Clever Clips Review

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Claw clips claw your scalp. Rubber bands tear wet hair and rip it out. Now there is the Clever Clip – the amazing new styling tool that is simply the best way for your hair to stay up all day. It is so easy. Wrap your hair like ponytail and twist. Slide the Clever Clip through your hair like a giant bobby pin. Then lock it like a safety pin. You have a sensational new style now.


How does Clever Clips work?
Use the Clever Clip for every hair color, so it is virtually invisible. It adjusts for every type of hair thickness. It works on thick and curly hair, and limp, lifeless, or stringy hair. The Clever Clip is patented for every type of hair.

For thick hair, the Clever Clip bends around the hair and holds it with reverse tension. It also works on thin hair, holding it together. Now, you can style your hair a different way every day.

The Clever Clip is perfect for a swim or at the gym during a really hard workout. Use it on children on the playground, even on monkey bars. It is the perfect way to stay all day for school or play. It is practically invisible for an elegant, business look, or a quick up do for a special occasion. It is a fast way to get ready and look good.

The Clever Clip is comfortable, easy to use, holds all day and night, and doesn’t damage your hair.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 3 Clever Clips
  • 3 Additional Clever Clips in the same color
  • 1 Crystal Glass Tattle Tail
  • 1 Black Faceted Crystal Tattle Tail
  • 1 Official Clever Clip Style Guide



Reviews and Complaints
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Clever Clips Video
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One thought on “Clever Clips Review

  1. I love these Clever Clips! They are the only thing I have bought off of TV that really work and I use on a regular basis. It took a bit of time to get, but well worth the wait. I could not do some of the really fancy hairstyles, but I am not that good with hair. I put it up in the morning, and there it stays. I love the dangles that hang off them. They won’t break-but you may loose a few to friends.

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