Easy-Lites Hair Highlights Review

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Are you bored of your regular brown hair and want to bring about a change by highlighting them? But just the thought of spending hours and loads of money in a salon dissuades you? Trying to get highlights at home is just as cumbersome and time consuming. But now you need not waste time, money or energy or deal with the mess to get perfect and natural looking, sun-kissed highlights right at home and they would seem like you got them at a salon. This is possible with the new Easy Lites instant highlighting spray created by March Anthony.


Easy-Lites Hair Highlights
Say goodbye to caps, brushes and hooks and your ordinary hair color kit and get perfect and permanent highlights in just two easy steps. All you have to do is spray Easy Lites on the desired strands of hair and flat iron them. It is that easy. With the gentle and effective formula of Easy Lites you can choose the number of highlights, whether just a couple or too many of them, you want to add to your hair and you can add them to natural as well as already color treated hair. You can decide the desired shade level of each strand of hair as Easy Lites gradually lightens each hair strand. Unlike the dullness often left by chemical treatments of hair coloring, Easy Lites has a Chamomile Flower and Fruit Blend Extracts formula that leaves your hair shiny and bouncy and keeps them healthy too.

After developing various top notch hair products and working with Hollywood celebrities for years Marc Anthony has created a highlighting system that will let you see your hair strands transform within seconds unlike hours spent in a salon or even at home getting the highlights. No matter what your hair natural or treated hair color you can now easily highlight them sitting at home. Your blonde to medium blonde hair will turn into champagne, light brown to dark blonde to golden blonde, medium to light brown blonde will look honey caramel, and dark to medium brown will highlight to become coppery caramel.

Order Easy Lites now and you will also get Dream Waves Beach Spray that can get you sexy, straight from the beach tousled hair while adding texture and body to straight to wavy hair types.



What do I get?

  • 1 Easy-Lites Instant Highlighting Spray
  • 1 Dream Waves Beach Spray

All this for only $19.95 and $5.99 S&H. Official website www.BuyEasyLites.com.

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-267-7833
Email: marc_anthony_customer_service@dgafsi.com



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4 thoughts on “Easy-Lites Hair Highlights Review

  1. I tried the Easy-Lites, I have light to medium brown hair and when I used it, I had to re-spray and flat iron the same section about 6 different times. The steam burned my scalp a few times. It works but it will only lighten one, or if you re-spray 10 times on each section, it will lighten up to 2 shades.

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