Coolway AutoSense Styler Review

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Who doesn’t love a great hair job with silky smooth hair after ironing them? But then running the heating iron through the hair can cause so many problems not just to you but also to the hair stylist. When you straighten your hair out with an iron, the temperature often gets too high making your hair too dry and coarse. If not paid attention to it can even burn your hair and also the stylist’s fingers. Often times even if your hair does feel great ironed out, it gives a strange burn smelt that can be quite a turn off. But not with Coolway AutoSense Styler, which is a high performance hair ironing styler with no heat damage caused to your hair whatsoever


Coolway AutoSense Styler
Coolway AutoSense Styler will give you hair so soft and silky that you will want to run your fingers through them all the time. When too much heat is used on the hair, they become coarse and even lead to breakage but unlike those traditional irons, Coolway AutoSense Styler does not weaken your hair. Styling with Coolway AutoSense Styler is a two way process – one, the AutoSense technology of the styler automatically finds the optimal styling temperature of your hair and gives it the exact same heat that hair needs and not more than that (lesser than 299°F) preventing heat damage. Secondly, the Transform Spray gives smooth shine to your hair diminishing to half the use of heavy hair products that do more harm than good to your hair.

The results of styling done with Coolway AutoSense Styler are longer lasting than regular hair jobs. It is a blessing for the stylists as it takes half the time and half the heat (if someone uses 400 ° F at home with their styler they can do the same job with just about 271° with Coolway AutoSense Styler. This makes styling a lot easier, which also means saving the client’s time.

Coolway AutoSense Styler can give you variety of hairstyle whether poker straight hair or the sexy wavy look. It has cool tips at the end that will make curling your hair as easy as ironing them straight. Whether you have fine hair or coarse hair, color treated or chemical treated hair, you can use Coolway AutoSense Styler to iron them and get the perfect look



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7 thoughts on “Coolway AutoSense Styler Review

    • Sounds like you’re an angry consumer. Are people not allowed to write positive reviews? Or do they all have to be negative?

  1. Coolway AutoSense Styler is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever used. The Coolway system allows me to straighten or style my hair on a daily basis, without destroying, damaging or drying it out. It’s actually improved the condition and quality of my hair. The Transform Spray is wonderful. It’s the first product I’ve ever found that gives you gorgeous, long lasting results, and doesn’t evaporate out of your hair in harsh environmental conditions or while styling. My hair no longer frizzes after styling and I have no more brittle hair or split ends. I recommend this product to everyone!

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