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About Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush

Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush asserts to be a hair straightening tool that provides frizz-free, smooth, and straight hair quickly and easily. Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush Claims to be better than flat irons since it has PTC heater that provides consistent heat between passes with minimal recovery time.


How does Clamp.It work?

Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush assures to straighten the heat via consistent heat up to 420 degree Fahrenheit. Its 65 bristles allegedly deliver this heat evenly, which is generated by its solid metal Ceramic Heated Micro Plate. To use it, Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush states to have an easy design that is to be placed at the roots of section of hair and clamped down slowly while brushing the hair. The Styling Arm technology helps in further creating optimal tension and increases the speed and ease of using Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush.

Safe straightening solution – Straightening the hair will never damage or leave them frizzy, as Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush guarantees. The secret is the 65 tourmaline ceramic raised heated bristles that protect the hair from damage while heating it. How good is Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush at straightening hair will be known once users review it. Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush assures that even if there is some smoke coming out while straightening, it is mostly a by-product of the evaporation of built-up conditioner or any styling product that is applied.

Intelligently Designed – Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush states to have an easy to use design. Hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds to switch it On and Off. The digital display and lights will notify when it starts to heat up. Note that Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush should be used on untreated dry hair. Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush emphasizes to use a good conditioner to help straighten the ends easily. Currently there are no Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush reviews available to substantiate its claims. Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush proclaims to have a zero maintenance design and can be easily cleaned with a dampened cloth. More shall be known once Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush is reviewed.

Works on all hair types – No matter what the hair type, Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush convinces to be perfect for it all, whether wavy, curly, or thin hair. The brush also claims to function well on coarsest of African-American hair. One can even use it for straightening real human hair extensions.

Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush REVIEW

A Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review by Lisa Torres compares it with a flat iron when it comes to styling and functioning. Although, she shows concern in her Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review regarding the tension required to straighten the hair and says that it becomes difficult to hold while working the bottoms.

Evelyn Martinez asserts in her Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review that it’s an average brush and is nothing that one needs to really spend money on.

A Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush customer Joyce Russell reveals that it is convenient for achieving straight hair but adds a twist to it. According to her review, Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush makes her hair fuzzy the day it’s used and gives a straightened look the next day, which defeats the purpose of the tool.

One other customer named Rachel Morgan complains in her review that Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush doesn’t work at all. It heats slowly and provides poor results when compared to a regular flat iron.

Linda Williams who has curly hair says in her Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review that the brush fails to do get closer to roots. She asserts in her Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review that it might work for people with thinner, less wavy hair.

Another Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush user Kathleen Cook shares in her review that it requires a lot of prepping such as slowly brushing through multiple times on each section. She reviews Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush as one of those too good to be true tools.

Teresa Foster is disappointed and says in her Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review that she thought it will work well especially during travels. As per her Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review doesn’t straighten the hair, particularly if people have thick hair.

A similar Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush review is written by Norma Long. She complains in her review that its results don’t last long. It fails to glide through the hair as advertised and is no better than a flat iron.

One other Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush user Gloria King states in her review that it is decent for touch ups but warns that it shouldn’t be used for people with coarse curly hair.

Ann Harris who purchased Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush for her 10 year old daughter reveals in her review that it doesn’t work as promised. It seems that Clamp.It Ceramic Hot Brush takes longer time as compared to a flat iron. The review also says that it is costly and is not recommended.

Clamp.It Questions and Answers

Q. Can Clamp.It straighten naturally curly hair?
A. No, it will straighten the hair as good as any ordinary straightener.

Q. Does Clamp.It work on natural African hair? Will it straighten Afro American hair?
A. It can be used but will not provide satisfactory results, especially while getting to the roots. It’s recommended to blow dry the hair instead of trying Clamp.It.

Q. Is Clamp.It compatible with thick, wavy hair?
A. The hair straightener is not comfortable to use on such hair type. It pulls the hair and requires brushing several times to straighten them.

Q. Does Clamp.It work like a blow dryer?
A. No. It works on dry hair only that are not treated by any styling products. Although one can use argan oil and a heat protectant while treating them.

Q. Where does the heating take place in Clamp.It?
A. The heat in this hair straightener begins in its bristles.

Q. How well does Clamp.It work on curly hair?
A. It doesn’t and can even create a big frizzy ball of hair on curly hair.

Q. Will it work on towel dried air for thorough drying?
A. No, it is not recommend to use Clamp.It on wet hair.

Q. What is a good way to use Clamp.It?
A. Section the hair into 1-inch sections and ensure that the hair is clean and dry. Remove tangled knots using a regular brush before using it. The hair should not have any hair care product on it. Clamp.It is meant to be brushed in a downward motion to get straight, bouncy hair.

Q. Where is Clamp.It manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. What type of hair will Clamp.It work on?
A. It works decently on wavy straight hair type but makes it more manageable instead of straight. Clamp.It doesn’t work well on short curly hair and its better to use a flat iron for such purposes.

Q. Will it provide a great look for thin hair?
A. Clamp.It is a hair straightener and can make thin hair look flatter. It is recommended to use something else for providing them volume.

Q. Can Clamp.It be used on short hair and bangs?
A. No. Try not to use it for such hair types since it can cause burns and brittleness.

Q. How effective is Clamp.It on thin frizzy shoulder length hair?
A. It might not be able to straighten such hair completely but can smooth it for a better look and manageable hair. Since it disallows use of any hair treatment before use, the hair turns dry and loses its shape in a day.


What do I get?
There are 2 models of Clamp.It available. Clamp.It Basic model is available for $39.99 and Clamp.It Rapid Heat Up for $59.99 at the Official website

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