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If you have lovely, shiny and healthy looking hair, there’s every reason to flaunt it every time you go out. And if you want those gorgeous wavy curls then you can rely on the revolutionary EZ CURLER, which makes your job a lot easier and efficient as well. Many other use-at-home curlers are just not good enough and you end up struggling every time you want to use them. But with its path breaking spinning technique, this amazing curler gives you those lush curls every single time.


This spinning curling iron is what you need if you want to get those stunning curls at home and without any struggle every day. The spinning motion is at the heart of this product, which gives brilliant results each time. You simply slip your hair through the bi-plate, then push the button either up or down and make sure you hold your head in the right place to get the look you are aiming for. And when you release it, you will have gorgeous wavy curls that you can flaunt.

You can use this iron to get fuller curls by going for larger sections of hair; about 2-3 inch segments. On the other hand you can also choose to have those glamorous beach waves by using it on different sections of hair and curling them in different directions. You can then turn your head upside down and give it a scrunch with your fingers. Repeat the procedure till you have got those desired curls.

This versatile iron is packed with many amazing features including ceramic tourmaline coated plates with a 360 degrees rotating chord. There’s also a digital temperature control for 230 to 430 degrees. The fact that it is dual voltage means it will work all over the world and the soft grip handle assures you comfort while using.

Now get those amazing curls at home without worrying about damaging or drying your hair out thanks to EZ CURLER.

EZCurler FAQs

What is EZCurler all about?
It’s your way of getting professional salon kind of look at home. Tourmaline ceramic plates turn by a simple press of a button and create professional quality waves and curls within minutes, each time.

What’s the difference between EZCurler and a regular curling iron?
For starters, it’s the only curling iron that has the unique spinning motion making curling so simple. There’s also a digital temperature control to choose temperature suitable for your hair type, thus giving you beautiful curls. Boosted by the 360 degrees rotating cord and soft grip handle, it’s the best styling tool ever.

What’s the ideal temperature range in case it takes a lot of heat to straighten your hair?
Thanks to the easy to use digital controls in EZCurler, you can increase or lower temperatures between 230 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have fine hair and are looking for soft wavy curls, lower heat works perfectly. Medium heat works well with slightly coarse hair and if you need long lasting, tight curls. If you have coarse hair and want all day hold, you can opt for high heat. Manufactured using top standards, its heat capability is super fast and ceramic tourmaline finish ensures even heat distribution too.

It’s always recommended to start with lower heat setting to get to the best temperature setting for your hair.

Can one buy EZCurler without a credit card?
Yes, there’s a pay by check option.

What’s the cylinder diameter?
It is 1 inch.

EZCurler Tips

Like all electrical appliances, EZCurler should be far removed from water and children shouldn’t be allowed to use it without adult supervision. Since it heats up quickly, you can allow it to heat for only 30-60 seconds. EZCurler curls your hair automatically, so once you pass your hair through the plate, just press either the left or right “spin” button to ensure it goes through the root of the hair and curls it all the way through. To stop spinning, just release the button. Make sure you don’t touch the ceramic plates as they will be extremely hot. EZCurler hot plates shouldn’t touch any other surface when you are done using and you can let it cool on heat resistant stand or pad.

Bi-Plate Cylindrical Protector Cover protects your EZCurler so that you can use it for a long time to come; remove it before use and put it back on after it’s cooled down. It has a slip resistant rubber bottom, which means you can put the EZCurler stand anywhere. But it’s important to see that it’s mounted safely with suction cups and the cylinder is pressed right in. EZCurler is portable and you can use the heat resistant travelling pad to wrap EZCurler inside when you are ready to go.

EZCurler Advanced Styling Tips
For tight, smaller curls you can get 1-2 inch segments of hair and wrap them tighter around the cylinder to get tighter curls. Twist the curls around your finger, when you are done, to give it the curl form while cooling.

Use larger sections for fuller curves. Using 2-3 inch segments you can follow above mentioned steps. You will get less of a curl and more wave.

To get tousled Beach Waves, curl random sections of your hair in various directions. Turn your head upside down and use your fingers to scrunch your hair. Bring your head back up and repeat till you get desired results.

Larger sections of hair can be used for shorter durations to get Wavy hair. Remove curl by using fingers through hair to get natural wavy look.

Professional Styling Tip:
Loosen your hair once the chosen section is wrapped around the curler, by going in the other direction. Use your fingers to grab the hair and get it out of the curler. Now hold the curl with a clip to get results that will be locked through the day and night. Thus with less heat you get a more natural look.



What do I get?
You can get EZ CURLER on a trial offer for $14.99 plus S&P of $9.99 at www.ezcurler.com | buyezcurler.com and get a heat pad with your offer. You can also get a comb and stand by paying additional S&H cost.




7 thoughts on “EZ CURLER Reviews

  1. I wish I did not purchase this. The EZ curler fried my hair. No other product has ever done this. It also is difficult to use, and can roll so fast, it can easily burn your face. I tried contacting the company several times, and they did not respond. They do not back their product. Big waste of money.

