Effortless Extensions Reviews and Complaints

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Have you always wanted longer, fuller, luxurious hair. Do you wish there was an easy solution? Now there is new Effortless Extension. Give your hair glorious length, add body and volume to thin the traces. Effortless Extensions look and feel 100% natural like your own hair.


Effortless Extensions

Change your style and look fabulous in seconds. Wash, condition and blow-dry even use a curling iron. These as seen on tv hair extensions are so versatile you can put them in a pony tail, do it updo, put them anytime, anywhere in seconds. They are lightweight, comfortable, strong and durable and won’t damage or pull your hair out unlike other hair extension products. You can wear them for years.
Other hair extensions are difficult and time consuming to clip in especially at the back of your hair. In a salon extensions can take up to 8 hrs to weave or glue in and cost up to $3000

The secret is the patent pending gravity-driven design. The crown support circle ensures that it stays in place no matter what activity you are doing. Can be worn with lace wigs and Effortless Extensions are 16″ long starting from the nape of the neck. They can be cut to any size.

How to use Effortless Extensions
a) Simply place the as seen on tv hair extension on the head, b) Pull hair through and c) Just comb to blend.

What do I get?
*1 Effortless Extension – Choose from one of 34 colors & one of 3 styles (Body Wave, Straight & Flare)
*FREE BONUS – Loop Brush

Get 1 Effortless Extensions for the low price of 2 payments $34.99 plus $14.95 shipping and handling. As an added Bonus we will also give you the Loop Brush absolutely FREE. This offer is not available in stores.

Please Visit The Official Website www.effortlessextensions.com



Effortless Extensions Video

Effortless Extension Tutorial/How to use video

How to remove Effortless Extension Video

9 thoughts on “Effortless Extensions Reviews and Complaints

  1. I enjoy reading through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

  2. Thank you for writing this blog it has definitely helped. Hopefully you don’t mind me adding my 2 cents . I just want to guarantee girls are informed how important hair quality is. There is so many types of extensions it is just stupid to make a purchase before realizing the changes between Chinese, Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and European hair, and how to make sure that they aren’t buying synthetic. Several girls make their purchase based on price . Not Smart. Is your hair’s appearance and health worth saving a few dollars? No. Not even hundreds. Don’t order cheap extensions! When you’re going to do something do it right the first time. A little research will prove that the ONLY hair worth purchasing is European Remy or Brazilian Remy Hair because it is ensured to be voluntarily cut and donated in those countries. They aren’t forced to loose their beautiful hair so someone can make a quick buck off of it. That is how the hair industry works in other areas. Idk about you girls but I would be way more comfortable purchasing better quality hair that also does not make myself wonder if I am paying a scam artist who has tortured women, forcing them to shave their head bald:( An excellent place to order European Remy and Brazilian Remy Extensions for the lowest price is without a doubt http://www.hairbysar.myshopify.com . Low prices and you get more for your money as they sell 1 gram strands only compared to similar websites who sell .4-.5g strand(s).

    • I know these are older posts. But not only have I had professional hair extensions done with REMY Products, they were quite expensive, took a lot of upkeep and maintenance, you had to be seen professionally every 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your own hair grew and how often it needed to be colored.

      The damage to my own hair was quite substantial considering I did everything “by the book.” I WAS left with huge bald spots and very damages and weakened hair. As beautiful as they look when you first get them professionally done, they will never look the same after that first washing, or be in the same condition, even if you see your stylist faithfully.

      The cost went in to the Thousands…that does include upkeep.

      That being said… For the gal whom just wants to add some fun and pizzaz to her look… These MORE than fit the bill!!! I wish they came out when I was much younger. Hard to notice they are in there… Easy to use and they do not damage your hair as other extensions that need to be clipped in with the “CLAW” do.

      All around I’d say you girls area damn lucky to have this option. Even though I’m able to afford the costly REMY extensions.. It’s not worth my $$$, time, it’s a long process, the upkeep, more time and money, and the extreme damage in which my hair was left. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  3. The Effortless Extensions are the best extensions on the market. They don’t attach to your hair, so they don’t damage your hair. The synthetic is so true to life that my stylist didn’t believe that it wasn’t human hair. And now the company has come up with an adjustable, so it FITS snugly to ALL sizes of heads. This is the new leader in hair extensions!

    And the name fits. They truly are EFFORTLESS!

    • You place the line on the crown of your head, adjust the hair to fit behind your ears and then you PULL a little of your own hair through and over the top of the extension, the brush. Takes SECONDS!

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