Glydelle brush

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What is Glydelle Brush

It is a hair detangling brush that does not tug at your hair and brushes it gently. It has special bristles to give you painless and easy hair brushing experience every time. It also comes with a cover and built-in mirror.

Gently detangle hair without tugging

Glydelle Brush is a hair detangling brush that promises to take the pain out of your hair brushing experience. It is quite common to suffer from tangled hair and when you have to detangle them, it not only means painful brushing but also the frustration of seeing broken hair on your brush. These are the common problems that ordinary brushes give you. But Glydelle Brush claims to be a hair de-tangler that does not tug at your hair or causes hair loss.


Smooth hair within seconds

The secret of Glydelle Brush is alleged to be in its flexible and adaptable bristles that make brushing the knots out of your hair a breeze. If you end up spending hours in detangling your hair and it becomes the most painful time of the day, then Glydelle Brush proclaims to make things easier for you by letting you gently detangle your hair within seconds and leaving them so smooth that there will be no knots or stoppage when you run your fingers through your hair. What’s more, it also claims that you will never find broken hair on your brush.

Ergonomic design

Unlike traditional hairbrushes that do not have enough contact points, Glydelle Brush convinces to be a highly ergonomic hairbrush that has a number of contact points that work simultaneously so that you need fewer strokes and much lesser pressure to get your hair free of knots. Your hair will glide through the adaptable bristles and this will especially be a blessing for you if you are tired of seeing your little girl crying with pain when you detangle her hair because this hair brush claims that your hair will have no resistance while brushing with it. Glydelle Brush also maintains that it can deal with the problem of frizzy and messy hair that regular brushes tend to leave behind.

Works on all hair types

No matter what the length and thickness of your hair – short, shoulder-length or long hair, or fine, medium to thick and coarse hair, Glydelle Brush states to work wonders on it all. Also, whether you have straight or curly hair, the hairbrush claims to work wonders on your hair, even those who have dry and frizzy hair will find that their hair looks less frizzy. Glydelle Brush alleges to come with a special protective cover that makes it easier to carry the hairbrush without the mess of threads or fuzz getting caught in its bristle. It also states to have an inbuilt mirror in the protective cover so you can get ready for an evening out anywhere you are. Unlike with traditional hairbrushes, cleaning the bristles of Glydelle Brush is also proclaimed to be easier and hassle-free.

What do I get?

You get one Glydelle brush for £14.99 plus £4.99 shipping.Official website


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