  2. After hearing praises being heaped on EZ Curler I thought it’d be great to use it so excitedly, I placed an order for it. Finally I could see myself sporting the curls I’ve always wished. But little did I know that there was only disappointment in store for me. On receiving my EZ Curler when I held it to turn it on, I sensed that I wasn’t having a proper grip on its handle. I tried a lot but got the feeling that it’s not as simple as it appears.

    I later came to know that I was not alone. Several other customers have complained about the same issue. Many have said that it is difficult and also awkward to handle it. Some have even termed it impossible to use and have preferred to return it out of frustration so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess you need a considerable amount of practice to manage holding it while curling your hair.

    Another problem I experienced while using EZ Curler was that it spins too fast. Maybe that’s one of the snags a hi-tech appliance like EZ Curler carries. It does spin fast, so much that it can get out of control and become difficult to be used safely. There have been incidents of EZ Curler actually causing burns to the scalp when in use. That means you need to be really alert besides being careful. It’s definitely not something you can take lightly.

    EZ Curler is even known to bring about an increase in hair fall. Quite a few people have experienced hair fall soon after using the device. It can also mess up your curls big time by causing them to fall right out of your hair. No matter what you do, your curls won’t cease to fall, so you may be forced to consider giving it up. Some furious customers think it’s a total waste of time and money.

    EZ Curler also makes getting your hair in between the curling wands difficult, which implies that it simply can’t curl your hair well. The absence of proper grip over hair makes it extremely difficult to curl the tip of your hair, as that’s when most curls are found. Ask me and I will tell you how tough it is to get a device that can eliminate problems in acquiring curls. You cannot get your hair in between the plaits of EZ Curler so how can you get your hair curled” Think about it.

    It is also difficult for the hair to look curled after using EZ Curler, especially at the tip of the hair. Besides, it needs to stay quiet while spinning as it generates quite a lot of noise. Another major issue dogging it is the problem faced while wrapping hair around the outside of the barrel. If you hold the end with your finger too close to the iron, you would burn yourself a few times. As for the procedure of placing the order and buying the curler, I can’t help remembering what I hear about the return policy and the hassles it causes. Even if you cancel your order or plan to return the hair curler, you’ll notice how difficult they make things by opting for tactics liking not returning the shipping and transportation costs.

    EZ Curler may have caught the fancy of many, but you need to careful of the pitfalls it comes with and purchase it only if you are cool about its shortcomings. Other products offering the same features are also available so I’d advise you to check them out first.

    • I hate to hear you aren’t happy because its hard to get curls from it. My name is Nicci, i just wanted to maybe help you out so maybe you can get those pretty curls. My daughter and grand daughters got me this ezcurler for christmas this year. I fell in love with my hair while using it. My hair is blonde and long all one length. Its very hard to keep any kind of curls but with this curler it was so quick to get it all curled and then thru out the day i pop a couple more curls in. I just loved the beautiful curls. The way i curl my hair is i get a small amount of hair and i put my hair in the curling iron and i move it about 2inches from my scalp and i start pressing the button to curl my hair. Now when i first start curling it i dont touch any of my hair with my hands when it starts it will turn your hair and the end of your hair wil spin around bottom of iron so right before it gets pulled all the way through try to get the end to start wrapping around hair by moving iron closer toward scalp while its spinning. My hair at the end gets shorter as it spins around so right before it goes all the way in make it wrap by rolling in toward face the hair will move over ends and catch hair so it all stays on the iron. N poo w if you keep spinning it then your hair will fall right out of it. And yes it gets frustrating i went through that at first but i figured it out quickly. So hopefully you will give it another try. Reach out to me if you need more help. I am trying to get in touch with ez curler company because my curler quit getting hot last week. It turns on but doesnt get hot at all. Ive only had it since x-mas so thats my complaint . I got use to having pretty hair and then it quit working. I hope they replace it i would hate to buy another one but i definitly would. I hope you get the rythum of doing it and get results like i do. You’ll love it.

  3. Difficult to use:
    EZ CURLER as the name suggests does not do justice to the promises it is sold with. The problem is that infomercials make it look easy to use but in actuality the handling is very tedious and compared to a regular curling iron it doesn’t work fast at all.

    No Result:
    The operational buttons are so hard to work that makes using EZ CURLER really awckward to use and sometimes after using it the hair doesn’t seem to curl at all.

    Low quality build:
    The material used to make EZ CURLER is cheap plastic which is worthless and can get damaged very easily.

    No value for money:
    With all the negativities it’s better to resort to a conventional curler than EZ CURLER.

    • I consider myself very experienced and proficient at utilizing most hair tools. The EZ CURLER does make nice curls, however, it is NOT easy and it takes Forever! This is in my opinion the worst curling tool I’ve vet tried to use. If you have difficulty with a typical curling tool or if curling your hair is difficult for you this will be nearly impossible for you. I was so frustrated!

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