Chroma Lights

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What is Chroma Lights:

It is a temporary hair colour that claims to help you make an instant impression wherever you go.
Chroma Lights asserts that it can be all you need to get attention to your stunning hair while you make it your cool style statement as well. Adding an instant pop of colour in your hair has never been easier, according to its claims. You could be going out for a casual evening with friends or for a special occasion for that matter. You want to make sure you dazzle your audience, whoever they might be. But if you don’t want to be saddled with tricky to use hair colours or anything that lasts too long, then you can simply rely on Chroma Lights to make a smart impression on your behalf.

Chroma Lights for that instant pop of metallic colour

You like to have colour or streaks in your hair, but you don’t want to stick to one shade for too long. Or it could be that you want to create different styles with different colours on a regular basis. Now you can easily do that with Chroma Lights. That’s because it is a completely full proof, temporary hair colour spray. Chroma Lights maintains that now you can change your hair colour and thereby your style statement with complete ease. You might want to spray just a little bit of colour or a lot for that matter; you have hair colour without a commitment.


Chroma Lights is easy for use

Chroma Lights stresses on the fact that it has a targeted pinpoint applicator; it ensures that you can spray the colour exactly at the place you want. It also means that there is no mess like that is created by other hair colour chalks you can find in the market. Chroma Lights lets you spray the colour of your choice in seconds and it dries within minutes too. This hair colour can be washed out when you shampoo your hair and it doesn’t leave any stains behind. Thus it literally is a temporary solution for you.

Chroma Lights brings you exciting options

Chroma Lights assures you that now you can change your look instantly and exactly according to your tastes. Whether you want to colour your entire hair or just get streaks and tips, you will have an eye catching hair style that can go with your mood and personality too. Chroma Lights is available in three funky colours; metallic red, teal and fuchsia that you can make the most out of. It claims to work for all types of hair and it’s also paraben, sulphate and peroxide free, which makes it safe for use.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Chroma Lights for $9.99
  • Official website:
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