Book πŸ™‚

  16. I ordered 2 cans of gray away. The package was as light as a feather. I have short hair and I only sprayed the front roots. I tried using it a 4th time, the can was empty. I was very upset I threw away the second can without using it. The 2 cans cost me $29.37. It was described buy 1 get one free. LOL

  17. On the 18th of May I placed an order in the amount of $81.51. Within 10 mins. I called the co. to make a change. The agent I spoke to agreed to cancel the order she advised me to re-order which I deed but she never canceled the order. few days later I realized that the order was not canceled, leaving me with 2 packages – I called to discuss the matter, I was told to return the package and I will be given back my money. Now that the package has returned to them, I have not received a refund (80.51) and their website no longer exist. (

  18. Gray Away took almost 3 weeks to get here. It’ s so hard to use and gets all over your face. I will never buy it again!I can’t believe I wasted my money. πŸ™

    If anyone wants to try it. about 10 cans I’ll never use. I’ll send one can to you …free of charge. Just contact me at

    BTW…My color is black.

    • Thanks for your review…. you saved me a bunch of aggravation… I was just about to hit the pay button !

  19. Ordered Gray Away 12/14/11 still NO delivery. Phone number is no longer a working number. Wasted $27.00 it seems! Mad gray lady.

  20. Ordered Gray Away two weeks ago, rush order, still not here and the customer support number they publish is for another company which has nothing to do with them. No email address is given. This appears to be a scam.

  21. Ordered Gray Away 2 weeks ago, rush delivery, have not heard from them since. The number they give in their confirmation email for customer care (1-855-493-2953) is that of another company. Seems like a scam so far.

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