Fusion Antistatic Brush

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What is Fusion Antistatic Brush?

It is an innovative hair brush that works on battery and uses negative ion technology to nourish your hair by removing static from it, add a shine and also make it appear thick.

For beautiful, healthy hair

Fusion Antistatic Brush is a revolutionary hair brush that guarantees to transform the quality of your hair dramatically on all counts. Although it resembles a regular hair brush that combs and untangles your hair, it claims that it goes a step ahead and enriches your hair singlehandedly. Besides helping you maintain your hair perfectly and making it more manageable, it also supplies every strand with abundant nourishment and beauty. Fusion Antistatic Brush alleges that you don’t expect ordinary hair brushes to do that, but it does and that too very effortlessly simply when switched on and run through hair.


Negative ion technology does the job

Fusion Antistatic Brush states that it also makes your hair look shiny without use of any chemicals or expensive treatment solutions. The makers of Fusion Antistatic Brush call it a scientific breakthrough that is not used to comb your tresses in the normal way. It is basically a battery-operated hair brush that you need to turn on which triggers millions of ions to move across the surface to remove static gently and surely.


Makes your hair shine and look great

Fusion Antistatic Brush proclaims that it adds a visible shine to your hair in an instant and also eliminate the unwanted frizz, flyaways and static that use of cheap plastic in other hair brushes causes. Its makers promote it as a modern beauty tool developed by scientists that assures you of wholesome nourishment that also makes appear soft with a simple stroke of the brush. It also cleans your hair by attracting dirt and dust particles to its surface. Instead of opting for costly procedures like hair spa or use high end hair care products, an antistatic hair brush like this seems to be a feasible and smart alternative.

Thin hair looks voluminous

Fusion Antistatic Brush claims that it is a great tool even for those who have thin hair. It makes your hair look thicker and fuller instantly simply when brushed with it. There’s no need for you to take support of anything else but just brush your hair with it to make it glide through smoothly and make it look noticeably thicker and lovelier.

What do I get?

You get AntiStatic Hair Brush and Detangler Brush for just $19.99 + $7.95 P&H.Official website antistaticbrushshop.com.


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